Oh Hey, Friday! (link up)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Since Five on Friday is taking a summer hiatus the girls at September Farm and The Farmer's Wife started this link up!  I'm happy to participate since I actually have time to blog now!

paint, rugs, curtains

A new house= a whole new world of decorating possibilities (on a budget- boo!)  Oh well- Ikea hacks it is (and luckily the Pottery Barn Outlet is 2 miles away!) I've been pinning like crazy lately!
Chevron Stripe Jute Rug
Pottery Barn rug
Paint color always scares me and the colors in the house are ok, for now.  I think we'll paint the boy's rooms and the kitchen/playroom in grays.  Painting the kitchen cabinets is high on my priority list too!

French country kitchen, cream cabinets, light blue walls and black island
And I'm working on a nursery.  So many projects!

baby boy plans - clothes and nursery

My first purchase for baby boy was on Saturday at the Nordstrom sale, of course!  His first set of Aden & Anais Bamboo swaddles.  I'm obsessed!  They arrived on Monday and I think they may be the inspiration for his nursery!  (Sold out online so I can't find a link.)

I also ordered this Barefoot dreams blanket for him!
Barefoot Dreams Chevron Blanket (Online Only)

I'm looking everywhere for a few outfits for him, but not finding much that will be good for his November/December birth.  It's nice knowing there's a huge bag of Carter's clothes upstairs waiting for him.  But I want to get him a few things just for him!

gloriosa mugs 

I think I posted about these mugs last summer and since I'm into all things for our new house these bad boys are headed straight for my Christmas list!

I've been such a good housewife lately! When you're home and your two-year old cooperates it's amazing how much you can cook (and bake!)  Here are some favorites lately...
Magic Bars — butterscotch , chocolate , dessert , easy , fast — For Two, Please

Hash Brown Quiche
hashbrown quiche (I use all kinds of veggies instead of ham)

summer lovin
If you follow me on Instagram you  can see more summer pics so far!
I'm not sure Carter could love summer anymore than he is this year.  He is so happy all of the time!  He wakes up happy every morning.  We are having so much fun and he is being so good too!  It's so nice not rushing to get him to daycare every day and hearing him scream "no school!"  I think 2 days a week at daycare is perfect because he actually seems to enjoy going (at 8:30am instead of 7:15.)  One day he actually asked to go to school.  CRAZY!

This kid is OBSESSED with the beach house and going to the rides at the beach.  Ever since we went to the rides on the 4th of July weekend, every time he goes to sleep, whether a nap or at nighttime he asks about going to the rides when he wakes up.  It's so sweet.

More about our summer in an upcoming post! 

(baby #2) 20 weeks

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Half way there!  Except I really think I'm closer to 21 weeks- at our ultrasound last week the baby was measuring between 20 and 21 weeks.

Heartburn!  Ugh- started at 19 weeks, it's not unbearable yet, but I quickly remembered how terrible it is. Tums has handled it so far, but I just bought some Zantac so I'm ready!

My clothes are getting tight- not sure how much longer I can wear my shorts!  I started wearing a few maternity tanks- I like how you can tell I'm pregnant when I wear them, and not just chubby!

I pulled out the Snoogle pillow this week.  I'm waking up alot at night, but thankfully going back to sleep.

Best moment of the week:  Our ultrasound- seeing little boy moving around and being "very cooperative" for the ultrasound tech to get all of the measurements.  Let's hope that he'll continue to be very cooperative when he's born!

Baby #2 is a...

Thursday, July 10, 2014

We had our ultrasound this morning and the baby seemed to be measuring fine and doing well (waiting for the official report from my doctor.)  But we found out the gender!

We decided not to do a gender reveal party but instead I made a fun gender reveal cake using this tutorial from Once Upon a Pedestal.  I don't have a cake pop pan so I just made mini cupcakes and then followed the rest of her directions.  Instead of going with the usual pink or blue I was inspired by the "Hooray" Oh Joy cake topper (no longer online)  that I got at Target months ago and went with coral and green for the reveal.
Here's how we told the news to our families via text:
I sent them this pic asking "Is baby #2 a girl (coral) or a boy (green)?

It's a...

Christian is ecstatic!  He was pushing for boy the whole time.  I really didn't feel strongly one way or the other (unlike last time!)  I've had my girl's name picked out for years...that's the part that makes me a little sad.  But I'm looking on the bright side:

1. We will be saving so much money- on toys and clothes (although I'll still look longingly at the girl's side of Janie and Jack!)
2. I won't have to deal with girl drama and mean girls (I deal with enough of that at school!)

3. I think Carter will love having a little brother to play with!

So it's official, I'm meant to be a mom of boys
(& I'm not even wiping away tears!)

(baby #2) 18 Weeks

Saturday, July 5, 2014

pic taken on 4th of July- almost 19 weeks
The highlights- haven't weighed in lately, but definitely gaining weight like crazy!   boobs are still growing daily- it seems!  a little baby belly is visible all the time now.  I'm somewhere between wearing a bikini and a tankini- opted for the bikini in vegas, but thinking Tankini for the beach.  No cravings, but baking a lot with my free time!  The Dr suggested laying low for the next 4 weeks due to a little complication from my healing from Carter's birth- I've been trying to not over do it for the last 2 weeks too.

Big moments in the last few weeks: putting an offer on a house, Christian got new job!

Looking forward to the ultrasound next week- boy or girl?!!?  What will it be?! 

Thursday Thoughts...What's Going on Now and Things I'm Loving

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Just a little about what's going on and things I'm loving now!
mmm..Carter's first ever popsicle- he wasn't too sure at first but grew to love it!

Mortgages and inspections and contracts, oh my!
We're in the midst of buying a new house!  It's been a whirlwind of a few weeks.  On my first few days of summer vacay I was organizing and cleaning out closets and just feeling like how are we going to make our townhouse work (aka where are all of my off season clothes going to go?!) when our guest bedroom turns into a nursery?! So a few days later we started casually looking at houses and 4 days later we were putting in an offer!  It wasn't a house where we thought we wanted to be, but we walked in and it was just meant to be!

Luckily it's totally move-in ready since we'll be settling on it in mid August right when school is starting.   So cue the yard sale and moving trucks- I'll be busy packing this summer!

Baby #2 is a...
We'll find out next week!!!


St. Tropez Tanning Mousse and Applicator Mitt

My friend Jessica recommended this and said the applicator mitt was a must and was she ever right!  I love this product and the mitt is awesome- no more splotchy hands.  My advice- buy 2 mitts.  That way while one is drying you can use the other one for a day 2 application.  Unfortunately my Sephora has been out of the mitts for the last 3 times I went in to buy another :(

Nars Tinted Moisturizer

My favorite Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer which I have loved for years and years somehow started making me break out this year (that or pregnancy hormones- who knows!)  So I switched to Nars and I love it!  It's smooth, light, yet gives a good amount of coverage and SPF 30 and has a nice light citrus-y smell!

baking baking & more baking
Brownie Bottom Ice Cream Cake (brownie mix, chocolate frosting, ice cream, heavy whipping cream, and sugar)
click here for the recipe
Carter is my #1 baking assistant and he is always ready to whip up a yummy dessert (even though a few ingredients hit the counter or floor instead of the mixing bowl!)  This week we made another batch of monster cookies, chocolate peanut butter chip cookies, Neiman Marcus chocolate chip cookie dough bars (which didn't turn out so well) and a yummy brownie ice cream dessert for my dinner club.  

We are getting our red, white, and blue ready for the 4th of July weekend!  Looking forward to the long weekend at the beach and picnics with family and friends!