January lust list/wish list

Monday, January 11, 2016

With all of my cleaning out and simplifying my closets I'm really trying to buy only things I love.  I perused this post about capsule wardrobes.  And honestly I'm not going crazy, but just trying to buy a few things I love and less things that "I'll buy because it's only $15."  Those Old Navy and Target closet fillers are good for a few wears, but after that they are stretched out and become workout (if I ever did that!) or PJ tops.  And I definitely don't need anymore of those because my goal is to have cute matching PJ's that I love and can't wait to put on!

So...from time to time I'll put together a little lust list/wish list.  

 My SAHM paycheck won't really cover most of these.  But a girl, can dream, right?

With the freezing cold temps this is what I really need.  

But this and this and this are what I'm dreaming about. 
 Last year I started the changeover to the one piece.  And I'm not looking back!  


More on that another day!  

And these

Why, oh why didn't I buy them during the anniversary sale?!?  I'm trying to hold out for the next sale, but there's room in my current legging rotation (even though I LOVE these) and I wear leggings 4 out of 7 days currently. 

 And these or these in charcoal would go perfectly with those leggings.  I think it's time to add another cozy pair to my closet.  After all they are all I ever want to wear when it's so cold!  

What's on your wish list??  Please share!

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  1. I always have a running Nordstrom wish list! I love the HUE leggings. Love!



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