(baby #2) 35 weeks

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Last week was Parent/Teacher conferences and it was a long, exhausting week.  One more thing to check off the list before baby!  About a month left of work- some days I think that is nearly impossible, but we'll see!

The latest- sleeping is still pretty bad... up a few times a night...and just getting out of bed is hard enough...I found myself thinking "how am I going to do this for 6 more weeks?!?"   I've had some heartburn and just overall exhaustion.  At my last appointment I gained 2 pounds (thanks to my mom who keeps providing dinners and desserts) and my doctor said to keep it up and gain 2 more for my next appointment.

On Sunday, after the crazy week of nights and days of conferences and then working non-stop at home on Saturday and Sunday morning I went to the grocery store and swear I was having contractions.  I cut that trip short and came home to lay on the couch and down lots of water.  Thankfully they went away.  I was envisioning having a baby that night...and I'm so not prepared for that!

This week Christian painted (and repainted) the nursery and put together his bookshelf (with Carter's help, of course!)  His nursery is starting to come together!  But we're waiting another week or so to change Carter's bed and move the glider and crib mattress to the nursery.  I washed a bunch of newborn clothes, blankets, and boppy covers etc and ordered a bunch of little sleep and plays.

Carter is loving his brother and hugs, kisses, and tells us what his brother is saying.  He's so excited to tackle him one day.  He also picked out an owl for his room.

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