five on friday 4.22.16

Friday, April 22, 2016

I seem to only be able to pull together one post per week lately- but this week I threw together a last minute Day in the Life post on Tuesday.  Now onto my Friday randoms...


Last week I made ice cream cone cupcakes and although the icing was a bit too sweet for some, we ate every last one.

Next time I make them though, I'll hollow out the inside and pipe icing down inside the cone, because every bite needs some frosting, right?!


shades of grey
BM shaker beige
We're discussing re-painting our entire living area of our townhouse.  It's currently BM shaker beige and I like it but we think it probably needs to be repainted and if we're taking the time to re-paint I'm thinking we need to change the color.

We've used BM grey owl in our current house and I like it but I think it needs to be a deeper grey, but not too dark.  Suggestions?


Kitchen table conundrum

We're also thinking of restaining/ painting our kitchen table. It's in terrible shape and we re-stained it once but I'm thinking maybe stripping it to be natural.  Or painting it white.  We want to keep the chairs espresso because we have no patience for re-staining them.

Also our bar cabinets used to be espresso but Christian stripped them.  We were planning on staining them but kind of like the natural.  We just have to seal them or something to make them look more finished.

I'm also looking for a better chandelier/ light fixture for above the table.  Please send ideas!

snap chat 

I finally downloaded it a few weeks ago and I follow 3 people.  ha!  I don't even understand how it works!  If it deletes after so long, do you lose it forever?  Why do people like it more than instagram?  I feel officially old after this because I'm like the last .3% of the blogging world to get on it and I need someone to explain it to me!  My user name is pagmina if I ever have anything to post!


I've never shared a video on IG before, but I am kind of obsessed with this one.  Reid has been saying bubbles for a few weeks now and I finally got it on video.

This bubble machine has provided countless hours of fun this week.  Highly recommend!


And I'm throwing in a six because this article that I saw on Facebook just spoke the truth.   I forwarded it to some momma friends and we all agreed- it's us.  Maybe you'll relate too.

 Happy Weekend! 


  1. I read that article yesterday & shared it on FB! I cried through the whole thing because yesterday was rough & then I stumbled upon that. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hopping over from the link up :) I need to make those cupcake cones, my kids would love!! And you are not alone with this whole Snapchat thing, I have it but do not use it because I do not understand it all and kind of think it's a waste of time. My oldest loves to check and see when other people send stuff though, so it's mainly for him, ha ha. And that article, I posted it today on my Friday post, I loved it!! Happy Weekend!


  3. I love the natural look of the cabinets!!
    We used a lighter gray (less beige than what's coming across in your photos and more grey in tone). It was Behr Gentle Rain. We love it! It pops with the white baseboards and looks great against wood floors.

  4. Those cupcakes look so yummy! As for your paint, I was just going to suggest grey owl...but you've already used that! At our old house we used dolphin fin by Behr in Sadie's room and it was a pretty grey....a little darker thank grey owl.

  5. How adorable are those ice cream cupcakes?! They look so good!

  6. Oh my goodness, that's the sweetest "bubbles" I've ever heard! Look how big he looks in his baseball hat too!! And I think your table would look great painted white, and leaving the chairs as they are!

  7. Darling work on the cones! And yes to bubbles. My son has taken to chasing them with his t-ball bat and trying to whack them ;)

  8. This stage of life is SO HARD! I am glad that I am not the only one feeling this way! Bubble machine = winner. The Easter Bunny brought on this year, and we've gone through approximately 283472 gallons of bubbles!

  9. We have BM gray owl in our bedroom, and I like it. But what I LOVE is BM Storm. We have used it in the kitchen & family room of both our Seattle house and now our Utah house. It may be a little darker than you were thinking, but we get tons of compliments on it!


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