Weekend getaway: Part 2

Monday, June 30, 2014

This weekend Christian and I went to Las Vegas for a wedding which also happened to be on my birthday.  Sans Carter.  This is the second time we left him for a weekend (see first post here).  Luckily this time it went much more smoothly!

We arrived on Thursday for the rehearsal dinner at the Four Seasons- so good!  Then on Friday I woke up at 3am.  Oh time change- no good for a momma who doesn't sleep well on the east coast!

By 8:30am we were walking the strip looking for a nice spot for my birthday breakfast.  And we found it at Paris.  It was perfect!

Later we went to the pool at Mandalay Bay- but it was sweltering.  So we didn't last too long. 

 Then while the guys got ready for the wedding another guy's wife and I took the groom's key and headed to the Four Season's pool.  And what a difference!  That was wonderful and relaxing and shaded!  We loved the impeccable service like refilling our water pitcher with fresh ice and frozen peppermint patties brought around to us and a little complimentary raspberry peach smoothie.

The wedding was so much fun!  The food was amazing and the DJ was the best I've ever heard at a wedding.  You know he's good when the wedding is only 30 people and the dance floor was crowded all night!
Although the next morning I was in bad shape when I woke up at 5:47.  My hamstrings and calves were so sore from dancing all night and wearing 4 inch heels.  Oh the woes of the sober, yet obviously out of shape pregnant lady!  

We ended our little getaway with breakfast poolside at the Four Seasons.  It was wonderful.  
Meanwhile, our sweet little guy was mostly on his best behavior and seemed to be having a lovely time with his grandparents.  He apparently had an absolute blast when Ian came for the day on Saturday!

So thankful for such a fun getaway & a happy little guy at home!

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