BE the kindness

Thursday, December 10, 2015

I felt like I HAD to sit down and blog this week because I have been so touched and changed by one little girl's journey and her passing this past week.

Olivia Lynch was 5 and a half years old and fought a battle no one should have to fight.  Brain Cancer.  Her mom, Kelly has been friends with my best friend since grade school so I've been to multiple birthday parties, dances etc with her while growing up.

Kelly is amazing.  She documented the entire year and a half journey of diagnosis, surgeries, tumors, doctor's appointments, victories, and disappointments on a Caring bridge blog.  Her entries are real.

She carried us all along on this most terrible journey and handled it with such grace and honesty.  I found myself thinking about her and Olivia and praying for them all of the time.  Especially during the quiet moments when Reid was nursing or I was rocking him before bed.  Trying to make sense of it all- imagining all that they were living through and analyzing how it could happen.

Here is a part of an entry a few days after Kelly held Olivia in her arms as she took her final breath:

This is unbelievable, right?  After everything they have been through, she's telling us to find kindness and joy.

On Sunday I went to the memorial for Olivia and as I sat in that auditorium packed full of little girls who lost a friend, moms, dads, other cancer patients, and even strangers to the family. I felt a sense of calm and left feeling deeply sad, of course but actually quite uplifted too.   How is that even possible at a funeral of a 5 year old girl?

It's this family.  They are magical.  They didn't dwell on the sad battle, but instead talked about the full life that Olivia lived and her kindness and giving.

Instead of donations or even flowers, they asked for everyone to do random acts of kindness throughout the year.  And that's what we're doing.

This year our advent houses are full of things to do for others.  And although Carter has asked when our elf, Pete, will be bringing the treats again instead of the notes to do kind acts, I'm already noticing that he is becoming more aware of being kind and making more thoughtful gestures.

I ask you to continue this in honor of sweet angel, Olivia.  Leave a nice tip for a server, open the door for someone, pay for someone's coffee, give a hug, leave a surprise for a stranger.  This is what Livvy and Kelly would do and please help to pay it forward.

In Kelly's words, "BE the kindness."



  1. That sweet girl's family is so amazing. I will be keeping her family in my thoughts & prayers. Cash & I will do a random act of kindness tomorrow while we run errands.

  2. Beautiful, just beautiful. Sometimes we take life for granted and then there's this beautiful 5 year old battling for it at such a little age. I wish her a long life full of happiness.


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