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Friday, September 11, 2015

It's Friday link up time and I'm actually participating!  With this new school routine I'm 2 for 2 with blogging!  Sure the rest of my life/house is being ignored.  But let me celebrate a little me time for a few days while sweet Reid naps, right?!


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14 years ago this morning I walked out of my apartment building in NYC and remember thinking what a beautiful morning it was.  I wore sneakers for the first time that day to class at FIT.  I sat next to my soon to be BFF Jess (who was dressed up in a skirt that day, funny what you remember) as we waited for everyone to arrive to our Cosmetics Chemistry class and started taking our first quiz.  Our professor was telling me that I looked like Sarah Michelle Gellar and then Roxanne walked into the room and looked completely spooked.  While she was on the train she had seen a plane hit the World Trade Center.  We took our quiz and then chaos ensued.  Another girl, Judith and I decided to walk home to my apartment on 43rd street.  I got home to a ton of AOL instant messages because there was virtually no phone or cell service in NYC.  I could see a huge cloud of black smoke from my window for days.  NYC was never so silent as it was the next few days.  I will always heart NYC.

on a much lighter note- white jeans after labor day
did you read yesterday's post?  See consignment store items all over my bedroom in the background.  wasn't kidding

fashion blogger- I am not.  Must work on the outfit selfie.
It took me all of the summer to finally find a pair of white jeans that I like.  And honestly, in the middle of hot and humid summer jeans just don't sound appealing anyway!  So on labor day I found a great deal at the Banana Republic Outlet for $14.  So here I am today- proudly wearing white after labor day.  #rebel

It is sunny and a high of 82 today- perfect late summer weather for white jeans in my opinion!

And this gap tank top is one of my new faves (I bought it in 3 colors!) since I got rid of most of my other tanks during my clean out!

Snickerdoodle apple cobbler
Snickerdoodle Apple Cobbler
On Sunday we are having some family over for a picnic and I plan on making this recipe.  I made it last fall and loved it.  Hope it's as good as I remember.  Oh, and it's like 3 ingredients and so easy.

back to school treats
Apple Cupcakes on /www.bakingbeauty.net:
Yesterday after I took Carter to school I totally remembered this cupcake that I pinned and thought they would have been perfect.  Too bad I didn't have tootsie rolls.  We may have to make these soon though!

Rodan + Fields

A few weeks ago I broke down and ordered R + F.  I got the Soothe regimen to start.  I have high hopes after seeing the billion before and after pics all over facebook and my bff singing their praises too.

My products arrived and I took my before picture that I will not be posting.  My husband was scrolling through my phone one day and saw it and he said something along the lines of "you look like you just skinned and ate someone alive."  What?!?!?  I guess the serious look isn't my most becoming...But I wasn't smiling because- smile lines around my eyes, of course!

Looks like R + F has work to do!

Happy late summer weekend!
Yay for football weather (and white jeans!)


  1. Those white jeans look fabulous on you! I say rock em until the temps get below 70 :)

  2. Love white jeans!!!! Any time of year! THose cupcakes look amazing btw

    1. The cupcakes were cute- but my mistake was using white cupcake liners---the red definitely looks cuter!

  3. OMG that cobbler looks to die for!

  4. I love finding a good deal like you did on those white jeans! I have heard so many great things about R+F, I can't wait to hear your thoughts! Xo, Stephanie


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