(baby #2) 30 weeks

Thursday, September 25, 2014

People have been commenting on how much baby (and my belly) have been growing in the last few days.  10 more weeks- that seems so soon!  It's time to order the crib and pick out paint colors, and dig out and clean off the baby stuff that's thrown everywhere!  

This week Carter picked out an elephant lovey that he will bring to the baby in the hospital and I used restraint to not order a bunch of other things from Restoration Hardware Baby.

I'm researching all kinds of trains and trying to figure out some big brother gifts for Carter too.

We've made it half way through Christian's trip to India, mostly thanks to my mom who's made me dinner every night and picked up Carter from daycare most days.  

No big pregnancy symptoms-just some heartburn and exhaustion.  For the last few weeks I can't get enough dessert- ice cream, cookies, peanut butter cups...whatever!

And lots of thoughts on baby names- we're having a tough time deciding and agreeing on the perfect name.  Who knew how easy it was the first time!

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  1. 30 weeks already?! You look fabulous! And the name thing is SO HARD the second time around! Good luck :)


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