five on friday- new baby favorites

Friday, January 16, 2015

It has been ages since I've had the time to link up with the Five on Friday girls- but I'm hoping to get back into blogging now that I'm home with Reid.  Today my five is all things baby- some of my favorites and must haves (in my opinion!)

 I finally wrote and posted Reid's birth story.  So if you're into reading those like I love here!

baby wearing

As a momma of 2 (and just a momma who wants to get stuff done) I've been putting Reid in a carrier a lot.  I'm borrowing a friend's Ergo and he loves that- it's super sturdy and feels very secure, but it's kinda bulky and not super quick and easy to put on.

So I ordered the latest wrap the everyone is raving about- the Solly Baby Wrap.  It's pretty easy to put on and so easy to throw in a bag.  He falls asleep in it right away too.  I like it because it's so easy to pack and soft, but it definitely doesn't feel as secure as the Ergo,

I used the K'tan and B'jorn with Carter- he loved facing out with the B'jorn.  I tried the K'tan with Reid and he wasn't a fan!

barefoot dreams blankets

So obsessed!  They are the softest and coziest blankets.  Reid cuddles up with his everyday.

We started with one (the herringbone one) and found that we used it so much we never wanted to take it away to wash it.  So we got the star one for Christmas.

Aden and Anais bamboo swaddles

With Carter we used a bunch of muslin swaddles but when he was about 3 months old they came out with the teal bamboo swaddles- and we'll never go back!   He still sleeps with them and refuses the muslin- "these are too rough" says my spoiled bamboo-loving boy.

Since we found out about the bamboo that is all that Reid has and he loves them too.  We have 2 sets that I bought at Nordstrom.  They have different (and adorable) patterns that you can't find at other places.

Chicco Carseat with cover

Our carseat that we used with Carter expired so we bought a new one for Reid.  It had this cover on it- that I wasn't really that interested in...until he was born and I was toting him around in the rain and's awesome.  It keeps his little footsies warm and protects him from the snow and rain.

burt's bees clothing

Reid has three one pieces and they come with matching hats- swoon!  They are organic cotton and so soft and adorable!  Definitely some of my favorites to put him in- if only he'd stop growing so fast- we're almost out of the 0-3 already :(

Here are my must haves and faves from when Carter was a baby.

Now onto the weekend- a girl's night of bunco, working on curtains for the nursery, and having a birthday lunch for my mother-in-law!

happy weekend!



  1. I love these five, but what I really was to say is that he is just so adorable!

  2. I've considered buying the Solly wrap - but it's interesting you say that it doesn't feel as secure as the Ergo. I love the ergo we have, but it's so bulky! I have a ring sling, but I'd say the same thing you say about the Solly, it just doesn't feel as secure! What a conundrum :)

  3. CUTE round up! i have a solly wrap and im excited to try it after my baby arrives. annnd now i want one of those barefoot blankets! they look so soft. xo jillian - stop by! I'm hosting a starbucks giveaway on cornflake dreams

    1. Get the blanket---you'll love it & baby will be so cozy!!!

  4. Awe Reid is adorable!!! We love the Bamboo swaddles too. My 7 month old now snuggles them instead of being swaddled (and laughs when she sees them). I love Burt's bees too - but lately I've been leaning towards Hanna a lot! I wish I had tried the solly. I had a moby but it was soo loose!!


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