Reid's Birth Story

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Reid's Birth Story

A birth story- I love reading these whether it's painful and not as planned or easy and quick.  There's something so familiar and beautiful and real about a birth story.  It's such a life-changing (obviously) event so I'm including all the little details I remember.

7 weeks later, here's Reid's birth story.

My due date was December 2, 2014.

On Friday November 21st I had my 38 week OB appointment.  I was dilated to 3cm and my midwife said it could be tomorrow or next week, but she would bet that I wouldn't be back on the following Friday for my appointment.

That night I slept terribly.  I was wide awake at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep.  On Saturday morning we planned a bunch of errands but I was just totally exhausted so instead of going I got back into bed.  I laid in bed/ slept from 9:30-12:00 (which is so unlike me!)  We had plans on Saturday afternoon to go to a tailgating party at my friend Lauren's house and I texted her saying that I wasn't sure I was going to make it.

But after a while I decided that I should pull it together and go.  That afternoon I attempted a Crockpot cookie/brownie dessert to take to the party but that was a huge Pinterest fail!

At the party Lauren's friend was telling me about how her second child's birth was crazy fast and she didn't have time for an epidural or an IV.  We all had a great time at the party and Carter didn't want to leave.

We left the party at 6:30pm and came home to watch Cars with Carter.  I read him stories and sang to him and tucked him in.  Then I came downstairs and Christian and I watched tv.  Around 9:35 I felt a contraction, but I'd been having them at night for a few weeks so I didn't think anything of it.

A few days before I downloaded a contraction timer app on my phone.  So I had another contraction a few minutes later (9:47pm) and started the app--- just to see how it worked.  Then 10 minutes later I had another one.  They were a little more painful than what I'd been having so I decided to go upstairs to bed.  While I was getting ready for bed I had another one (5 minutes later) then I ran to the bathroom.  I came downstairs and told Christian that maybe we should text my mom to let her know that I was having contractions- but not to come over yet.

Christian was convinced this was real and that he should start getting dressed, but I wasn't so sure.  Then 2 minutes later I had another contraction and another and I called my mom to say come over, just in case.

Then during my next painful contraction I decided to call my midwife.  Her directions the day before were "call when it hurts."  And it hurt even though it had only been about 20 minutes of contractions.  She said I could go to the hospital.  Then Christian loaded our bags and things in the car while I took a shower.

We were waiting for my parents to arrive and the contractions were getting much more painful.  I stood outside our garage taking deep breaths in the cold air and leaning down as I texted Lauren saying that I was going to the hospital.  It seemed like forever until my parents arrived (like 15 minutes) and as soon as we saw their headlights we jumped in the car.  We were backing out as they were walking in.  My mom (in her robe) waved to keep going and not stop to talk.

During our 6 minute car ride I had 3 contractions.  Then we got there and the nurse at the desk asked me how I was and I responded, "fine but in a lot of pain" so she said she'd be with me in a minute.  There were 2 other people in the waiting room watching as I leaned over and grimaced through a contraction.  After a minute I told Christian to pick up the phone that I couldn't wait any longer.  They wheeled me into a triage room and I undressed.  At this point the contractions were getting really painful and I yelled "ouch" every time I had one.

The nurse checked me and I was dilated to 7cm.  Right away I asked for an epidural.  They said they'd page my midwife and the anaesthesiologist.  Then a few painful minutes later they wheeled me to a labor and delivery room.  There was no way I could walk.

In the labor & delivery room 2 nice nurses were waiting but the contractions were so painful- I don't even know their names.  I laid on my side and my "ouch" turned into quiet-ish screams.  They said the anaesthesiologist was in another room & that I was next for the epidural.  But I kept waiting & breathing & now screaming through each painful contraction.  The screaming intensity was increasing and at this point I was holding nothing back- I just screamed like I was on the steepest hill on a rollercoaster or being chased by a mass murderer.

Soon I heard the door open and I looked up in relief hoping to see the anesthesiologist, but instead it was my midwife.  I saw her and and yelled out to her  "Cheri!  Help!"  I loved having her as my midwife and felt so comfortable with her- we giggled and laughed at most of my appointments and so I was relieved to see her as I was suffering through each contraction even though there was nothing she could do.  Then at one point they took my hospital gown off and I exclaimed "I didn't know I'd be showing off my bra- I'm wearing a granny bra!"

She and Christian stood by my bed and just watched as I screamed.  It was unbearable.  My contractions were so close together that I'd breathe scream through one and then it would be over and literally 10 seconds later my eyes would bulge and I'd grimace, feeling the onset of  another.  Even Cheri said "Holy shit these are on top of each other."  A few minutes later I noticed they were chatting and then Christian came over to me (I'd previously told him to stay away and not touch me!) and said that there wouldn't be an epidural.  I honestly didn't have a huge reaction.  I just wanted the pain to end.

 Cheri checked me in between contractions and I was fully dilated.  Then Christian panicked that he left the baby book in the car and said he was gong to run to get it.  Cheri said no way, there's no time!

She said let's push this baby out- instead of screaming, start pushing.  (I had some anxiety about not knowing how to push after pushing unsuccessfully during my first delivery.)   But I pushed a few times and then she told me to stop (so i wouldn't tear) and then one more push and she held up a teeny little baby.  I pushed for 3 minutes!  And immediately the pain was gone, just like when Carter was born.

From my first contraction to his birth it was just under 2 hours!

He looked so tiny- I thought he'd be 5 pounds!  Christian cut the cord and they laid him on my chest and he immediately peed (on my granny bra.)  He just stared at me and I felt such a sense of relief to have my healthy baby in my arms.

I delivered the placenta (which in comparison to delivering a baby was nothing, yet still unpleasant to have them pushing on your stomach.) and we joked about eating it!

I had to get one stitch and since I didn't have an epidural I got local anesthesia.  Then within an hour I walked to go the bathroom. It was so surreal and crazy to think that I'd just given birth and was already walking by myself!

During our stay there I kept remarking about how familiar the smells were- just like when Carter was born.  Only this time I was calm & happy- trying to take everything in.

Although I wouldn't necessarily have chosen this way for Reid to be born- this was obviously how it was meant to be.

And just like last time I've forgotten the pain...I remember the screaming- but somehow our minds block out the memory of the pain.

On November 22, 2014 at 11:38pm our little Reid Alexander came into the world and now our family is complete.

(Click here for Carter's birth story- a very different, but equally painful story!)


  1. What a beautiful story! Great work Paige!!! He is beautiful! This has given me some extra confidence

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