(baby #2) 23 weeks

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The last few weeks:

Baby bump is growing, for sure...non-maternity shorts are all but retired.  I bought one pair of Old Navy maternity shorts and those are so much better.  I've been wearing some maternity tanks too.  These last few days have been so cool in the morning and feel like September.  It's amazing how much better I feel in jeans and loose tanks.  Regardless I will not wish away summer for one second.

I've had a few days with heartburn.  No cravings, but definite increased appetite.  I'm trying to make healthier choices.

I pulled out the Snoogle pillow for a few nights but after wrestling with it so much, it ended up thrown on the floor by the morning.  I now just put an extra pillow under my belly or supporting my back.

Best moments:  week-ends at the beach house with a super happy boy & hearing all was great at our ultrsound at my last dr. appt (heart rate 132)!

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