five on friday: 2.27.15

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday, at last!  It's been a freezing week and we're all a bit stir crazy.  We're looking forward to a trip to IKEA, a sleepover and bowling with cousins, and sunday afternoon drinks with friends this weekend!   Now here's my five on friday.

Back to school!
This is huge!!  I found a school for Carter and they have a spot for him!  He's been home with me for 3 weeks and it's clear that he needs to be in school.  (Last day of daycare post here.)  He'll be going 3 mornings starting next week!  When I toured the school I knew right away that this is the school for Carter.  It was exactly where I see him thriving!  Yesterday he and I went to drop off his registration form (so he could see it before next week.)  I'm trying to talk a lot about the school to prepare him.  I know it will still be traumatic, but I'm hoping for the best!

The Happy Baby

I was totally spoiled by Reid only waking once per night so it was a rude awakening last week when he started waking up a few more times.  So I ordered The Happy Baby.  2 days later, thanks to Amazon Prime I began reading it right away!  My husband wasn't too big of a fan as I made him pause The Walking Dead multiple times so I could read aloud some interesting parts.  I am excited to read more and try different things.  Everything they say makes sense and seems to be exactly what I've experienced with Reid.

Carter and I play a lot of games together and this one is so cute!  I saw this in Barnes and Noble a few months ago, but bought it on Amazon.  It's a memory kind of game with wooden penguins and eggs.  It's adorable!  Highly recommend!

IKEA kitchen

A large white kitchen with a lot of drawers, wall cabinets and a kitchen island.
We've been talking kitchen renovation for months and coming up with multiple plans- painting cabinets, new cabinets, new doors, new backsplash, new floor- but are trying to do this without spending a ton.  Last weekend we went to IKEA for picture frames and other small things and we couldn't believe how nice the kitchens were.  We're totally considering this now!  What do you think of IKEA kitchens?

Hair color vs highlights

This week I finally had a hair appt and it was majorly overdue!  I decided to try coloring my hair instead of just doing a heavy highlight.  I have so much hair that it takes 3 hours to do a full highlight and with my little bottle-refusing buddy I just don't have that time.  So we tried a full color- and it was so nerve wracking!  It turned out pretty well- but took an extra toner.  I still feel like it's a too warm- I feel a little strawberry blonde.  I'm hoping it cools down a bit with a few washes...but I may have to go back for a little touch up.  I think once we get the right color it will be much quicker and easier to maintain than all the highlights.  I hope at least!

Other favorites from my week:

Reid is talking and smiling/laughing non-stop!  One morning I woke up to him just laying there talking and cooing.  So sweet!

After bedtime on Wednesday I met up with my BFF for a drink and to catch up.  It was wonderful- wine and girl talk although I went to bed much later than my usual 9:30 it was so worth it!

And this:
He might drive me crazy at times but I absolutely love my little swimfan!  
Happy weekend!


  1. Oh that kitchen from IKEA is amazing!!! You should have shared a picture of how your hair turned out - I'm sure it looks great!! Happy Friday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Love ikea kitchens!! Your lit'l man sure is a cutie! Wishing you & your fam a lovely weekend! :)

  3. I love that kitchen! It is beautiful and clean and I want it! I'm sure you'll have fun picking out things for your kitchen! Also, that little penguin game looks so fun! And thanks for sharing about that book, I might have to look into that :)


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