Day in the life 1.29.16

Sunday, February 28, 2016

The other night I read through my first day in the life post in 2013 and I'm so glad I had that because as much as we think we'll remember all the details of life at a certain time- you don't!  For a few weeks I tried to document my day but it's hard to remember to write everything down and take pictures etc.

I did well on this morning of January 29th but then I failed at the afternoon.  So this is what I remember from Friday January 29, 2016.  It's crazy because our schedule has already changed and it's only been a month!

6:56 I'm awake and lay in bed.

7:03 Carter's door opens, Christian gets up and gets the boys.

I debate showering, but instead wash my face, brush my teeth, put on a little makeup and leggings, and my Old Navy fleece.

7:30 I am drinking iced coffee and Reid has a cup of milk- I teach Reid to cheers and Carter watches Mickey

8:00 breakfast- waffles alphabits, banana/pb smoothie, milk

8:35 Carter gets dressed for school in snow pants

9:00 We drop Carter off at school and Reid screams the entire ride home and we're behind the world's slowest/ worst driver.

9:40 Reid nursed and is asleep in his crib, I make 2 eggs over easy and a piece of toast and read some blogs and make a hazelnut iced coffee.

I am listing things on the Anthropologie website and take pics of an Anthropologie tunic to sell.

10:54 Reid's awake so I go in and we play with his stuffed animals in his crib.  Then we come downstairs and play for a little bit then go to Giant to get dessert for tonight.

12:00 We pick up Carter in the car line and hear about his day- played in snow, shared his V words, snack was carrots, pretzels, and water.

We come home and make lunch and they play in the playroom.  Lunch is chicken sandwich and an apple for Carter,  A chicken tender, yogurt smoothie, pineapple, and grapes for Reid

They go back into the playroom and play for a few minutes while I clean up the kitchen and make myself a grilled swiss cheese sandwich.

1:30 Go up to Carter's room and read The Book Without Pictures while Reid wanders around his room.  (we've found it's easier that way instead of wrestling Reid on the bed and him screaming the whole time.)  Carter settles in for a nap.

1:45 Play in Reid's room and read a few books then nurse, sing a few songs, and put in his crib and he screams for a few minutes.  I have a headache so I debate laying down, but instead take a shower (so I don't have to hear the screaming too!)  Come out and Reid's settling in and falls asleep.  I put on my uniform (gap jeans, Loft long sleeve tee) and do my same makeup as the morning.

2:23 I come downstairs and have 2 Reese's hearts and sit on the couch with the computer for a few minutes until bunny and Carter wake up.

2:36 Reid's talking on the monitor and sitting up??  UGH!  So he slept about 20 minutes!  He talks for a few minutes and falls back to sleep!  Whew!  I'm click around the Friday link ups.  Reid sleeps for another hour!

Carter comes down around 3:00.

4:15 The boys and I go to Lauren's house to play and then Christian comes over later for pizza and salad and donuts for dessert.  The kids run around like crazy and we had a great time catching up!

We forget about staying on time for bedtime and leave their house at 7:30ish.

I put Reid to bed as soon as we get home and Christian puts Carter to bed.

Christian and I probably watched Making a Murderer or Ray Donovan and then I probably went up to bed around 10pm and he went to the basement to watch tv.

Here's a DITL post from last march too!

Five on Friday 2.26.16

Friday, February 26, 2016

It has been a busy week, between going out for wine (and planning our future dreams) with my bff, dinner club, and hometown dates, and part one of the season finale of Married at First Sight- this little blog has been totally neglected at night.

And we decided to list our house ASAP so any time I have during the day has been organizing closets, painting our deck, making more piles for Purple Heart.  I'm excited about the change--- but of course it comes with a ton of work- more on that another day!

Now on to my friday five!


Like everyone else I'm obsessed with the Pilllowfort collection from good old Target.  When I finally got to the store, the aisle was practically empty.  The ice cream cone sheets were there and if I had a girl they would totally have come home with me!

Since we're moving I've been so good about not buying unnecessary things and I'm really trying to limit any purchases (I even put back the 2,891 bunny-related dollar spot things I had in my cart!) But I think Reid may need this sign and this hook.

And I thought this would look so cute in Carter's room.  But then I saw this and I can't decide!

I could go on and on...this would be so cute in the playroom.


I just got Reid the Baby Gap bunny sweatshirt and I can't wait for him to wear it!


I've been looking for some things to replace our personal things like preschool artwork and family photos for walk throughs.

I found this cute free printable of the USA and this cute free alphabet printable.
Mr. Printables

They even have the alphabet in French and Spanish too. 


Look at this #zulilyfind! Dark Gray 'Naps Are for Cool Kids' Tee - Infant, Toddler & Kids by The Talking Shirt #zulilyfinds:
t-shirt from Zulily

We've been struggling a bit with nap times for Reid.  Some days he takes two hour-long naps and he's ready by 9am for a nap and other days he takes a morning nap but doesn't sleep all afternoon.  Sometimes he just sits in his crib and plays with his stuffed animals and other days he screams...

He turned 15 months this week.  When I googled it, it seems that we could try transitioning to one nap.  As much as one nap would be easier on our schedule, I dread him falling asleep on the way to pick Carter up from school and then their naps won't overlap.  (And Carter will continue napping/ having quiet time as long as we can!)

Carter was just starting daycare when he was 15 months so they made the transition to one nap (pretty seamlessly!)  What worked for your kids and how do you handle them not napping at the same time?


Come, o my King. Let me arise early in the morning before the dawn and sing my praises to You. Let the words of my mouth be pleasing and praising to You. Drip the dew of Your honeycomb before me and satisfy me as with oil.:
February has been full of change for me and it's been great!  At the beginning of the month I wrote down goals for myself and I have loved the small changes I've made.  I'll elaborate more another day.

 But by far my most favorite change is getting up in the morning before my kids.  Within 2 minutes of getting out of bed I'm making my iced coffee and sitting down to read my favorite blogs and enjoying every moment of me time!

As always, here are the link ups for today!
friday favorites/  friday favorites/ oh hey, friday/ 5 on Friday

Happy weekend!

PS - This post contained affiliate links, which means if you clicked on an item and made a purchase I may receive a small commission.  THANK YOU  for reading and supporting my blog!

five on friday 2.19.16

Friday, February 19, 2016

It's Five on Friday once again! 

 This week I've been dealing with blog issues...namely comments aren't working- ugh!  I researched and installed Disqus to hopefully solve the problem but then heard that some people couldn't sign in with that!  I'm sorry if your comment didn't appear and so sad I missed it.  How do you do comments on your blog?  I really want to fix this because your comments are so appreciated!

Also I notice that some bloggers are switching to Wordpress and I'm losing them in my blogger feed.  I mainly use Bloglovin on my phone and I don't like how you can't comment!!!  What blog reader do you use and suggest?

And now for my random collection of what's been going on this week...


On Wednesday things kept happening to me that totally inspired me to write.  It was kind of a tough day to write since Reid didn't take a morning nap and Carter screamed throughout his "quiet" time but I really wanted to put my thoughts together.

Favorite Reminder via Humans of Joy:
source: human of joy
It's a simple message, but I hope it reminds you to spread kindness in the world.

Earlier in the week I also posted about some favorite pins and projects I've made inspired by Pinterest.  What did we do before Pinterest?  Ripping out magazine pages is so 2010.

source: Once Upon a Pedestal

Cake I made for our gender reveal
Our Valentine's day was pretty low key, but Christian pulled through with these beauties.

Do you know about  They are online but partner with local florists to deliver beautiful bouquets.  I'm all about supporting our local businesses.


 I just randomly add things to my Gap cart as they pop up and I save it to see if they go on sale or for one day when there's a great discount.  I'm tempted to click checkout since today it's 40% off everything!!

Yesterday I added this sweatshirt 

and then I checked my cart...

 I obviously love navy and white stripes.


On Tuesday I checked the mail and buried amongst our water bill  (thumbs down) and our real estate tax bill (big thumbs down) was a bright shining star----a BIG FAT check from Ebates!!  Shopping is so sweet when you get cash back!  Free money!!

If you don't have ebates----I just have to ask WHY?!?!?  It's so easy and you can make free money for shopping online!

I'd love if you click my referral link to sign up and then when you realize how fab it is you'll be referring all of your friends too!  Friends help friends make free money, right?!

Happy Weekend! 

PS - This post contained affiliate links, which means if you clicked on an item and made a purchase I may receive a small commission.  THANK YOU  for reading and supporting my blog!

Showing Kindness and Love

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Favorite Reminder via Humans of Joy:
source: humansofjoy

This morning Christian called (he's away for a business trip) and said that he lost his iPad.  Yesterday he couldn't find his keys so was emptying out his bag and pockets and though he did find the keys he realized later that his iPad was missing.

A little while later he texted me that someone found it and turned it in this morning.  I immediately responded saying, "Wow. Pass on the kindness."

That's kind of a big deal now, isn't it?  How many people would be thrilled to find an iPad?

Then a little while later Reid and I were grocery shopping and we saw an older gentleman and he looked at us and I smiled at him while we passed.  I really wouldn't have given that a second thought but it reminded me about a post Kelly wrote about what a difference a smile can make.

In December I wrote about Kelly.  She writes her story on a CaringBridge site.  Her story is unbelievable, in an unthinkable kind of way.  Yet she is probably the most positive and real person I know.

In a world where sometimes it's easier to look away when you pass someone, Kelly encourages us to reconsider and instead look at the person and smile.
"Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing." Mother Teresa:
source- huffingtonpost
In my first grade class it was my job to make every student feel important and like they belonged.  I greeted each child happily each day with a smile and taught them to smile at others.  So when do we un-learn the kindness?  When does it become easier to look away?

I recently learned about  BloomNation's Bloomin' Love project asking people to share how they show love.  I wasn't planning to write about love, but after Christian's iPad was returned and I was reminded of the importance of a smile today it seems that kindness and love is actually still around.

Showing kindness and showing love is really the same thing.  As a teacher, and now as a mom I'm teaching my children that the way we show kindness and love is by making others feel like they matter.  That's what we all want, right?  We want to matter.

It's not hard to be kind or show love.  Is it kind of incredible that as adults there's even a need for a post talking about ways to show love?

That smiling, opening the door for someone, using a person's name when you see them... those things still matter.

Flowers, of course are a way to show you care.  Flowers on a birthday or Valentine's Day or a Wednesday.

A beautiful arrangement delivered to the door is lovely.  But so is a $14.99 arrangement from Costco (their flowers are actually really nice!) or a hand picked flower from the garden.  Those are pretty sweet too.

The other day my sister sent me an e-card for $5 from Starbucks.  It was actually gifted to her but she forwarded it to me saying, "I think you need this more than me."  Talk about kindness.

I've been really trying to put my phone down and be present with my children.  That's a way of showing them that they matter.

Baking cookies for a friend, leaving a little treat for your mailman in the mailbox because of mountains of snow and closed roads it's 6pm and he still hasn't made it to your house.  Or our favorite UPS delivery man-  he deserves a little treat because let's be honest we all love when the big brown truck pulls up at your house!

One day recently I stopped to get coffee on the way to the car line and got Carter's teachers one too.  I know that would make my day if one of my parent's did that for me.

But like Kelly pointed out it doesn't have to be a thing.  A smile or just recognizing something genuine and telling someone- that could make someone's day too.

Because of how much I've been inspired by Kelly I e-mailed her today and told her about the iPad and the smiles and just how she's making me think differently.  I thought about e-mailing her, and then thought maybe that would be weird, but if you have something nice to say-----say it!!  So I did!

And I hope you will too.

"Never suppress a generous thought." —Camilla E. Kimball:


Show & Tell Tuesday: Favorite pins

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Today I'm joining Andrea for Show & Tell Tuesday: favorite pins

Where do I even start?  I first found out about Pinterest in the summer of 2011 (thanks, JLZ!) I became obsessed with pinning that fall when I was pregnant with Carter and nauseous and exhausted.  I spent every Sunday pinning while Christian watched football.  Oh how things have changed!

Pinterest is how I found out about blogs- Thank you, Little Baby Garvin for introducing me to the blogging world.

Little Baby Garvin

These are two of my favorite recipes that I found on Pinterest:

Baked Meatballs:

And of course pretty much any project or party I plan has inspiration from Pinterest.

inspired the flowers at my baby sprinkle.

inspired the cake I made for our gender reveal

Coffee filters and spray paint.:

inspired this for Carter's first birthday:

first birthday party
This cake:
Mickey Mouse cake, via Flickr.:

inspired this cake for Carter's 2nd birthday:

This is where I found the printables:
Made By Katy: Search results for Donuts:

And this cake:

nc state football cake - Google Search:

I could go on and on...Valentines, holiday crafts, school ideas...all thanks to Pinterest.

Of course, I have had my share of Pinterest fails too!

Oh I have had NUMEROUS fails, for sure.  If it fails I delete the pin.  I tried a crockpot cookie dough and brownie recipe and that was terrible- it didn't bake through and it burnt on the outside- right to the trash.  I also decided that any recipe that uses a cake mix doesn't work for me.  They always end up too sweet and in the trash.

And of course the quotes- don't we all find the best quotes on Pinterest?!
I have to say I think I'm glad that Pinterest didn't exist when I was wedding planning- far too many ideas!

fitness five on friday 2.12.16

Friday, February 12, 2016

Ok this title is a bit of a joke, because let's be honest the last time this girl saw the inside of a gym was years ago!  Fitness was a thing of my past!  I spent my entire childhood figure skating and then got into running later.  I ran (and walked) a marathon and ran a bunch of smaller races and right before I got pregnant with Carter (in 2011) I ran a half marathon.  But since then my workouts have consisted of primarily carrying around babies.

What's ironic is that I currently weigh at least 10 pounds less than when I was consistently working out.  These boys keep me thin, I guess between nursing and worrying and never sitting down!

Anyway- here are some things going on this week!


This week I joined my friend's facebook group.  She is a Beachbody coach and it's a motivational group with workout and meal posts.

We all know I've been enjoying the "eat what you want" lifestyle since Reid was born and I'm nursing.  But holy cow, when you see pictures of these girls' meals---a bowl of brussel sprouts and a grapefruit for LUNCH!?

Even I start judging myself while my hand is in the Dorito's bag!

These posts are actually quite motivational.  And although I don't plan on making any huge changes right now, I am trying to make some better choices with food (and not dipping every pretzel in peanut butter while watching The Bachelor!)


One of the posts that keeps coming up is drinking more water and I can get on board with that....

because of my S'well bottle!   

I've been filling it up a few times a day and let's be honest I just love it!  It fits perfectly in a cup holder and keeps the water so cold.

I even thought since I'm drinking so much maybe I should get another one- who doesn't want to collect the adorable patterns?!  I'd take this one or this one (if you buy it at Saks you can sign up and get 10 or 15% off and free shipping- that's what I did!) or maybe I should get the 25 oz like this one (free shipping at Neiman's too)...I could go on...

My exact bottle (Santorini Sunset 17 oz) is sold out everywhere...


While on the topic of water, for years now (since I was having morning sickness with Carter) I've been drinking flavored seltzer.  I love it because it's sweet but doesn't have artificial sweeteners.

Then I saw this on the Today show about how it's bad for your teeth.  I think you can pretty much find an article stating that every single thing is bad for you.  I'm over it and will continue to enjoy my wild berry!

Although since upping my water intake I didn't drink nearly as much seltzer this week.


I also read this article about top "healthy" foods that are actually really terrible for you.
Healthy Foods You Should Never Eat Infographic
Dr. Axe
My main takeaways-
1. I should start buying Organic milk for Reid (Carter and I don't really drink milk)

2. We should limit our meat intake and stop buying meat at Costco (because really how many hormones etc must be in that meat?) and instead buy organic meat less often (because it's so much more expensive.)

3. I should cut down my splenda intake in my coffee or switch back to sugar.


While on this health kick I was excited to see that some Zella tops are on sale and thought maybe I should add some so that when spring rolls around I'm ready for some mom- date walks.

This would look great with leggings and the back's cut out too!
Zella Shadow
I love the assymetrical cut and it's on sale, but still a bit more than I'd like to spend on a sweatshirt...
Zella Snowdrift 
And this looks like a nice basic tee that would be great to throw on with leggings for a park date!

Zella Defined


I'm breaking all the rules here and posting a SIX on Friday and it goes against 1,2,3,4,and 5!

We have 3 days left....

who's trying one of these with me?!  

Happy Valentine's Weekend!  Enjoy all the wine and champagne and chocolate!  
Cheers to great President's Day sales too!