Snowed in for the weekend

Monday, January 25, 2016

On Friday night we met my parents for dinner and just as we left the restaurant the snow was beginning to fall.  It snowed from about 6pm on Friday until about 10pm on Saturday.  I don't know exactly how much we got, but I'm thinking it was around 30 inches.  It was so cold and blustery that even our wreath, under our front porch was covered with snow.

Reid & I were up first on Saturday morning and when I showed him the window he was obsessed with the snow!  A few minutes later I heard Carter's door open upstairs and then he exclaimed, "Ya-hoo!"  He had been looking out of his window while he was waiting for bunny to wake up!   Then the snow plow came and they were glued to the window.  Reid just couldn't stop babbling and hitting the window!  He loved it!

I tried another recipe for blueberry muffins and they weren't too great, but they did look pretty, at least.  On Sunday morning Christian heated one in the microwave and slathered some butter on it and then he said was delicious.  But I think a blueberry muffin shouldn't need butter, right?

It was sooooo cold and blustery so we stayed inside most of the day.  I made snowman sundaes and then we did a snowman project (from Pinterest.)  We decided each of us should make one so  I cut out his snowman and carrot nose and then he was going to do the rest.  And that was a boy with a plan.  He cut and glued and cut some more and did not take any suggestions- he knew exactly how he wanted his snowman to look! I love that he did his own thing and was he ever proud of his snowman!  He loved it.  And I do too!

Then on Sunday morning the storm was over and the sun was shining bright.  We headed out to shovel and play!  It was exhausting and my arms burnt and lower back ached by the end!  If you follow me on instagram  I posted a bunch this weekend so you've seen many of these!

Carter, of course was our best shoveling assistant and loved sledding and playing in the snow.  He also had hot chocolate with marshmallows twice a day and had rosy cheeks all weekend long!

Reid loved being outside in the snow.  On Sunday I was gearing up to shovel with Carter while Christian stayed in with Reid.   As soon as I closed the door to go out, Reid walked over and picked up his hat and handed it to Christian and then picked up one of snow boots and handed it to him.  He wasn't going to be left inside!

And just for fun a little brother comparison:  Carter & me in 2013 (19 months old)

And now it's Monday and Christian's back to work...womp, womp.  But at least we have The Bachelor to look forward to!

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  1. I watched the weather channel and saw the huge amount of snow the east coast got over the weekend !!! Hoping for safe travels as people go back to work today. Those blueberry muffins looks yummy !


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