Show and Tell Tuesday: Day in the life

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I've been meaning to do another DITL post before school's out so when I saw that Show & Tell Tuesday was DITL posts I decided today is the day!

This was today- Tuesday April 19, 2016
Carter is almost 4.
Reid is almost 17 months.
I'm 34.

6:30 I wake up and get up, make a house blend iced coffee, turn on the news and open the computer.

It's going to be another beautiful day and I couldn't be happier!  I check facebook and read a few blogs.

7:00 I hear Carter open his door and he comes down in PJ's that are too short.  I set him up with the Little Einsteins.

Then I hear Christian go into Reid's room and they are saying "hi" and chatting happily as I sneak into our room to quickly get dressed for the day.  But Christian doesn't realize I'm in our room so he and Reid come in and that's the end of my solitude.  When he sees me he screams until I pick him up.

Yesterday my J.Crew shorts came so I quickly try on a pair and they fit great!  I wish I could wear them today- but instead put on jeans and a 3/4 length shirt and put make up on.  Take this selfie and am annoyed at the finger prints all over the mirror.  Tis life.  I also am reminded how much I want a floor length mirror!

Christian leaves for work and the day begins- we check the weather out the front door.

 I pick out outfits for the boys, start a load of laundry and make eggs for breakfast.  We're bribing Carter to eat eggs in exchange for a rescue bot this week.

The boys play and Reid climbs in drawers and screams when I take him out.  I make another iced coffee and call to get a quote from a mover.

9:15 We leave for a birthday playdate with our playgroup (after I asked Carter to get dressed 3 times and threatened not to go!)

9:30-11:30 Playdate outside!  It was Reid's first time in a bounce house- he wasn't so sure, but much preferred the slide.

11:35 Reid fell asleep in the car on the way home and no yelling or poking would wake him up- Carter and I both tried.  So when we pull in the garage I undo his seat belt and he's sound I take him up to his crib and then come down to clean up and make Carter lunch.

12:15 Carter eats a grilled cheese and yogurt pouch and I e-mail about moving stuff- movers, selling furniture, and start making a list of things we need to do in the next month!

12:45 I read Carter a book and he laid down for quiet time/ nap time.  Then I come down for lunch- a chicken patty and talk to Christian about moving stuff.

1:10 Reid's awake and sitting in his crib.  Ugh!  Naptimes don't overlap much today.

I make him a grilled cheese which he dips in ketchup and licks the ketchup off but doesn't eat any of it.  We fold laundry and he plays around.

2:30 Carter comes out of his room after sleeping and cleaning up like I asked him to do!
The boys play while I start more laundry and clean up the upstairs.  They have a snack.

3:15 We go to the grocery store to get a few random things we need for dinner.

4:00 We get home and play in the driveway- the bubble machine and basketball and bike riding.

4:30 My in-laws arrive and we all play outside.

5:45 Christian gets home and plays in the backyard while I start cooking dinner (tacos)

6:15 We all eat dinner on our deck.

6:45 Christian takes Reid up for bed and my in-laws leave.  Carter and I go to the living room and I sit down for the first time all day.  He watches bubble guppies and I check my e-mail.

7:30 I take Carter up for bed and read him a story.

8:00 Christian and I sit on the couch and try to figure out our schedule for moving in less than a month!!!  We heard from our property management company and our realtor today and it's time to start selling furniture and figure out painting and cleaning etc.

9:00 I start typing this post and transferring pictures.  I have not been good about moving pics lately and it's such a pain when you get behind!  Christian watches Fear the Walking Dead.

Next I'll be heading to bed shortly and will spend 20-30 minutes on FB, IG, adding my pic to collect and my video to 1 second everyday!


  1. What a busy day! My biggest fear of baby #2 coming is losing the quiet that is 'naptime', but at least those boys are so sweet, it makes it easy. RIGHT!? ;-) And good luck getting things lined up with moving!

  2. Hi !!! so glad I came across your blog. Such cute kids :)


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