working vs sahm: the pros

Friday, August 7, 2015

Another post sans pictures of my boys...crazy, right?!  Instead, just random thoughts put together to keep track of the pros vs cons list that is constantly playing over in my head.

I'm still figuring out the best thing to do for my family and for me too.  I've spent way too much time weighing my options, throughout the days and nights.  My last post highlighted the difficulties of each option and I didn't really touch on all the good in both scenarios.

So now the "pro's:"

Staying at home:  Being with my boys, of course.  Making them breakfast and lunch and sitting with them and talking about anything and everything.  Filling the day with fun- park dates, making projects, playing in the backyard, making race tracks with sidewalk chalk, baking cookies and cupcakes, reading to them, and occasionally having some time to myself to blog or clean or maybe even catch up on dvr'd bachelorette.  Seeing them light up and smile at me for no apparent reason, more time to run errands, no rushing, very little stress.

Going back to work:  Having a little time to myself, a routine and schedule, looking forward to coming home to my boys, enjoying all the time together, the extra money, the benefits, cultivating part of me, using what I've learned to help other children, being part of my school community, friendships with co-workers, feeling like I make a difference, not losing my job, getting paid through the summer, shopping.

As of today, I think I've made my decision- to test out working starting in January.  I found out that I will keep my same classroom in first grade so I don't have to worry about changing grades.

One of my main stressors for going back to work are sick kids and sub plans and not being able to get a sub.  So instead of taking the boys to daycare I'm considering looking for a full time nanny to stay at home with my boys.

Initially I did not like the idea of a nanny- paying someone to replace me.  But it alleviates the worry for me about sick kids and also the day-to-day rushing around to get to daycare and school but Carter can continue going to his school 3 mornings each week.  I feel like this spring semester will be a little taste of what working with 2 kids is.  And that's the beauty of teaching- I can test it out for 5 months and if it's terrible, I can resign.  

Since we're still 5 months away from starting this-- it all sounds great.  We'll see how I feel as January draws closer!


  1. Found your blog through Laura at Tiny Toes Little Nose! Goodness, this debate is the age old one that I doubt will ever go away for us mamas - to work or not to work. When my first child was born, I worked until he was 8 months old before my husband and I decided that we would make the sacrifice for me to be at home. I was in a job that I didn't love, and it just wasn't worth it to miss so much of Caleb's life in a job that I hated. Now we have baby #2, and the conundrum now is that daycare is so expensive, if I went back to work, I'd essentially be working to pay for daycare and not much else - along with the fact that my husband is a medical resident and works about 100 hours a week, so we both worry that if I worked full time, our kids would never see either of us:( At times I do miss working a LOT! Motherhood is a thankless job at times, and being home all day, every day with two little children is mentally and physically exhausting.I think that the decision you have made - to try out working and see how it goes - is a great one. That way, you'll feel confident in whatever decision you do end up making long term. Whether it be to stay at home or keep working! Doing what's best for you and your family is the most important thing!

    Whew. Sorry that comment ended up being a book! So glad to have found your blog:)

  2. You've been on my mind since I know this decision has been weighing on you! Glad to hear that you're feeling better about the decision and your options:)

  3. You still have so much time before January is here, so hopefully that will allow you to have more confidence in your decision. I absolutely love staying at home, but I know that it's not for everyone. I actually hate how often people asking me "when" I'm going back to work as if it is a given. I have no plans to return to work, so sometimes that can make for an awkward conversation.

  4. I appreciate your willingness to be open and honest about this decision! There is certainly no right answer, only what is best for your family in this particular season! I hope you get to enjoy all those smiles and play-dates and projects from now until January and that you feel good about the decision you've made when it comes! My kids are still in daycare/preschool, so my solution (since I have to work financially) was to find an administrative position at a preschool/daycare they could attend! We started in May and it is so nice to have my work life and still be able to pop in their rooms and see them throughout the day! I'm sure that is part of the appeal of being an elementary school teacher as well! Good luck!


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