Day in the life 1.29.16

Sunday, February 28, 2016

The other night I read through my first day in the life post in 2013 and I'm so glad I had that because as much as we think we'll remember all the details of life at a certain time- you don't!  For a few weeks I tried to document my day but it's hard to remember to write everything down and take pictures etc.

I did well on this morning of January 29th but then I failed at the afternoon.  So this is what I remember from Friday January 29, 2016.  It's crazy because our schedule has already changed and it's only been a month!

6:56 I'm awake and lay in bed.

7:03 Carter's door opens, Christian gets up and gets the boys.

I debate showering, but instead wash my face, brush my teeth, put on a little makeup and leggings, and my Old Navy fleece.

7:30 I am drinking iced coffee and Reid has a cup of milk- I teach Reid to cheers and Carter watches Mickey

8:00 breakfast- waffles alphabits, banana/pb smoothie, milk

8:35 Carter gets dressed for school in snow pants

9:00 We drop Carter off at school and Reid screams the entire ride home and we're behind the world's slowest/ worst driver.

9:40 Reid nursed and is asleep in his crib, I make 2 eggs over easy and a piece of toast and read some blogs and make a hazelnut iced coffee.

I am listing things on the Anthropologie website and take pics of an Anthropologie tunic to sell.

10:54 Reid's awake so I go in and we play with his stuffed animals in his crib.  Then we come downstairs and play for a little bit then go to Giant to get dessert for tonight.

12:00 We pick up Carter in the car line and hear about his day- played in snow, shared his V words, snack was carrots, pretzels, and water.

We come home and make lunch and they play in the playroom.  Lunch is chicken sandwich and an apple for Carter,  A chicken tender, yogurt smoothie, pineapple, and grapes for Reid

They go back into the playroom and play for a few minutes while I clean up the kitchen and make myself a grilled swiss cheese sandwich.

1:30 Go up to Carter's room and read The Book Without Pictures while Reid wanders around his room.  (we've found it's easier that way instead of wrestling Reid on the bed and him screaming the whole time.)  Carter settles in for a nap.

1:45 Play in Reid's room and read a few books then nurse, sing a few songs, and put in his crib and he screams for a few minutes.  I have a headache so I debate laying down, but instead take a shower (so I don't have to hear the screaming too!)  Come out and Reid's settling in and falls asleep.  I put on my uniform (gap jeans, Loft long sleeve tee) and do my same makeup as the morning.

2:23 I come downstairs and have 2 Reese's hearts and sit on the couch with the computer for a few minutes until bunny and Carter wake up.

2:36 Reid's talking on the monitor and sitting up??  UGH!  So he slept about 20 minutes!  He talks for a few minutes and falls back to sleep!  Whew!  I'm click around the Friday link ups.  Reid sleeps for another hour!

Carter comes down around 3:00.

4:15 The boys and I go to Lauren's house to play and then Christian comes over later for pizza and salad and donuts for dessert.  The kids run around like crazy and we had a great time catching up!

We forget about staying on time for bedtime and leave their house at 7:30ish.

I put Reid to bed as soon as we get home and Christian puts Carter to bed.

Christian and I probably watched Making a Murderer or Ray Donovan and then I probably went up to bed around 10pm and he went to the basement to watch tv.

Here's a DITL post from last march too!


  1. I love reading DITL posts !!! I should share mine but anymore mine isn't too interesting ! 4 out of the 5 kids are all grown up.

  2. I love day in the life posts so much. I just love seeing how others spend their days with their little ones.


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