five on friday 6.5.15

Friday, June 5, 2015

I survived 4 days sans husband as he was away on a business trip and it actually went really well!  Both boys slept later than ever, tantrums were at a minimum and my mom made me dinner each night!

I'm ready for a weekend at the beach- even if the high is only in the low 70's!  First, here's my five:

collect app

Last February my friend introduced me to the collect app.  It's an app where you save one picture every day.  I love it.  I find that some days I take a ton of pictures and it's hard to choose just one to represent the day and other days I take no pictures and then at 6:05pm I get the message reminding me to get a picture for the day and that's when the pic of the day is inevitably of bath time!   I love looking back at previous months and scrolling through all the pictures.

There's also a way to print all of the pictures with captions and I can't wait to do that!


I'm working on my greenthumb.  I've had very little exposure to plants and yards since most of my adulthood was spent in NYC or a townhouse where I paid homeowners dues to have all yardwork done for me.

Now that we moved to a single family home we have a front yard, backyard, garden boxes, and lots of landscaping.  I'm actually totally into having an herb and veggie garden!  I can't wait to play Giada and Ina and go outside to clip my fresh herbs!

So far I've planted my pot on the front porch with shade -loving plants and it's actually doing really well!  I added some hanging geranium baskets to our backyard and I've managed to keep our plants alive.  But the weeds...won't stop growing.  ugh.  And I'm still trying to figure out what is a weed and what's actually supposed to be there.

And I'm so scared of pulling a "weed" and it being poison ivy even though Christian swears we don't have any in our yard.   Regardless it's time for a pair of gardening gloves!


Outdoorsy- I am not (obv).  But now that I have a 3 year old who loves to be outdoors and barefoot and exploring I don't have a choice but to be amongst the bugs and plants.  So I've been looking into how to keep bugs away and I'm definitely not into bug spray.  Who wants to smell like that and feel all greasy?

I googled it, asked on facebook and have spent way too much time staring at the seasonal aisles at the grocery store and Buy Buy Baby.  Citronella candles, bracelets, battery powered bug repellent clips...what should I use?

Ideally I'd like to sit on my deck and not get bug bites or worry about bee stings etc.  I saw that Doterra has a repellent blend, TerraShield so I ordered that to diffuse, but I'd love your thoughts on other ways to keep the bugs away!

Image result for burt's bees sensitive facial cleanser

Recently I switched face washes from Neutrogena to Burt's Bees Sensitive face wash.  I noticed that my skin was dry and didn't feel soft.  Immediately after switching my skin felt much softer and no longer dry.

I definitely like how Burt's Bees is natural and doesn't have stripping chemicals in it.

On a side note...any thoughts on Rodan and Fields?  It's everywhere right now and although $250 for a regime isn't in the budget right now I'm intrigued with all of the before and afters.

chocolate ice cream soda

Totally craving this.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Collect is my new fav app! And genius to set the reminder for when the kids are still up. Because I have it set for 830 and I'm SO going to get burned!

  2. I can't wait to download the app, what a great idea! Your flower pots look amazing too! Xo, Stephanie

  3. 4 days without your husband and you talk about it with such a positive attitude....impressive! And I had never heard of the collect app; downloading that now!

  4. The weed questioning never ends! Even the stuff I think I know is a weed I still question, haha. My favorite gloves are made with Nitrile. You can get them anywhere, garden shops, home depot/lowes/etc and they're usually only $5-10 at the most, probably even less on Amazon. They last forever and you can still feel decently through them which is huge for me. And having gloves will at least help you to worry less about poison ivy or rough or thorny stuff that'll irritate your skin, especially since I know you have really sensitive skin, too. It sounds goofy, but I've also found that it helps me a ton to make sure that I wash as far up my arms as I can after I come inside from doing a bunch of work outside. Tomato plants really irritate my skin for some reason, even though they're harmless, so when tomatoes are growing like crazy and I'm reaching into a bunch of tomato plants it seems to help a ton to just wash all the way up my arm along with my hands when I come inside and if for some reason you've touched poison ivy or something similar, that'll help a ton.

  5. I love my R+F products! I only spend $140 every 2 months and with a money back guarantee there is nothing to lose!


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