five on friday 1/30

Friday, January 30, 2015

Five on Friday- 3 weeks in a row!!!  A totally random mix of things this week---
Nicole OPI quick dry drops

Having a two year old and a 2 month old doesn't give you much time to get your nails done and I found myself not even able to do my own nails because when do I have 20 minutes when I don't have to touch something/ pick up someone?  Then one day in Target I was browsing the nail area and saw these quick drying drops.  You just put one drop on each nail and it's dried to the touch in 1 minute and completely dry in 5 minutes!

Now I just need to work on my painting technique so they don't look like a 6-year old painted them!

Benefit Fake Up

I've never been a huge concealer fan- I never really saw the need for it.  But my friend works for Benefit Cosmetics and she gave it to me.  I guess she was anticipating some dark circles when baby boy arrived?!?!

Now when I do wear makeup (every 3 days) I make sure to use this!  It has the best application- just swipe under your eyes and blend up with your finger (or a concealer brush if your kid isn't screaming!)  What's so great is that it has a core of concealer and is surrounded by a hydrating formula so it doesn't look cakey and it's super smooth and lightweight.

Today show buffalo chicken dip

TODAY Show: Brandi Milloy cooks Super Bowl dips on January 28, 2015.

I saw this on the Today Show on Wednesday.  I'm not big into buffalo anything- but this looked so good and Al and Willie and Savannah were raving about it.  Think I may need to try this for the Super Bowl!  Oh and she made it in like 2 minutes in the crockpot- my kind of recipe!

The Happy Sleeper

With Carter I read a bunch of sleep books- none of which really worked!  So I thought that I won't even waste my time with them with Reid.  But then I heard about this on the Today Show.  I'm debating about getting it.  Anyone read it or have thoughts about it?  Please share!

This just made me laugh this week!


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  1. Love that photo, I needed a good laugh! Thanks for sharing!!


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