Mother's Day 2015

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day started (after a very early morning) cuddling in bed with Reid.  He nursed and fell asleep on my chest until 8:30.  He's never slept like that so it was a sweet way to start my day.  

Then I came downstairs to tulips and a mother's day balloon and card from Carter (the highlights of the reasons why he loves me:I give good hugs and I take him to BJs.)  The boys also gave me a Kendra Scott necklace and YSL perfume- nice work Christian!  I ordered them for him.  He obviously is so in tune with what I like and want.

My wishes for the day were that I wanted a picture with the boys and I wanted some alone time! 

It was a beautiful evening- shorts and a tank in May!  My parents came over for dinner and then Carter ran around the backyard and tried out his new beach ball sprinkler!
My mom takes such good care of us.  She will do anything to make our lives better.
We will forever be grateful for all of her help.  For once we made her dinner!  
In the past I've not been that into Mother's Day, but this year, at this time in my life, it was nice to be thanked and loved and appreciated. 
My heart explodes for these boys.  They are everything to me.  
Happy Mother's Day!

Carter's 3rd birthday party: Donuts & Dump Trucks

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

On Sunday we celebrated Carter's 3rd birthday. 

 I pinned this invitation months ago and it was the perfect theme for him because he's so into trucks and LOVES donuts!

He was so excited for the party. He woke up Sunday morning at 6:45 and on his way downstairs yelled, "hey mom, are my friends here yet?!" 

 It was at 10:30 so I served Hashbrown Quiche (Ina Garten), Sausage Balls (Paula Deen), fruit, and lots of delicious donuts.  There's a bakery near us that makes the best donuts and long johns.
blurry pic shooting into the light

 Love me some ridiculous party hats--- construction themed!  
The favors were foam rockets from Target and bubbles
 (those big wands make the best bubbles and they're super easy for the kids to do by them selves!)
"I dig you for coming to my party"
The kids played in the backyard and the adults chatted and searched for any shady spot (it was such a beautiful day, but super warm.)

So happy to have all his friends and family sing to him!
 He loved it and loved being with all of his best friends!
And I think most of us ate way too many donuts!  

Invitations and signs: Made by Katy Designs

five on friday 5.1.15

Friday, May 1, 2015

I've been so pre-occupied with a non-sleeping baby that blogging has taken a back seat.  I actually started this post last week and finished this week- that's what no naps will do to you!  But hurray- I got it together!  Thanks April, for hosting the link up!

Kitchen remodel
After many weeks of planning and measuring and himmming and hawwing we finally placed our order for our IKEA kitchen!  It wasn't without many hurdles- namely- we're in a "blackout" area that no IKEA services for installation.  We also were hoping for a farmhouse sink, but alas it won't fit and the corner cabinet is bigger than our space etc etc...those are just minor details, right?

So this is just the beginning, I'm sure we have nightmares to overcome when it's actually being installed, but for now I just can't wait to bid adieu to our oak cabinets!

I also went granite shopping and I totes felt like Tarek and Christina (from Flip or Flop for all you non-hgtv obsessed) as I walked through the Granite warehouse looking at huge slabs of granite for our countertops.  How fun!

Crispy M &M's
They're back!!! Obsessed.  I loved these back in 1999.  I remember eating them the day I moved into my freshman year college dorm.  I never knew why they took them away- because they are the bomb.

Donuts & Dump Trucks 3rd Birthday Party
invite from madebykatydesigns
Carter's 3rd birthday party is on Sunday and I've definitely pared it down with decor etc.  It's donuts and dump trucks themed and I printed a few signs etc, but am trying to keep it low key- that's what I said for last year's mickey party- but this year I really mean it!

Carter's 1st birthday post
Carter's 2nd birthday post

Married at First Sight
Image result for married at first sight
I randomly turned this on one night a few weeks ago and it's addicting.  Right now it's the only show I look forward to each Tuesday night.  I think they run a marathon of each episode before the new ones too---just in case you want to tune in, definitely start at one of the first episodes.  You won't be sorry.

Calligraphy Class

Tomorrow afternoon I'm taking a calligraphy class with my friend and I'm super excited to be out of the house for 3 hours!  I'm obsessed with modern calligraphy---but never tried it.  Perfectionist- I am not.  I'm more of a "that's good enough from afar" kinda girl.  Not sure they go together!  We'll see!

And for those interested in sweet Reid's (lackof) sleep- the crying has helped at night and we're back to average of up twice a night although we have had 1 wake-up nights too!!  Naps- that's another story.  Still a work in progress!

Happy Weekend!