fitness five on friday 2.12.16

Friday, February 12, 2016

Ok this title is a bit of a joke, because let's be honest the last time this girl saw the inside of a gym was years ago!  Fitness was a thing of my past!  I spent my entire childhood figure skating and then got into running later.  I ran (and walked) a marathon and ran a bunch of smaller races and right before I got pregnant with Carter (in 2011) I ran a half marathon.  But since then my workouts have consisted of primarily carrying around babies.

What's ironic is that I currently weigh at least 10 pounds less than when I was consistently working out.  These boys keep me thin, I guess between nursing and worrying and never sitting down!

Anyway- here are some things going on this week!


This week I joined my friend's facebook group.  She is a Beachbody coach and it's a motivational group with workout and meal posts.

We all know I've been enjoying the "eat what you want" lifestyle since Reid was born and I'm nursing.  But holy cow, when you see pictures of these girls' meals---a bowl of brussel sprouts and a grapefruit for LUNCH!?

Even I start judging myself while my hand is in the Dorito's bag!

These posts are actually quite motivational.  And although I don't plan on making any huge changes right now, I am trying to make some better choices with food (and not dipping every pretzel in peanut butter while watching The Bachelor!)


One of the posts that keeps coming up is drinking more water and I can get on board with that....

because of my S'well bottle!   

I've been filling it up a few times a day and let's be honest I just love it!  It fits perfectly in a cup holder and keeps the water so cold.

I even thought since I'm drinking so much maybe I should get another one- who doesn't want to collect the adorable patterns?!  I'd take this one or this one (if you buy it at Saks you can sign up and get 10 or 15% off and free shipping- that's what I did!) or maybe I should get the 25 oz like this one (free shipping at Neiman's too)...I could go on...

My exact bottle (Santorini Sunset 17 oz) is sold out everywhere...


While on the topic of water, for years now (since I was having morning sickness with Carter) I've been drinking flavored seltzer.  I love it because it's sweet but doesn't have artificial sweeteners.

Then I saw this on the Today show about how it's bad for your teeth.  I think you can pretty much find an article stating that every single thing is bad for you.  I'm over it and will continue to enjoy my wild berry!

Although since upping my water intake I didn't drink nearly as much seltzer this week.


I also read this article about top "healthy" foods that are actually really terrible for you.
Healthy Foods You Should Never Eat Infographic
Dr. Axe
My main takeaways-
1. I should start buying Organic milk for Reid (Carter and I don't really drink milk)

2. We should limit our meat intake and stop buying meat at Costco (because really how many hormones etc must be in that meat?) and instead buy organic meat less often (because it's so much more expensive.)

3. I should cut down my splenda intake in my coffee or switch back to sugar.


While on this health kick I was excited to see that some Zella tops are on sale and thought maybe I should add some so that when spring rolls around I'm ready for some mom- date walks.

This would look great with leggings and the back's cut out too!
Zella Shadow
I love the assymetrical cut and it's on sale, but still a bit more than I'd like to spend on a sweatshirt...
Zella Snowdrift 
And this looks like a nice basic tee that would be great to throw on with leggings for a park date!

Zella Defined


I'm breaking all the rules here and posting a SIX on Friday and it goes against 1,2,3,4,and 5!

We have 3 days left....

who's trying one of these with me?!  

Happy Valentine's Weekend!  Enjoy all the wine and champagne and chocolate!  
Cheers to great President's Day sales too!


  1. I'm definitely going to try one of those limited time drinks tomorrow! They look delicious!

  2. Love those Zella tops - they look so cozy for this cold weather!

  3. I'm DYING to try those drinks! I'm hoping to make it there before it's over to try it! They sound amazing!

  4. i hate how much organic meats are but i'm so scared of all the crap in the conventional meats that i will grudgingly fork up the cash money for the organic ones >:(
    this summer, a friend and i are going to split the cost on half a cow at a local organic farm. they'll cut and freeze it for you! my other friend did that and she paid $300 which gave her and her family meat for more than a year!

    1. I have friends who split a cow and they had a ton of meat. We don't eat that much red meat so I think 1/4 would be more than enough for us.

  5. I want a s'well bottle so bad! And Costco actually carries a lot of organic meats. We buy our chicken breasts and ground beef there. Plus organic milk, eggs, and cheese. All from Costco!

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