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Friday, June 26, 2015

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When I look at this little blog I know I've been so bad about updating and when I look back I want to remember these busy, fun, summer this week is just a little update about our lives lately.  I've been keeping us busy everyday with fun summer activities.  Carter (and I) are loving our morning play dates- he gets to play and do fun activities and I get to catch up with my friends, but because we're having so much fun I'm getting nothing productive done.  But oh well- that's what summer is for, right?!

father's day

We worked in our kitchen most of the day, but Christian slept in, had Starbucks and donuts for breakfast, Primo Hoagies for lunch and grilled burgers for dinner!  Def not a low cal kind of day!  These boys are lucky to have such a great and hands on dad!

cherry picking

On Tuesday morning we went Cherry picking with our friends.  The trees were so full of cherries and they were perfectly ripe.  It was humid and by the end we were all sweating, but it was a fun morning!

Fruit picking is probably one of my favorite summer activities.  So far we've been strawberry and cherry picking.

dutch wonderland

We have season passes to this amusement park that is really close to our house so we've gone a bunch of times so far.

I think the best part is Duke's Lagoon which is the water park.  We first went in May before schools were out and it was empty.  It was like the best place on Earth for Carter.  He had such a blast and was going down water slides and shooting water canons.

But since schools are out everytime we go it's crowded and Carter is totally is overwhelmed with all the kids.  So on Monday morning we met our friends there and Carter got all shy and quiet.  So that afternoon Christian was working from home so after nap I took Carter back to Dutch Wonderland, just the 2 of us so that I could be more hands on and not have to stay with Reid and the stroller.  He loved it and had so much fun.  I was the mom in my tankini (that doesn't fit well- see #5 below!) soaking wet playing around getting buckets dumped over my head.  I hope that after spending the time with me there that he will feel more comfortable next time.  He's been begging me to go back already!

kitchen reno

Our downstairs continues to look like we belong on hoarders.  But things are slowly improving.  Last week the cabinets were finished but we still have no countertops, sink, floor, or back splash.  We're going on 2 months and it's been terrible not having a kitchen.  Christian is doing the floors this weekend and then July 6th is granite day (and a sink!)  All that is left is the backsplash and I can't decide on that, but at this point I don't even care- I just can't wait to get everything out of the dining room and into the cabinets and drawers and get organized!

Tomorrow's another trip to IKEA for more drawer organizers!

the bathing suit conundrum

I have been having the hardest time finding a bathing suit.  None of my old ones fit and I'm also in this transition where I'm thinking maybe I should wear a one piece.  I ordered this one and love it, if  only my chest were about 3 sizes smaller it would be perfect.  ugh. return.

I ordered this pink suit and this black suit from target so we'll see how that goes.  I'm really trying to avoid paying $80+ for a suit that's in my bra size, because what I've found are sooooo not cute.

Do you know of any good tops for girls with size 32F?

My birthday is tomorrow so we'll be going out to dinner and then spending some time at the beach to celebrate!  Happy Weekend!


  1. I know how it feels with bathing suits! My boobs are a E so none of the regular sizes fit me or look good but I don't want to spend £60 on a bikini in my cup size!

  2. Those cherry picking pictures are adorable!!!!!

    Happy early birthday! Have fun at the beach and at dinner!!! Throwing some birthday glitter your way!

  3. I was literally just looking into Dutch Wonderland last night. We're about an hour and half from there and I'm trying to find something new and fun to do for my daughter's 2nd birthday this summer. Dutch Wonderland came to mind, but I haven't heard much about it lately. So glad to hear it's been a hit for you guys! Hopefully we can avoid the crowds if/when we go!

  4. I feel your pain about swimsuits! I'm normally 34DD, but since I'm nursing my 4 month old, I'm a 36F! I just bought this suit from Land's End and I love it since it covers the girls and my remaining 7lbs of baby weight that I can't shake. Haha I just bought the top and will wear it with bikini bottoms I already own. I admit, I kind of thought Land's End was a bit "old" but I've bought several things from there recently and have been really impressed with how much I like them (not to mention the quality!). Good luck!

  5. It looks like you guys have been busy but having lots of fun too! Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Xo, Stephanie


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