friday favorites 1.29.16

Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday, Already?!   This week flew, somehow! 
On Wednesday I posted my What's up Wednesday with a bunch of randomness and today I will continue with 5 more things going on in my life/ things I'm loving this week... 
And of course, I'm linking up with five on friday and friday favorites!  

I'm on the teacher appreciation committee at Carter's school and I said I'd put together a little treat for the teachers for Valentine's Day but I can't find anything I love.  I have to make around 25 so they have to be inexpensive.

Here's one I love, but too $$$.

Turn your favorite EOS lip balm into a cute candy gift using a short list of supplies and these free printable "you're the balm" gift tags!:
I would give these to Carter's teachers but I gave them these on the first week of school. (And did you see on the Today show how someone is sueing EOS because she broke out in a rash because of it.)
Back to school teacher gift idea -- An EOS Lip Balm Apple for the Teacher. (Free printable makes this an easy DIY gift for anyone!):

I also think this one is cute, but chips??  I think I personally, would prefer some chocolate....
Another {FREE} Printable Valentine! You're all that and a bag of chips. Cute!:

I'd love any suggestions of good teacher valentines you have!!



This week the Anthropologie Buy, Sell, & Trade facebook page randomly showed up in my feed so I joined, not knowing anything about it.  Well, it has been soooooooo great!  If you've been reading here lately, you know I'm all about cleaning out, donating, and selling things that we don't need or use anymore so this was the PERFECT find for me!

I've sold 2 shirts and a belt so far and it's so easy!  I love it, because if you love Anthropologie you know that most pieces they sell are more expensive yet they last season after season.  So I'm selling my loved shirts that I no longer wear but other's are so excited to get them now!

Just a few tips if you do go on the site, you have to be quick!  Some things sell within minutes with multiple people interested and be specific.  There was a little tiff between some buyers over my belt!

For years I've bought French Roast K-Cups at BJ's but I've just gotten bored of them.  So this week I went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond and got this Starbucks K-cup variety pack.

Is it sick to admit that as I laid in bed the next morning I was thinking about which I would try first couldn't wait to try a new coffee?!  So far I've tried House Blend and Pike Place and liked them both.

(House Blend is $5 off this month at Costco and I was afraid to buy a 54 pack, but after trying it I think I will since it's good and Costco and BJ's are definitely the cheapest I've found for K-cups.)

Do you have a go-to K-Cups?  I'd love other suggestions!

I got my new Gap cozy scarf and love it!

Mine is sold out now, but I'd like this one too.  I love cream, and lilac, and blush in the winter (well, actually all year round, I guess!)


This week I decided it was time to bring out the love so we decorated our house with some hearts and love decor!  Our mantle is simple with LOVE candles from red envelope and a felt heart garland that I made a few years ago.

Also the boys started wearing their Valentines Gap shirts this week.  (They're both $10.99 now!)

 Carter has this one.  

And Reid has this one.

You know you'll be seeing these pop up on my Instagram one of these days soon!

And now it's time to try another coffee!
Thanks for reading!
Hope you have a happy weekend!

What's up Wednesday 1.27.16

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What we're eating this week...

Salsa enchiladas- similar to this recipe from Pinterest

Crumb Cake- I totally OD'd on this on the day I made it.  I couldn't stop.  It's dangerous.

I made this baked meatball recipe that I found on Pinterest a few years ago.  I make these every few weeks and they are so good!  We have meatball subs or pasta and meatballs and keep them in the freezer too.  This was a staple of Carter's diet when he was a toddler.

Fiesta Chicken- best Crock pot recipe ever!! (and we ate it 3 nights in a row!) But I have no pictures!  Next time I make it I will include a pic and the recipe!

What I'm reminiscing about...

Snow days before kids- 24 marathons, hours spent cozy on the couch
Snow days in NYC- trudging through the snow with my roommate
Snow days in the past few years too!

What I'm loving...

My new North Face jacket- I got it in a small and love it!  It's sooooo warm and it has magnets over the zipper so it automatically closes even if you don't zipper it!  #momdream

Painted nails
It's amazing how much more put together I feel when my nails are painted.  I love gel manicures because they last sooooo long, but they're not in the budget with time or money so I've been painting my own nails.  I stick with neutrals because let's be honest, I'm not that perfectionist about them.  A few weeks ago I talked about OPI gel setter and after another application I have to say I'm not impressed.  Perhaps it is my terrible technique, but they chipped after 2 days this week.  I'll stick with my O.P.I. Nicole top coat and fast drying drops next time.  This week I used Essie East Hampton Cottage, but O.P.I. Passion remains my fave.

While Christian was traveling last week I got Starbucks three times and that little pick-me-up is such a treat!  I was so happy to get an offer code for a $3 Grande.  It's the little things, right?  Then the next day they messed up my order so I got my white chocolate mocha for free! #starbucksgodswereshiningdownonme

What we've been up to..

Snow, school, playdates, library, baking, trying not to go crazy being snowed in for days and days!  On Monday I wrote about our snowy weekend.

What I'm dreading..

Business travel!  It looks like Christian has 2 trips planned for February and one will be at least a week long to India.  Vanilla lattes will be plentiful, for sure!

What I'm working on...

I continue to clean out and donate a ton of stuff.  We also listed some things on eBay and that's a little time consuming, but worth it.  I also just joined a facebook group for Anthropologie fans to buy and sell Anthro stuff.  I may try to sell a few things.

And I'm still trying to catch up on printing and putting my collect app pics in an album.  I really need to make Reid an album for his first year since Carter has 3 super cute albums for his first year!

Blogging more- my new year's resolution was to refresh myself and take time for me.  So I've been reading and commenting more and posting so much more on my blog too.  I love it and I know I will be so happy in the future to have this little diary of all things me (and my boys!)

What I'm watching/reading:

The Bachelor (of course!)

Married at First Sight

Ray Donovan on Showtime (On Demand)

Liev Shreiber- wow!  He's so good and I just remembered that I once rode an elevator with him at my Aveda office in NYC.  It's a little racy and at least once an episode I remark to my husband that I can't believe he recommended this to my parents!  

What I'm wearing...

Since the weather got cooler I substituted my uniform to

Uggs (metallic from last year)

When it's 6 degrees in the morning I can't even think about anything besides leggings and Uggs.

What I'm doing this weekend...
Celebrating my MIL's birthday, a few house projects, and some alone time at Anthropologie and Nordstrom would be lovely too!

Snowed in for the weekend

Monday, January 25, 2016

On Friday night we met my parents for dinner and just as we left the restaurant the snow was beginning to fall.  It snowed from about 6pm on Friday until about 10pm on Saturday.  I don't know exactly how much we got, but I'm thinking it was around 30 inches.  It was so cold and blustery that even our wreath, under our front porch was covered with snow.

Reid & I were up first on Saturday morning and when I showed him the window he was obsessed with the snow!  A few minutes later I heard Carter's door open upstairs and then he exclaimed, "Ya-hoo!"  He had been looking out of his window while he was waiting for bunny to wake up!   Then the snow plow came and they were glued to the window.  Reid just couldn't stop babbling and hitting the window!  He loved it!

I tried another recipe for blueberry muffins and they weren't too great, but they did look pretty, at least.  On Sunday morning Christian heated one in the microwave and slathered some butter on it and then he said was delicious.  But I think a blueberry muffin shouldn't need butter, right?

It was sooooo cold and blustery so we stayed inside most of the day.  I made snowman sundaes and then we did a snowman project (from Pinterest.)  We decided each of us should make one so  I cut out his snowman and carrot nose and then he was going to do the rest.  And that was a boy with a plan.  He cut and glued and cut some more and did not take any suggestions- he knew exactly how he wanted his snowman to look! I love that he did his own thing and was he ever proud of his snowman!  He loved it.  And I do too!

Then on Sunday morning the storm was over and the sun was shining bright.  We headed out to shovel and play!  It was exhausting and my arms burnt and lower back ached by the end!  If you follow me on instagram  I posted a bunch this weekend so you've seen many of these!

Carter, of course was our best shoveling assistant and loved sledding and playing in the snow.  He also had hot chocolate with marshmallows twice a day and had rosy cheeks all weekend long!

Reid loved being outside in the snow.  On Sunday I was gearing up to shovel with Carter while Christian stayed in with Reid.   As soon as I closed the door to go out, Reid walked over and picked up his hat and handed it to Christian and then picked up one of snow boots and handed it to him.  He wasn't going to be left inside!

And just for fun a little brother comparison:  Carter & me in 2013 (19 months old)

And now it's Monday and Christian's back to work...womp, womp.  But at least we have The Bachelor to look forward to!

five on friday 1.22.16

Friday, January 22, 2016

It's friday so I'm linking up with Five on Friday and Friday Favorites!

recent buys

Since I posted about it twice last week I ordered the North Face jacket I've been googling over (and it's $100 off!)  I ordered a medium since most of my North Face things run small.  But when it arrived it just felt too big.  They were sold out of all of the grey online (but I just checked and it's back online in small and large) so I called and there were 2 smalls left in all of the US and they are shipping me one and it should arrive today!  I so hope it lives up to all of my dreams.  With a big snow storm coming this weekend it would be so great to be warm while we are shoveling and playing outside!
This $14 fleece tunic from Old Navy that my BFF told me about arrived and it's so cozy!   I ordered it in black and wore it on Wednesday, washed it Wednesday night and wore it again on Thursday! FYI if you get it, order a size up (I got a medium!)

this made me laugh this week

she is hysterical and I laugh at just about every one of her posts.

recipe fails

This week was all about recipe fails.  I tried the much raved about tortellini sausage soup from Christina and Natasha and I swear I followed the recipe but it was way too salty and we ended up just throwing it out.  Sooooo disappointing!  And then the next night my mom made us a new recipe for Chili macaroni and it had way too much cumin and chili powder and we couldn't eat that either.

Then I tried a new blueberry muffin recipe that I got from another blogger last week for our playdate on Tuesday and although I did serve them, I won't be making them again since they were too dry.

So we are officially defeated with new recipes and we'll be sticking to our tried and true for the next few weeks!

dish towels
These words were actually on my Christmas list for my MIL.  "Dish towels that are cute, yet absorbent"   (She went solely on the cute factor and got me this Anthro towel)

For years I've used these Williams Sonoma dishtowels because they look nice and are classic and timeless.  BUT...they are sub-par in the drying category.  They aren't soft either and actually kind of scratchy.  You aren't going to believe this but these are my current towels of choice from Walmart!  They are super absorbent and soft and $5 for 4 towels.  But if only they were a bit cuter to have hanging in my kitchen...

I am tempted by these Anthro dish towels because they are on sale for $19.95 and an additional 40% off!  And although the Walmart towels are practical, I would like some that I'm proud to hang on my towel bar!

Also on a side note I hate the smell of dishtowels over time and always wash them separately from the rest of our clothes in the laundry.  I have a thing with food smells.


I just got this e-mail and today Gap is 40% off everything and 18% cash back- WHAT?!  

I know I've talked about this before but I keep talking to people who still don't use Ebates and I don't even know why!!  I'm awaiting my $80ish check coming in February!  It's so easy to do and you get cash back for shopping online.  You can install an ebates button to chrome and you just click on it before you check out.  There's even a way to get cash from shopping in store.

If you don't use ebates I'd love if you'd click my referral link to sign up.  It really is that easy to get money just for shopping online.

You get anywhere from about 2% of your total to 6% usually, but they always have double cash back deals and I got 20% cash back for my Christmas cards. So although most of my orders give me just a dollar or two, they all add up and the double cash back deals definitely make a difference.

Please click here for my referral link.

We're gearing up for a snowy weekend- hoping for some snowman building, hot chocolate sipping, and comfort food cooking!

Happy weekend!

PS - This post contained affiliate links, which means if you clicked on an item and made a purchase I may receive a small commission.  THANK YOU  for reading and supporting my blog!

Show and Tell Tuesday: Momfessional Moments

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Today I'm linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.

Today's topic:  Momfessional Moments

1.   Christian and I went out to dinner for our anniversary in December and when I went to get dressed I debated about wearing heels.  I dug them off of the back of my shelf and instead of black, they were grey.   I had to actually blow a layer of dust off of the entire shoe.   Momma needs to get out a little more often when there's dust on your heels.

2. One night at bedtime Carter sang, "Nationwide is on your side."  He also knows about Sparkle paper towels and says he needs the "Shower Wow" shower head that changes colors.  Too much tv, perhaps?  I blame Sprout and Nick Jr. for putting commercials on a kids channel.

3. One particularly tiring day I was talking to Christian on speaker phone and said "I need a ......" and Carter piped in with "BREAK!"  I guess he's heard that one too! (better than drink though, right!?)

4. I rarely cook a complete dinner for my family.  I'm super lucky that my sister owns a food business and I get all prepared dinners and all I have to do is put them in the oven, or saute or put them in the slow cooker.  If you're in the Philly area will be your new best friend.  And so will my sister, her meals are the best!  I should mention that I HATE touching raw meat and because of her meals I rarely do!

5.  Whenever we pass a Starbucks Carter shouts out, "There's your favorite place, mom!" and he can recite my order,  "Grande iced coffee with 2 pumps of hazelnut and a little bit of cream."

6. Carter's two main food groups are 1. chicken and 2. pizza.  We thought it was a big win recently when he ate a grilled cheese.  He calls the weekend days- junk food days, because he's allowed to have bacon and pepperoni.   We also bribe him to try new foods with a matchbox car and that only mildly works.  In college one of my friends' boyfriends was the pickiest eater and ate like a toddler and I'm terrified that Carter will turn out like that!

and this one I'm pretty sure is on everyone's list, but I might as well include it------

7.  Whenever anyone is coming over it's a whirlwind of frenzy trying to clean up the house!  One day I was just cleaning up (not because anyone was coming over) and telling Carter to help and he replied, "Why?  Who's coming over?"  (insert monkey covering face emoji)

That was fun and I'm sure I have many more momfessional moments but we'll leave it with those!  Thanks for reading and I'd love to hear your's too!

five on friday 1.15.16

Friday, January 15, 2016

Hello! Today I'm linking up with the five on friday girls and friday favorites

I've been blogging!  Here's a little week in review.

On Monday I posted my lust list with some things I'm drooling over...

and then on Tuesday I posted about my uniform for the winter.

 And since then I've ordered another Gap scarf.  I really like this one, but I went with this one since it was on sale and an extra 40% off so I got it for $12.  And I got Carter this shirt for $4.50.  And my BFF sent me a selfie in this sweatshirt and said I needed to add it to the legging rotation- so that's coming soon too!

And yesterday I did a little life lately about the every days...and talked a little about our second experience with amoxicillin rash.

That's a record for me-  4 posts in one week!!  I love taking some time for myself to read blogs and write my own posts!   Thanks so much for reading and following along!


After April posted about it a few weeks ago I decided I should try Essie gel-setter!  I gave myself a little manicure (bc new year, new you, right?!) on Sunday.  I used OPI Passion and then Essie gel setter on top and my nails were so shiny!  Overall they are doing pretty well, but definitely not like gel at the nail salon.  I usually get tired of the color before they start chipping.  But it's only been 4 days and 2 nails have chips.  So I can't give it a glowing review, but I'm glad I have it and will continue to use it.

I really love Passion for a neutral.  I know everyone's raving about barefoot and topless.  That will be my next color to try!

Have you seen this article on facebook?  Ugh!  It broke my bath & body works candle-loving heart.
Cliff's note version:  scented candles are the devil.  Only burn soy or beeswax candles.
Winter 3-Wick Candle - Home Fragrance 1037181 - Bath & Body Works
Now that I read it I can't stop burning my Winter candle cold turkey.  But I have switched to diffusing Essential oils more often.

And then there was this article that I saw on facebook about wearing shoes in the house.
Cliff's note version: your shoes are filthy and you are bringing all the diseases into your home if you wear your shoes inside, even once.

We do not have a no shoes rule in our house but lately I've been much more aware of keeping our shoes by the door.


Do you print your collect app pics?
This is the site I use and love how they print them with the captions.  

Good thing there's a deadline for this promotion, because I'm currently about 9 months behind on printing my collect app pics!  I will get them ordered by tomorrow though!  
Thanks for the push, Persnickety Prints!

Happy Weekend!