3 on friday 3.11.16

Friday, March 11, 2016

I started this post last night and then Reid got sick.  So...here's a little update on our week and a quick 3 on Friday.  Oh my!

Just when I thought the whole world was getting sick and we were escaping it, on Sunday night Christian returned from his week-long trip and hours later I was hit with the stomach bug and spent the entire day on Monday in bed.  I felt like I had to pull it together and got back to normal life on Tuesday, but I'm sure I pushed it too much and I paid for it and was still not feeling well on Wednesday.

Then Wednesday night Carter started vomiting so I "slept" on his floor as he woke every few hours screaming and puking.  And then of course, Thursday night sweet Reid puked in his crib throughout the night.

When will it end?  We are really hoping Christian doesn't get it because we have a serious home to-do list this weekend!  And I have bunco tonight that I'd really love to go!!!

Despite the sickness, life continued on and so did all of our house appointments and house prepping list.  It seems crazy that we are listing our house in one week- eek!  Lots to do (and more work travel next week too. boo)

Now for a few things from the week:

I used this nail polish remover that I posted about last friday and good news- it works great!  I definitely recommend it!

It went from Winter to practically summer here this week and I'm STRUGGLING with our clothes!  But I did grab 3 of my favorite Mossimo V-necks at Target for $5 each!  I have a ton of these and after a while they become pj tops, but for $5 I really like the length and thickness and they don't get as wrinkly as some other v-necks like J.Crew and Gap ones that I have.

Online they say $9 but in the store they were $5 yesterday so run there to get them!

Our Gap online order arrived and although I haven't tried it on yet, I got this striped dress.  Hopefully it will stay warm and I can wear it for Easter!

And now I'm off to do 1,204, 392 things for our house and pray that the throwing up is done!

Happy Weekend!


  1. So sorry to hear about all of the sickness, that is no fun for anyone. Love that mossimo shirt, I have one and wear it ALLLLL the time.

  2. too funny-i also posted about those Target shirts this week on my blog! they are the best. and i may or may not have bought every color since they were so cheap! haha

  3. Hope you had a great weekend & that everyone is healthy again!

    I bought a few of those tee's!

  4. Oh geez, I'm so sorry to hear about all the sickness...especially when you have so much going on. Sending healthy vibes your way and hope the week goes well! Thanks for the Target t-shirt deal too. I'll be checking that out ASAP.

  5. There has been so much sickness floating around this winter! Hope you are all feeling better soon!


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