Show & Tell Tuesday: Favorite pins

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Today I'm joining Andrea for Show & Tell Tuesday: favorite pins

Where do I even start?  I first found out about Pinterest in the summer of 2011 (thanks, JLZ!) I became obsessed with pinning that fall when I was pregnant with Carter and nauseous and exhausted.  I spent every Sunday pinning while Christian watched football.  Oh how things have changed!

Pinterest is how I found out about blogs- Thank you, Little Baby Garvin for introducing me to the blogging world.

Little Baby Garvin

These are two of my favorite recipes that I found on Pinterest:

Baked Meatballs:

And of course pretty much any project or party I plan has inspiration from Pinterest.

inspired the flowers at my baby sprinkle.

inspired the cake I made for our gender reveal

Coffee filters and spray paint.:

inspired this for Carter's first birthday:

first birthday party
This cake:
Mickey Mouse cake, via Flickr.:

inspired this cake for Carter's 2nd birthday:

This is where I found the printables:
Made By Katy: Search results for Donuts:

And this cake:

nc state football cake - Google Search:

I could go on and on...Valentines, holiday crafts, school ideas...all thanks to Pinterest.

Of course, I have had my share of Pinterest fails too!

Oh I have had NUMEROUS fails, for sure.  If it fails I delete the pin.  I tried a crockpot cookie dough and brownie recipe and that was terrible- it didn't bake through and it burnt on the outside- right to the trash.  I also decided that any recipe that uses a cake mix doesn't work for me.  They always end up too sweet and in the trash.

And of course the quotes- don't we all find the best quotes on Pinterest?!
I have to say I think I'm glad that Pinterest didn't exist when I was wedding planning- far too many ideas!


  1. dude. i LOVE THIS!!! you're kinda amazing and dont have any pinterest fails in there ;)

    1. I will start documenting the fails too--those are probably even more fun to see!

  2. The snicker doodle apple cobbler - I NEED to try!

  3. Love all of these pins-your gender reveal cake turned out fabulous! Also love seeing another boy mom-I am expecting little man #2 this May :-)

    1. Thank you! Being a boy mom is the best! Having two boys is great- they are starting to love playing together!

  4. Oh I love this! The boys birthday party pins were awesome!! I PIN a lot...but don't do half of it. haha!
    LBG was my intro to blogging too. I was pregnant at the same time as her, and I think I bought pretty much any product she blogged about ;)

    1. Thank you! LBG is the best- still my favorite blogger, of course!

  5. AGREED - I am so glad Pinterest didn't exist when I was wedding planning! I was out of control enough with my binder full of ideas and the knot!


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