(baby #2) 38 weeks and maternity leave

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hooray for maternity leave!  Wednesday was my last day of school and I was totally exhausted and stressed and needed a break.  I hoped I would have a few days to rest before he makes his arrival.  So far so good!  Although I was up at 4am and still can't sleep- at least im not as stressed about school!

The last few weeks I've felt like a 90 year old lady at night.  By the end of the day at school I would have to walk so slow and felt like I was dragging a leg behind me with a head between my legs.  ha!  I groan everytime I stand up.  And I swear I feel like I'm dilating, even though they say you can't tell.  Either that or he's just moving around super low.  I was so NOT like this with Carter...I guess I'm just worn down and stretched out!  I have had heartburn (at night especially) and up many times every night.

For the last few nights I've thought I could possibly go into labor so I downloaded a contraction app.  Although I'm hoping my water breaks like last time so I don't have to deal with timing contractions and not knowing when to go...

And for fun I decided to do a picmonkey collage of my bump pics... I still can't believe how skinny I was in the beginning...

celebrating baby #2

Sunday, November 2, 2014

 Yesterday my mom hosted a little sprinkle for me.  

It was just my closest friends and family for lunch and it was perfect!   

There were the prettiest flowers in pumpkins for the centerpiece and favors.  

And now baby boy has some super cute stuffed animals, outfits, and blankets!
I forgot how newborn diapers smell so good and powdery!
Restoration hardware towel and stuffed elephant- love!
It was the perfect celebration!