What's up Wednesday! 10.28.15

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I'm linking up again today with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel for What's up Wednesday!  Blogging continues to take a back seat to general survival right now, but I like how when I look back one day this gives a little glimpse into what's going on in our lives right now.  So...here's what's up!

1. What I'm eating this week..
A whole lot of Halloween candy.  In the middle of September Target had 40% off Halloween candy so I stocked up and stuffed it into a closet.  I lasted a good 3-4 weeks until one day I tore into it.  It's been bad ever since.

I sure hope the neighborhood kids like Almond Joys.  (I left the gummi candy alone too.)

Otherwise we're eating HomeCooked meals and since Christian is traveling most of the week it's leftovers and whatever I can whip up in 10 minutes for the boys and me!

2. What I'm reminiscing about...
Last year's Halloween and last year's baby belly and our old house too.

3. What I'm loving...
Our Halloween decor! I've totally taken on the theme of skulls and jack-o-lanterns.  I love the black and silver and white...very unintentional, but I like it!
 Our mantle:
 Art projects that Carter (and mostly I) do each month (inspired by the book 5 Little Pumpkins):
 My wreath that I made last year at my friend's Pinterest Party:

4.What we've been up to...
Trips to the pumpkin farm and making applesauce and doing fun fall & Halloween things.

5. What I'm dreading..
Making the final decision about going back to work or not.  You can read more about that debate here and here.

6.What I'm working on...
Reid's first birthday party.  It looks like it's about time to break out the scissors and glue...time to start crafting.

And finally (hopefully) finishing the kitchen project.

Working on anything seems nearly impossible with 2 little boys, though.

7.What I'm excited about...
A trip to Florida!  We're headed there in a few weeks to visit my parents.  We're excited to splash in the pool, go to the nice beachy restaurants and go back to shorts weather for a bit!

The holidays!  I know it's a little early and we won't break out the decor until after Thanksgiving, but Carter's already excited and we've started talking about our elf and am looking forward to the fun!

8.What I'm watching...
Sunday nights are so much better now that Homeland is back on!  It's the only show Christian and I both agree on so we look forward to it!

Image result for homeland images

And this is the first season I've ever watched The Voice and I really like it!  Project Runway is another fave too!

9.What I'm listening to...
Silence.  Lately during nap time I don't even turn on the tv and instead just prefer the quiet for a bit of the day!

And Reid's first words are a fave right now too.  Mama, hi, bye, and quack.

10.What I'm wearing..
October is such a crazy month in PA.  Our laundry can be filled with shorts and fleece all in the same load.  I'm loving my Banana white fur trimmed puffer vest.  I wear it all the time. 

And I love these Toms too.  They are so comfy, more so than any other pair that I've tried.  I got them at the Nordstrom Sale in July and I bought them because I thought they'd be good SAHM shoes.  I was right.
And of course the "must have" leggings

11.What I'm doing this weekend...
Trick or Treating, going to a Halloween parade, and hoping that Christian finishes our kitchen

12.What I'm looking forward to next month...
Reid's first birthday and Thanksgiving and putting up Christmas decorations

13. What else is new...
Carter's school picture:

14.  Favorite Thanksgiving food...
Potato filling- part mashed potatoes, part stuffing, made with loads of butter, potato rolls, and potatoes.  And HomeCooked Stuffing---mmmmm.

Halloween PJ Link up

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I'm linking up with Natasha today to show off my little skeletons!

Last year I spotted a great deal on adorable Halloween PJs at the Gap Outlet ($5 each!) so I guessed on sizes and luckily they fit this year (just barely!)  Carter thinks they are awesome and Reid, well he'll wear anything!

This is just the beginning, I've already picked up some matching ones for Christmas too!  Now if only I could talk Christian into matching family pjs (haha- that would NEVER happen!)

Life Lately 10.12.15

Monday, October 12, 2015

As I write this I'm listening to the soundtrack of no sleeping naptime- bumping around upstairs, books falling on the floor, talking, the door opening, pitter patter of feet to the bathroom multiple times and door closing.

This happens about once a week and the other days he sleeps soundly for over an hour.  Meanwhile Reid has been napping like a champ and we can finally feel a tooth popping up!

Here's a little bit more about our life lately.

Last week the temperatures plummeted and all of the sudden we needed jackets and even hats (and space heaters in the boy's rooms,)  Reid didn't even know what happened to wearing shorts and crocs!

After 5 days of rain, on Sunday when the rain stopped we hit the playground with my sister and Ian, It was much colder and super blustery and felt more like December than the first week of October.

On Tuesday we went to a farm show with some friends.  Of course the tractor was the biggest hit! (and the milkshake!)

On Thursday Carter and I went on his first field trip to Corn Cob Acres.  We rode the bus, took a hayride, picked pumpkins, and slid down so many fast slides among lots of other fall activities.  It was also the longest I've been away from Reid.  But he was a champ and had a great morning with my mom (and napped for 2 hours!)

Then on Saturday Carter and I went to Dutch Wonderland for the last time with our season passes.  It was such a fun morning, just the 2 of us.  We rode all the rides he wanted and bundled up since it was a little chilly.  Then we went to Chick Fil A for lunch.

Then after nap our family went to the pumpkin farm.  

That is definitely one of my favorite fall traditions.

And then there's this:
First birthday party planning is starting.  How is that even possible?