Five on Friday 2.26.16

Friday, February 26, 2016

It has been a busy week, between going out for wine (and planning our future dreams) with my bff, dinner club, and hometown dates, and part one of the season finale of Married at First Sight- this little blog has been totally neglected at night.

And we decided to list our house ASAP so any time I have during the day has been organizing closets, painting our deck, making more piles for Purple Heart.  I'm excited about the change--- but of course it comes with a ton of work- more on that another day!

Now on to my friday five!


Like everyone else I'm obsessed with the Pilllowfort collection from good old Target.  When I finally got to the store, the aisle was practically empty.  The ice cream cone sheets were there and if I had a girl they would totally have come home with me!

Since we're moving I've been so good about not buying unnecessary things and I'm really trying to limit any purchases (I even put back the 2,891 bunny-related dollar spot things I had in my cart!) But I think Reid may need this sign and this hook.

And I thought this would look so cute in Carter's room.  But then I saw this and I can't decide!

I could go on and on...this would be so cute in the playroom.


I just got Reid the Baby Gap bunny sweatshirt and I can't wait for him to wear it!


I've been looking for some things to replace our personal things like preschool artwork and family photos for walk throughs.

I found this cute free printable of the USA and this cute free alphabet printable.
Mr. Printables

They even have the alphabet in French and Spanish too. 


Look at this #zulilyfind! Dark Gray 'Naps Are for Cool Kids' Tee - Infant, Toddler & Kids by The Talking Shirt #zulilyfinds:
t-shirt from Zulily

We've been struggling a bit with nap times for Reid.  Some days he takes two hour-long naps and he's ready by 9am for a nap and other days he takes a morning nap but doesn't sleep all afternoon.  Sometimes he just sits in his crib and plays with his stuffed animals and other days he screams...

He turned 15 months this week.  When I googled it, it seems that we could try transitioning to one nap.  As much as one nap would be easier on our schedule, I dread him falling asleep on the way to pick Carter up from school and then their naps won't overlap.  (And Carter will continue napping/ having quiet time as long as we can!)

Carter was just starting daycare when he was 15 months so they made the transition to one nap (pretty seamlessly!)  What worked for your kids and how do you handle them not napping at the same time?


Come, o my King. Let me arise early in the morning before the dawn and sing my praises to You. Let the words of my mouth be pleasing and praising to You. Drip the dew of Your honeycomb before me and satisfy me as with oil.:
February has been full of change for me and it's been great!  At the beginning of the month I wrote down goals for myself and I have loved the small changes I've made.  I'll elaborate more another day.

 But by far my most favorite change is getting up in the morning before my kids.  Within 2 minutes of getting out of bed I'm making my iced coffee and sitting down to read my favorite blogs and enjoying every moment of me time!

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Happy weekend!

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  1. How exciting! We've been in our new house for 7 months. Call me crazy, but I loved house hunting! Will you be moving close to where you are now? I need to check out that line at Target soon!

  2. Yes! We're actually moving back to our house in our old neighborhood. We've been renting it but decided we'd rather be there so time to make the move. Not easy, for sure but we think it's best for many reasons!

  3. Love those printables especially the USA one. Wine night out and dinner club in one week-- jealous! Hometown dates-- as in the Bachelor? Didn't even know about the new Target collection, though trying to avoid purchases too. Want to hear about your new changes besides getting up earlier!

  4. I feel like everyone around me is moving these days! I guess with winter coming to an end this is prime time to do it? And so many people say that waking up before their kids is the best way to go!


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