(baby #2) 18 Weeks

Saturday, July 5, 2014

pic taken on 4th of July- almost 19 weeks
The highlights- haven't weighed in lately, but definitely gaining weight like crazy!   boobs are still growing daily- it seems!  a little baby belly is visible all the time now.  I'm somewhere between wearing a bikini and a tankini- opted for the bikini in vegas, but thinking Tankini for the beach.  No cravings, but baking a lot with my free time!  The Dr suggested laying low for the next 4 weeks due to a little complication from my healing from Carter's birth- I've been trying to not over do it for the last 2 weeks too.

Big moments in the last few weeks: putting an offer on a house, Christian got new job!

Looking forward to the ultrasound next week- boy or girl?!!?  What will it be?! 

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