What's up Wednesday 9.30.15

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Today I'm linking up with the Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel for What's up Wednesday!

What we're eating:
Meals from HomeCooked, of course!  My sister, Claire owns a food business in Paoli, PA.  Her meals are healthy, quick, and so yummy!  I honestly don't know how "normal" people have time and energy to make dinner every night.  In the afternoon I walk out to our garage freezer and pick out a meal to thaw for that night's dinner.  Then all I do is either stick it in the oven or do the final step (sauteeing, put in slow cooker, grilling etc.) in cooking the already prepped dinner.

Our favorites include:  Chicken Marsala, Chicken Piccata, Honey Mustard Meatloaves, Mexican Lasagna, Stuffed shells, Shepard's Pie...I could go on!  Last night we had blushing spinach ravioli and garlic ciabatta.  YUM!

All of Claire's ingredients are fresh and healthy and it's affordable too.  If you know me, you know I HATE touching meat and with HomeCooked you never have to cut, chop, or prep any foods- it's done for you.

What I'm reminiscing about:
Last year I was about 30 weeks pregnant and Christian was traveling in India for 2 weeks.  I've been thinking back to being pregnant a lot lately.  Life was so easy with one child and we didn't even know it!

What I'm loving:
I'm loving these last few days of shorts and long sleeves!  How lovely it is to be cool in the morning and then warms up to warm afternoons.  Oh, fall.  Why can't you stay around all year?

And apples-crisp, fresh from the orchard apples.

What we've been up to:
Over the weekend we met up with my college friends at the beach.  It was so nice to be together again, since one lives in Pittsburgh and the other lives in Australia.  We had fun catching up, but oh times have changed now that there were 3 children there too.

When's the last time you went on the Tilt-a-whirl?!  Vanessa and I decided to go on with Carter and we screamed and laughed the entire time!  It was fast!  And so much fun!

And just up to our usual playground dates: 

What I'm dreading:
7 days of rain in the forecast.  Yuck!  We will be running outside the moment the rain stops.  Stay at home mom nightmares are made out of stuff like this!

What I'm working on:
Printing the 20 months of pictures that I've been putting on the Collect App.  I finally broke down (thanks to my friend's encouragement) and exported some pictures, ordered them, ordered picture sleeves and an album.  They arrived today and I love them.  I have a feeling I'll be working on this for a long while- only 17 months until I'm all caught up!

What I'm excited about:
Decorating the house for fall, buying mums for the front porch, pumpkin picking, s'mores making, Halloween fun, pumpkin bread baking,

What I'm watching:
Since Bachelor in Paradise ended I'm totally missing Monday night TV.  That was a major highlight of my week (oh man- I really said that.)  The only show I'm into now is Project Runway.  I'm going to DVR the Rachel Zoe show and can't wait for Homeland to start again soon!

What I'm reading: Blogs are all that I have time to read.  That and the occasional Better Homes and Gardens and US Weekly at the hair salon.

What I'm listening to:
Pandora- Zac Brown Band and Dido stations

What I'm wearing:
I'm trying hard to build my fall wardrobe and only buying things that I love and things that I know I'll wear often.

I'm wearing my favorite gap embroidered tanks (I have three colors!)

And loft tanks (I have it in 2 colors!)

I'm trying to find good new jeans.  I was happy with a pair I bought at Banana Republic outlet but one of the holes above the knee ripped so literally my entire knee is now exposed.  not too cute.  I sent one pair of Vigoss back and another pair is on it's way.

I'm also trying to find some good plaid shirts and scarves.  I've bought and returned a few shirts already.

And as the weather turns cooler and the mornings in the 50's are making me think it's time to put the blardigan on my Christmas list.

What I'm doing this weekend:
Hopefully if it doesn't rain we'll go to the pumpkin farm for pumpkins and mums, have dinner with friends, and maybe go to a fall festival with my sister and her family.

What I'm looking forward to next month:
Halloween and fall fun traditions with friends!

Halloween Tradition:
It's really only our second halloween so we'll keep the tradition of pumpkin carving the night before halloween and trick or treating.

oh hey, five on friday

Friday, September 11, 2015

It's Friday link up time and I'm actually participating!  With this new school routine I'm 2 for 2 with blogging!  Sure the rest of my life/house is being ignored.  But let me celebrate a little me time for a few days while sweet Reid naps, right?!


Image result for i heart nyc
14 years ago this morning I walked out of my apartment building in NYC and remember thinking what a beautiful morning it was.  I wore sneakers for the first time that day to class at FIT.  I sat next to my soon to be BFF Jess (who was dressed up in a skirt that day, funny what you remember) as we waited for everyone to arrive to our Cosmetics Chemistry class and started taking our first quiz.  Our professor was telling me that I looked like Sarah Michelle Gellar and then Roxanne walked into the room and looked completely spooked.  While she was on the train she had seen a plane hit the World Trade Center.  We took our quiz and then chaos ensued.  Another girl, Judith and I decided to walk home to my apartment on 43rd street.  I got home to a ton of AOL instant messages because there was virtually no phone or cell service in NYC.  I could see a huge cloud of black smoke from my window for days.  NYC was never so silent as it was the next few days.  I will always heart NYC.

on a much lighter note- white jeans after labor day
did you read yesterday's post?  See consignment store items all over my bedroom in the background.  wasn't kidding

fashion blogger- I am not.  Must work on the outfit selfie.
It took me all of the summer to finally find a pair of white jeans that I like.  And honestly, in the middle of hot and humid summer jeans just don't sound appealing anyway!  So on labor day I found a great deal at the Banana Republic Outlet for $14.  So here I am today- proudly wearing white after labor day.  #rebel

It is sunny and a high of 82 today- perfect late summer weather for white jeans in my opinion!

And this gap tank top is one of my new faves (I bought it in 3 colors!) since I got rid of most of my other tanks during my clean out!

Snickerdoodle apple cobbler
Snickerdoodle Apple Cobbler
On Sunday we are having some family over for a picnic and I plan on making this recipe.  I made it last fall and loved it.  Hope it's as good as I remember.  Oh, and it's like 3 ingredients and so easy.

back to school treats
Apple Cupcakes on /www.bakingbeauty.net:
Yesterday after I took Carter to school I totally remembered this cupcake that I pinned and thought they would have been perfect.  Too bad I didn't have tootsie rolls.  We may have to make these soon though!

Rodan + Fields

A few weeks ago I broke down and ordered R + F.  I got the Soothe regimen to start.  I have high hopes after seeing the billion before and after pics all over facebook and my bff singing their praises too.

My products arrived and I took my before picture that I will not be posting.  My husband was scrolling through my phone one day and saw it and he said something along the lines of "you look like you just skinned and ate someone alive."  What?!?!?  I guess the serious look isn't my most becoming...But I wasn't smiling because- smile lines around my eyes, of course!

Looks like R + F has work to do!

Happy late summer weekend!
Yay for football weather (and white jeans!)

life lately

Thursday, September 10, 2015

alternately titled- life for the last 9 months. or the summer at the least.

Today is Carter's first day of school (separate post on that, because duh- blogger mom.)  I have high hopes for these sacred few hours each week with only 1 kid!

Goal #1- keep Reid's eyes open on the ride home, nurse and put down for a nice (hopefully) long nap

Goal #2- Iced coffee in peace

Goal #3- give some attention to this little ol' blog o' mine

Goal #4- a little Hoda and KLG time- I plead with you Reid- give momma a nice long nap to catch up with the ladies!

So life--- I never thought I'd say it, but we've decided that Carter is the "easy" child now.  Reid has become high maintenance because all he wants to do is move!  In the last week he's totally blossomed into a little toddler- crawling (with a dead left leg!) and pulling up and cruising and bashing his head into everything.  He's not super steady of course so he needs LOTS of attention.  And damn if I try to leave the room- he ain't having that- full out murder screams when momma's not around.  #swimfan
the "easy" child- so laid back (sometimes!)
don't let that cute smile fool you he's the crazy child- on the go, always
And if he would just sleep through the night, I'd appreciate that too.  My mom and I took the boys to the beach last week and that boy just doesn't want to sleep there.

big boys ride in the choo choo wagon

and take the red car to the beach
too much fun on the bay- why sleep?!
But back to the update---

Summer was bomb.  It was the summer of fun.  Because what else can you do with a 3 year old and a baby?  Anything productive had no chance of getting done- so fun it was!  Parks and play dates, donuts and ice cream, baseball and tricycle and walkers and beach trips and trips to rides and mini golf and the water park.
Carter loved swimming at any chance we got!  Give that boy a puddle jumper and he's good to go- under water, off diving boards...he'll do it all.

And SAND!!!  We finally overcame the fear of sand!!  I cherished every second when he was covered in sand and loving it!  By the end of the summer he was also obsessed with being in the ocean.  After 2 summers of being terrified of the sand I felt I earned every second (at least the 30 full seconds I got) of sitting in a chair and happily watching him frolic around.

even family beach photos at sunset couldn't keep him out of the water- linen shirt stood no chance!
Until Reid decided he loves (eating) sand too.  So much for relaxing and peace.  The last week was sand patrol and holding Reid up as he walked everywhere.

no time for a pic- let me jump that wave!
We had lots of fun having friends and family over for impromptu and planned picnics and splashing in baby pools and running through the sprinkler and slamming a pinata.  (and we totally loved having our back yard and deck and felt we definitely made the right choice to move last year)  I failed at a homemade margarita recipe and decided frozen mix is the way to go.  But I dreamed of s'mores all summer and that dream is still unfulfilled.  Hopes for the fall, I guess!

We survived our kitchen remodel- that's still not done, but close, one day.  like maybe in November our lights will be hung and everything painted.  won't hold my breath.

Lately I'm purple heart's best customer (donor)- My closet and drawers are practically empty.  I'm over my clothes circa 2005, 2010, and even 2012.  Time to bid adieu to my first ever pair of "expensive" jeans and my wardrobe from when I lived in NYC (2004).  I'm not even kidding.  I had a few too many "well you never know when you'll need a plaid school girl skirt, a sparkly dress, a nice practical black blazer."  donate.

And we all know what that means---time to shop.  In the most scrutinizing of ways, of course.

And the likelihood of baby haring #3 is pretty much zero since I've sold my Solly wrap.  Our bedroom is like a consignment shop and I'm just (still) trying to figure out what to do with everything baby.

But the freeing feeling you get from cleaning out- that I love!

And I guess that's life lately- the abridged version of course.  naptime is O,V.E.R,

high five, fist bump, and...publish.