2014 highlights & reflection

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 brought some major changes to our family--

In August we moved into our new house

And in November our family went from 3 to 4 & Reid was born!!
Those were definitely the biggest changes in 2014!!

Carter has grown so much this year- it's crazy to look back at how little he was at the beginning of 2014.  

We celebrated his 2nd birthday & he's now a big boy who talks like crazy & takes in (& remembers) everything!  He's working on potty training & soon will be wearing the coveted mickey underwear!

We spent many weekends at the beach--
And Christian & I went to Vegas for our friend's wedding & our first kid-free trip!
I spent most of the year teaching first grade-- which was rewarding, but also very stressful.  The role  of full-time working mom was something I struggled with.  I hit my all time low weight (112) & I spent many days & nights worrying about Carter being sick and not being able to have a sick day.  And he was sick a lot--- ear infection after ear infection.  

Luckily in March he got tubes and that cured the ear infections!
We found out in March that baby #2 was on its way! 
In July we found out it's another boy! 
 And I tried to keep track of my growing belly & take in all of the goodness of being pregnant
 (most likely for the last time.) 
Christian changed jobs in June and luckily that means a much closer commute and ability to work from home!  He spent 2 weeks in India and experienced their very different lifestyle.  And pretty much every moment of free time since August he's been painting (every room) or working on our new house.

Since Reid has joined us he has been a little doll baby!  He's calm & sweet and doesn't scream all day long!  I try to take it all in & hold tight to this feeling of love as I stare at my peaceful & healthy & sleeping baby.  

Although at times, our lives, filled with juggling toddler tantrums and a fussing baby and a house that looks like it weathered a tornado, definitely don't feel blissful, I try to remind myself of how lucky we are.

The other day after many days at home for the holidays Christian looked like he needed a break.  He mentioned possibly going back to work a day early and I responded, 
"What?!? You want to leave paradise?!"  

This is just a short season in our lives and no matter the challenges, I am so grateful to live it.
  We'll see what 2015 holds in store for us & look forward to continuing this adventure.

Welcome to the world, Reid Alexander!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Reid Alexander was born on November 22, 2014 at 11:38pm.
7lbs 8oz
21 inches

We are so blessed and thankful for this little bundle!