a day in the life 3.9.15

Monday, March 16, 2015

Here's what a day is like right now.  It's super detailed (and boring) but I want to write it down to remember a typical day.   Carter's almost 3 and Reid's 3.5 months.

Monday March 9, 2015

3:15- Reid's up and nurses for about 8 minutes then falls asleep- I just stopped changing his diaper during middle of the night feedings so it's much easier to rock him for a few minutes and put him right back in the Nap Nanny

5:15- Up again.  Nurses for about 8 minutes and then I nudge Christian to put him down. He takes him, rocks for a few minutes and climbs back in bed.

6:37- Up again.  Christian picks him up and he's really crying- which is unusual.  He changes his diaper and then I feed him again- hungry boy.  Then he's much happier.

I check the monitor and Carter's lamp is on and he is laying quietly in his bed with his eyes open waiting for the bunny clock to wake up.

6:45 Bunny's awake and Carter's bouncing into our room immediately.  He climbs in bed with us and chitty chats, runs back to his room to turn off his sound machine, heater etc. and comes back in with one of his blankets.  I turn on Sprout and we all sit in bed.  I sing good morning songs to Reid and he happily chats too.

7:08 We get out of bed and come downstairs.  I make coffee, a snack catcher of Alphabits for Carter and a NAKED fruit smoothie and a waffle.  I turn on Chuggington for Carter and read some blogs.

7:40 Christian comes down and leaves for a dentist appointment (he's working from home today)

7:45 Reid starts to fuss a little so I bring him over, but he's still fussy so I take him upstairs, swaddle him in the Swaddleme and rock him (do a few squats) and put him down for a nap.   I check the dryer, do a refresh cycle and come downstairs and make a hazelnut iced coffee and write a to-do list for the week while Carter watches Miles from Tomorrow Land.

8:35 Reid cries and is awake and ready to eat- exactly at the 2 hour mark!

9:00 I make one egg over easy and a piece of toast while holding Reid

9:10 Christian's home.  I get Reid dressed in a pair of leggings that Lynde sent from Australia.  I die over the cuteness and take a few pics to show Lynde.

9:15 Reid and I go to the Gap Outlet to return some shirts that were too small for Carter

10:05 We're home and Reid's asleep in the carseat.  I leave him in the kitchen in his carseat and clean up, re-organize Carter's drawers, then start going through all of my maternity clothes, putting them into piles to consign or donate.  Carter's with Christian in the playroom. (Carter has watched more tv today than usual)

10:48  I can't believe how much time I had to organize and that Reid's still sleeping...a few minutes later he wakes up and I feed him.
eyes closed, but i'll take what I can get right now!
11:15 Christian gets Carter dressed before going to an eye doctor appointment and I attempt to get ready to go to BJs.  Carter refuses to put on shoes, throws his socks in frustration, and I put them on.  Reid starts crying in the carseat and the pharmacy calls to verify new insurance.  I'm trying to get Carter to put his coat on and he wants a snack.  We go into the garage and he runs to play outside, I say not until after BJs.  Reid's screaming in his carseat in the kitchen and then Carter starts screaming that his hand got hit by the car door.  I think, "Is it even worth going?!" Eventually we all get in the car and as I start backing out everyone is quiet and Carter is snacking on Alphabits.

11:52 We pull out of the driveway to go to BJs.

12:05 Reid is happy as can be in the Bjorn facing out and Carter is well behaved sitting in the cart.  Aside from hoisting boxes of diapers and wipes and difficulty lifting Carter in and out of the cart, it all went well.

12:50 We drive home from BJs.  Reid's asleep in the car and Carter "helps" by carrying in all of the groceries.  I make him a pita pizza and me a toasted ham and cheese pita.  Reid wakes up and is happily sitting in his carseat while Carter puts away all of his yogurt smoothies.

1:15 I give Reid his meds and then he sits in the lion chair while Carter and I eat lunch at his play table.

1:40 We're already late for nap but Carter asks to play, I say he can play for 5 minutes.  I change Reid's diaper and whole outfit (he rarely has a blow out, but there go the cute leggings.)   Then Carter hides behind a box instead of going potty and he needs a new diaper now too.

1:55 We all get in Carter's bed. I nurse Reid while reading 3 stories to Carter.  I change the laundry, Reid starts screaming, then I come downstairs and Christian's home and says Carter was yelling for me.  Of course I couldn't hear bc of Reid.  So I go back up, cover him and say if he takes a good nap we can play outside when he wakes up.  He goes right to sleep (around 2:20)

2:30ish I lay on the living room floor and do my PT exercises while Christian puts Reid down.  Then I clean up, work on this post until Reid wakes up at 3:15 and feed him while he intermittedly sleeps.  Then we play on the floor with his mirror.

 3:45 Carter's bunny is set to wake up at 3:30 but he's still sleeping.  We decide to wake him up so that hopefully he sleeps better at night.  He's groggy and wants to cuddle me.  But within a few minutes he's ready to go outside.

4:10 Christian and Carter go outside to play and Reid and I go to pick up his meds (Prilosec.)

5:00 We come home and they are still playing outside and Reid fell asleep in the car so he sleeps while I watch Carter/ clean up some baby toys to put in the basement.

5:15 Reid's up so we go inside to nurse and start dinner.

5:45 Christian finishes dinner while I do my PT while Carter climbs on me and Reid happily kicks in the blue chair.

6:00ish Dinner: each of us has something different- leftover pasta and meatballs or chicken parm or pizza (but Carter really only eats 2 yogurts)

6:30 I start cleaning up while Carter finishes and Christian plays with Reid

6:45 Carter does the hot dog dance on the ottoman and it's ridiculously funny.  Reid is obviously tired and hungry so I take him up to start bedtime.

7:00ish Carter comes up and starts bath time while I'm finishing Reid's.

7:35 Reid nurses for a few minutes and he falls right to sleep.  I rock him for a few minutes so he's upright in case of spitting up and put him down.  Then I come down and eat a piece of tres leches cake (from Costco.)

8:00 Christian comes down from reading and putting Carter down.  And I'm ready for the finale of the Bachelor!

8:20 Reid wakes up crying.  I go up and feed him for a few minutes since he fell asleep the first time.  Then Christian comes in to put him to sleep so I can watch the bachelor.

11:00 Totally disappointed in the finale and after the final rose.  ugh!  So not worth staying up.  Off to bed super late (I'm usually in bed at 9:30.)

This was actually a really good day since Christian was home and was able to help so I could run more errands and be more productive than usual.  But after I went to bed, that night was not good- Reid woke up multiple times.  That's pretty typical right now- one night will be really good and then there will be a few multiple wake up nights.

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