five on friday 4.10.15

Friday, April 10, 2015

I"m linking up with the girls for Five on Friday today!  Thanks for reading!

Florida spring getaway

We spent a long Easter weekend in Florida with my parents and it was wonderful!  It's funny how much happier we all were with a few warm days, lunches by the ocean, and a swimming pool!  More on that another day!

sleep regression 101

Ugh.  Sweet Reid has stopped being such a sweet little sleeper.  It started about 2 weeks ago- he woke up at 9pm, 10pm, 12pm...etc etc.  We've had some terrible nights like that and other nights with 3 wakeups (which is now a good night.)  I've done lots of googling and reading and it's apparently just his brain maturing..but woah- makes for a very sleepy momma.

We did move him to his room on Tuesday night and that made a huge difference for my quality of sleep.  Although I'm still getting up a few times I don't hear every sound he makes and I sleep much better.

I do find comfort in how a bunch of other bloggers are going through the same thing- somehow makes it seem better that it's not just my son!


Gap, Old Navy, and Carter's have always been my go-to's for baby clothes, but I got a gift card to Gymboree and I got some of the cutest one-pieces for Reid there.  Clouds, raindrops, paper planes, bunnies...such cute spring clothes!

Janie and Jack swim suits
I love their boys swim shorts and rashguards.  They are more expensive, but luckily I had a gift card there too and got the boys matching sets.  So cute!

Carter was such a little fish though, so I need to get another rash guard for the summer!

Oh- and I don't look closely at the girl's side- but I always glance over and see the most adorable dresses and swimsuits etc.

nude flats
Lauren Conrad
Women‘s Shae Ballet Flats
I recently added some nude flats to my closet...3 pairs.  I know that's a little crazy- but Target's were buy one get one 50% and the Lauren Conrad pair was majorly on sale too---$14 at Kohl's.  A casual pair, a ruffled pair, and a patent....totally need them all, right?!

We're off to meet my new baby niece tomorrow!  Happy Weekend!


  1. Oh how amazing that you were able to enjoy a little extra time with your family over the holiday!! Your kids are just too cute!! Stopping by from the link-up!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I found your blog recently, maybe through the link up, not sure. Anyway, I have a 4 month old and we also just hit the sleep regression, along with the unswaddling process! We were up at least 5 times last night! Hopefully their little brains will figure it out soon! You are not alone!

  3. How old is your second? I've got a 3 year old boy and almost-9-month-old little boy. So fun but I do loathe the sleep regression, ugh. This too shall pass (though telling myself that at 1, 3 and 5am never did get me very far:). And let's talk about girl clothes for a second, I mean why are they so cute? I can't stop looking back at the pics of your boys, so darn cute! Hopped over from the link-up, glad to find you! -Lauren,

    1. Hi Lauren, Reid is 4 months. I just read some of your blog! I can't wait for him to sleep through the night! I saw that your son did around 7 months. I hate to wish the days away- but sleep, that would help! Thanks for commenting!

  4. How fun that you were able to go to the beach!! I'm sure it was a wonderful trip. Your boys little swimsuits are too cute! I love that they match. And yes, shoes are very important, you always want to be sure to have the right pair to wear :) stopping by from the link up!

  5. Love the matching swim suits! And those Lauren Conrad flats are gorgeous! I bought a pair of nude flats last spring and they are one of my favorite pairs!


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