Reid's Baby Blessing

Thursday, June 18, 2015

This weekend we had a baby blessing ceremony for Reid.  
We kept most details very similar to Carter's baby blessing but this time since we had 3 toddler boys and 3 babies we decided to hold it at our community room in our old neighborhood instead of at a golf club/restaurant.

It was at 11:30am on a covered porch, but it was hot!  Our guests sipped on lemonade during the short ceremony.

The same man who married us and blessed Carter officiated the ceremony.  He's relaxed and funny and makes everyone feel comfortable. 

At Carter's Blessing Christian and I did a reading from Nancy Tillman's Wherever you are My Love Will Find You.  I love it and Carter and I read the book often.  Now he can recite the whole thing.  So when it was time to think of a reading for Reid I totally struggled.  I googled, searched all over, but just wasn't into any that I found.

 Then I saw that Nancy Tillman has a new book being released in September, You're Here for a Reason.  I found a tiny excerpt and loved it so I e-mailed her and told her about how special her books are to Carter and me and that I'm hoping to find a special reading for Reid.  So although she couldn't release the whole book for legal reasons she e-mailed me a little snippet for a reading.  I love it and can't wait for the whole book to be released in September.  I already ordered my copy!

We don't have any pictures because we just took a video of the ceremony.  But it was just like Carter's - each person took a rose petal and put it in the water to create the blessing bowl which Jim sprinkled over Reid's head.  Then the grandfathers anointed Reid's forehead with oil for wisdom.  The grandmothers anointed his feet to walk the best path in life.  Christian and I anointed his heart to know true love and then Carter anointed Reid's hands with oil for protecting him.  It was so sweet.

We weren't sure how Carter would react to the day but he took his job seriously (after a few funny moments during the ceremony when he walked away to get lemonade and then spilled it all over his shorts!)  It was very Carter.

The ceremony ended with the Irish Baby Blessing (which I love!)

Reid was happy, for the most part, just sleepy and fell asleep right after the ceremony.

no time for pictures---time for a nap!
And now some pics of the food, decor, & family

I used a little of what I learned at my calligraphy class!
We had lunch, cake, strawberries picked fresh from a strawberry patch and sangria in mason jars (why is everything better in mason jars?)

with Jim, the officiant
our family
 It was a wonderful day celebrating and blessing our sweet boy!

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  1. What a beautiful and special occasion for your adorable blessing! Every detail was perfect! Xo, Stephanie


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