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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

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This morning Christian called (he's away for a business trip) and said that he lost his iPad.  Yesterday he couldn't find his keys so was emptying out his bag and pockets and though he did find the keys he realized later that his iPad was missing.

A little while later he texted me that someone found it and turned it in this morning.  I immediately responded saying, "Wow. Pass on the kindness."

That's kind of a big deal now, isn't it?  How many people would be thrilled to find an iPad?

Then a little while later Reid and I were grocery shopping and we saw an older gentleman and he looked at us and I smiled at him while we passed.  I really wouldn't have given that a second thought but it reminded me about a post Kelly wrote about what a difference a smile can make.

In December I wrote about Kelly.  She writes her story on a CaringBridge site.  Her story is unbelievable, in an unthinkable kind of way.  Yet she is probably the most positive and real person I know.

In a world where sometimes it's easier to look away when you pass someone, Kelly encourages us to reconsider and instead look at the person and smile.
"Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing." Mother Teresa:
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In my first grade class it was my job to make every student feel important and like they belonged.  I greeted each child happily each day with a smile and taught them to smile at others.  So when do we un-learn the kindness?  When does it become easier to look away?

I recently learned about  BloomNation's Bloomin' Love project asking people to share how they show love.  I wasn't planning to write about love, but after Christian's iPad was returned and I was reminded of the importance of a smile today it seems that kindness and love is actually still around.

Showing kindness and showing love is really the same thing.  As a teacher, and now as a mom I'm teaching my children that the way we show kindness and love is by making others feel like they matter.  That's what we all want, right?  We want to matter.

It's not hard to be kind or show love.  Is it kind of incredible that as adults there's even a need for a post talking about ways to show love?

That smiling, opening the door for someone, using a person's name when you see them... those things still matter.

Flowers, of course are a way to show you care.  Flowers on a birthday or Valentine's Day or a Wednesday.

A beautiful arrangement delivered to the door is lovely.  But so is a $14.99 arrangement from Costco (their flowers are actually really nice!) or a hand picked flower from the garden.  Those are pretty sweet too.

The other day my sister sent me an e-card for $5 from Starbucks.  It was actually gifted to her but she forwarded it to me saying, "I think you need this more than me."  Talk about kindness.

I've been really trying to put my phone down and be present with my children.  That's a way of showing them that they matter.

Baking cookies for a friend, leaving a little treat for your mailman in the mailbox because of mountains of snow and closed roads it's 6pm and he still hasn't made it to your house.  Or our favorite UPS delivery man-  he deserves a little treat because let's be honest we all love when the big brown truck pulls up at your house!

One day recently I stopped to get coffee on the way to the car line and got Carter's teachers one too.  I know that would make my day if one of my parent's did that for me.

But like Kelly pointed out it doesn't have to be a thing.  A smile or just recognizing something genuine and telling someone- that could make someone's day too.

Because of how much I've been inspired by Kelly I e-mailed her today and told her about the iPad and the smiles and just how she's making me think differently.  I thought about e-mailing her, and then thought maybe that would be weird, but if you have something nice to say-----say it!!  So I did!

And I hope you will too.

"Never suppress a generous thought." —Camilla E. Kimball:



  1. Love everything about this post! If there were more people out there willing to show kindness and love, especially the people who are SO focused on trying to tear other people down, the world would be a much better place! So glad that you guys got the iPad back--that's wonderful!

    1. Thanks Jenn! It's great working in a school because you are surrounded by kindness and thoughtful students (for the most part!) but we need that to transfer to the rest of the world!

  2. Great post! sharing with HomeCooked's facebook followers now. I heard that yesterday was random act of kindness day and I missed it-- today I'm sending a note to my grocery store manager complimenting one of his cashiers who was just super efficient and on top of things this morning when I was there.


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