five on friday 8.14.15

Friday, August 14, 2015

Oh, hey it's five on friday time!  After my last few very serious life posts, I decided to put together a little collection of not-so serious things going on in my life lately!  I'm linking up with Karli and April, of course!

the never-ending kitchen renovation

We have a fully functioning kitchen now and I appreciate it more than ever!  I'm actually excited to cook and bake!

We started this renovation on May 4th.  It was AWFUL living without a kitchen for over 2 months.  My mom was the only reason we survived since she made us dinner or we went to their house many nights per week.

The last few things that we are waiting on are our electrician to hang (and I have to order) our pendant lights.

Capri 1-Light Pendant

Christian has to paint the trim and touch up the kitchen and dining room.  And we need to order our counter stools.

Curran Grey Counter Stool

"tidying" up
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
We moved to our house about 1 year ago and things still aren't organized and where I want them to be and then the whole kitchen reno really made me crazy.  Living in disarray will do that to you.  So I'm totally inspired by The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  Although I haven't read the book I've read many posts and articles about it and am trying to use that philosophy and looking for the things that bring me joy and tossing the rest!

I consigned a bunch of maternity and baby clothes but still have so many more things.  I'm debating what is the best thing to do- a consignment sale, consignment store, donate, or sell online.  I looked into Kidizen, but I think I'm in over my head there.  I wish I had enough followers to sell on instagram!

As for my closet, currently I feel like I have no clothes to wear, but I am really being cognizant of what I buy and not buying random things at Target or Old Navy just because they're cheap.  But instead I'm trying to buy only clothes that I actually really like.  I'd love to have fewer things in my closet and not "in case or one day" clothes.

 I only ended up keeping 2 things for myself from the Nordstrom sale.  Talk about restraint.

banana pudding

Thank you Paula Deen for the best banana pudding recipe.  I made my own whipped cream instead of cool whip and used this version of Paula's recipe.


Image result for ebates image

Years ago I joined Ebates but always forgot to go to their website before shopping.  I recently added the Ebates button to my browser and it's awesome.  It pops up every time I go to a website to shop.

Online shopping has never been better!  Who wouldn't want free money just for shopping?  The best was that during the Nordstrom Sale it was 6% cash back.

I just got my "big fat check" in the mail today!

I recently told a few of my friends about it and I'd be happy to tell you more if you have questions about Ebates and I'd love if you'd click on my referral link if you sign up!  You won't regret it!

back to school

Although crisp, cool, fall mornings are starting to sound appealing I'm still in full-on summer mode!  I'm loving that I don't have to start worrying about school.  Carter starts at Montessori school again the week after Labor Day so I'm starting to look for some fall clothes and shoes and a school bag.  They are not supposed to bring back packs and instead a 14" x 15" tote bag.  boo.  How cute are little guys with their backpacks?  But I get it and I'm a rule follower!  So I'm looking for something a little cuter than the A.C. Moore $1.99 burlap bags.  Any ideas?

So far these are the only options I've found.  But don't really scream "school," huh?

Boy Preppy Icon Totes

We're off to the beach!  Happy Weekend!!


  1. Ebates is seriously the best - I'm waiting for my check now :) Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Yay for a functioning kitchen!! I can imagine how difficult that was without a kitchen for so long! The pendant lights are gorgeous!! Can't wait to see it all!
    Found your blog through the link up--new follower! :)

  3. We moved abroad for a few years, and I totally forgot about Ebates during that time - 100% adding it back into my life!! And those bags are so cute, even if they dont scream school. Have you checked out Land's End? They have some cute ones too!

  4. Love a good declutter/purge/organize sesh!! Sorry about the kitchen but once it's done you never have to look back :) Also, banana pudding?? Um, yes!! Bluebell made the best banana pudding ice cream, sigh. Not so patiently waiting for them to come back to market. My two-year-old may or may not ask the Target employees "Bluebell?" every time we go in (I need the monkey emoji with the hands covering face right here).

  5. Totally with you in not just picking up cheap, will-work-for-now, clothes at Old Navy and Target! It's so hard to still be in this in-between stage after baby!


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