5 on Friday 12.11.15

Friday, December 11, 2015

Five on Friday, how I've missed you.  I have some serious blogging goals for 2016 because I have been slacking, big time this year.

This weekend we're going to see Santa (my expectations are low, but we'll try!) and going to see a huge light display at Longwood Gardens!  Bring on the holiday fun!

And onto my five...

BE the kindness

Yesterday's post is probably the most important post I've ever written.  Please go and read it and honor sweet Olivia and be kind and pay it forward.

You may just make someone's day.

#loveforlivvy    #kindnessforkelly

Peet's Holiday blend K-cups

Last year I loved Starbucks Holiday blend so I bought 3 costco sized boxes this year!  Too bad it's super smokey and like jet fuel this year.  Seriously one cup has like double the caffeine of the french roast.

So when Peet's holiday blend popped up in my Cartwheel App I decided to try it and it's my new favorite.  Too bad Costco doesn't carry this one!

And- I think it's probably worth mentioning that this is all marketing.  The festive lights and name holiday make it that much better, right?


Also worth mentioning- I've bought Christmas Crunch (I've never ever bought Captain Crunch), Festive-shaped pretzels, and Snowballs (aka white cheese balls)- again I would NEVER buy those.  Those marketing execs get me every time!

Christmas list- eye mask

I sleep with a eye mask every night.  I have a rotation and some are from British Air when traveling to Europe oh, about 20 years ago.   I stumbled upon Slip Silk on Instagram and started following them and have been dreaming of their $80 pillowcase and $40 sleep mask.  And at this point in my life I can't justify asking for the pillowcase, but the mask- I think I need it.  And am hoping Santa realizes fine lines are no joke.

Threshold™ Round Dinner Plate - Melamine CarMulti Color Reindeer Decorative Pillow with Piping 18"x18"  -Threshold™
Between all of the adorableness in the dollar section (yes I need decorative padded envelopes, black and white striped ribbon, wooden skis, buffalo plaid appetizer plates), the dishes, the paper goods, the pillow covers, the deer heads and antlers, the bright trees, and the entire holiday section in the back they have been killing me all season long!  I could fill carts with all that I want but I have had some serious restraint.

I'm being budgetary and reminding myself that I just donated tons of decorations and random home things and we're trying to eliminate clutter and things we don't need.  But oh, it's so hard.  The internal struggle is real- it's actually a pretty funny commentary in my mind as I go through the aisles!

favorite Christmas cookie
Image result for better homes and gardens white chocolate cherry shortbread
Last night I hosted a cookie exchange with my dinner club.  Prosecco, Bailey's, cookies, and girl talk all night was just what we all needed!

I made these White Chocolate Cherry Shortbread cookies.  They are my favorite!   mmmmm

Happy Weekend!



  1. Those cookies look delicious and WOW to that reindeer pillow!

  2. so where are yall from in PA!? I'm from the area and know exactly where Longwood Gardens are, so curious how close you are! Saw on your about me also that you lived in DC..we currently live in northern VA & I would love to get back up to PA some day!

    1. Hi Jenn! I live in Lancaster, PA. It's about 45 minutes from Longwood. I lived in Arlington for a short time right after college too! Thanks for commenting!

  3. I have those target plates. I had to get them!! They are the only plastic Christmas plates I own. I justified it by saying my kids needed some festive plates too!!!


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