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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Yesterday I posted about what i'm googly-eyed over but today I'll post what I wear everyday.

 I decided to do this because the other day it was freezing and I was wearing pink and a grey infinity scarf that was kind of itchy and I looked over at the passenger seat and saw my favorite oh-so-cozy Gap scarf and I just wanted to throw it on instead.

And I thought that since I'm obviously really loving that scarf I should share my love for it to any other sensitive-skinned girls!

Then I thought- fashion blogger I am not.  But I do have a uniform that I wear, in some combination pretty much every day.

I even wore it in our Christmas card picture.  

As much as I love the look of this J.Crew scarf I just CANNOT handle wool (see above.)  If any sweater or coat or scarf has wool in it, it's not for me.  I hate the itchiness and I get immediate red irritation marks. But I love my Gap cozy plaid scarf! (similar)  I wear it almost everyday (unless I'm wearing pink.)  It's so soft and not itchy at all!!    I may need to get another, actually I definitely have to get another so I can get rid of that itchy grey scarf!

I also became a huge fan of vests this year.  I hadn't owned a vest since about 1996 (shiny metallic fushia Express vest.)  But I absolutely love how easy they are to throw on.  I also love that they aren't bulky and so easy to move in.  I have this Gap one in red (sold out) and this Banana Republic Factory one.  The BR factory one is definitely warmer since it's lined in fur.  But I love them both!  And I love that I can put my GAP scarf with either one.

I have noticed though, that on the super freezing cold days I opt for a jacket.  And that's why I actually pretty much need this one from yesterday's post.  25% off even!

I have been living in these Loft long sleeve tees all fall and winter so far.  I have them in 5 colors- blush, crimson, grey, teal, and navy and white striped.  They are so comfy and easy to throw on with jeans.  And I just saw that they are only $10 today.  I just wish they had them in a few different colored stripe options.  I'd get them all!

My jeans are either Gap Always skinny, Blank NYC, or old Old Navy Rockstar skinnies.  And honestly I don't really love any of them so I'm not linking them.

If it's warmer I wear my Toms from the Nordstrom anniversary sale and no longer on the website (but my next pair may just be these for spring.)  And I found the best sock liners at Old Navy for Toms because I don't like to be barefoot in them.  They don't fall off of your heel and they are thick enough that they don't get holes in the toes.  I even gave them to my best friend for Christmas!  They are that good.

If it's cold I wear my metallic Uggs and if it's raining- my Hunters.

And there's my uniform for running errands and playdates and pretty much every day when I'm not wearing my Hue leggings and Target tunics.  I'm not loving my sweaters this year.  Why did Gap use wool in all of their cute one?  And the ones I got from Loft leave me feeling itchy too.  I need to work on that because it's practically spring in all of the stores already!

And this shirt from Gap is my favorite shirt for Carter this winter! (and it's on major sale now too!)  

That pretty much sums up my "fashion" posts for the season!    
What are your staples for the Winter?  Are you as wool-sensitive as me?

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  1. Ive been loving vests since last year! Such a fun (and warm) accessory!


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