What's up Wednesday April 2016

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I'm linking up with Shay and Sheaffer today for What's Up Wednesday!  

What we're eating this week:

We have a routine of tacos, meatballs, baked chicken parmesan, and cheesesteak wraps for the last few weeks.  Carter finally will eat all of those things and they are quick and easy so that works for us for now.  

What I'm reminiscing about:
I lived in NYC for almost 5 years in my early twenties and the other day I got an iced coffee at our Starbucks drive through and it made me think how I'd walk 2 blocks in Soho to get a coffee in middle of the day while working at AVEDA.

It's crazy how that life is so foreign to me now.  I loved it yet at the same time I yearned for "easier" life.  I don't have to carry my laundry down the block and sit at a laundromat or carry 4 bags of groceries 3 blocks from the grocery store or drip with sweat during my walk to work (or while standing and waiting in the subway.)  But do I ever miss running on the West Side Highway path and through the meat-packing district, going to drinks after work, going to fun new restaurants, getting cupcakes at all the cute bakeries, and just walking everywhere and being with friends all the time? Absolutely.  Oh NYC I have missed you.

What I'm loving:


Starbucks Cold Brew with a little cream and 2 pumps of hazelnut
Image result for starbucks cold brew

What we've been up to:

Playing outside all day!  It's amazing how much less TV we watch when we are constantly outside!  It's so much better.  I would like a gate to keep Reid a little more contained, but i'll take it while we still have a big yard and driveway!  

Moving and redecorating planning!  I'm having fun looking for paint colors and light fixtures (so far I like this one for above our table and this one for the foyer) and planning how we can modernize our townhouse without spending too much money since we hope to only be there for a year or two!  (Who knows, we could hate it and be out sooner, or be fine and not be in a rush- we'll see!)

 Progress Lighting Equinox Collection 4-Light Antique Bronze Foyer Pendant

What I'm dreading:

School being over!  I love the routine that school gives us, even though it's just 3 mornings a week.  We need some sort of routine or we all go crazy!

What I'm excited about:

Moving, getting situated in our old house!

The beach!  Hopefully this year we can enjoy lots of time on the beach- I won't be sitting and reading, I'm sure- probably more like running after Reid, but whatever- as long as everyone is happy!

What I'm watching:

The Affair- We just watched the first season and we're onto the second season.  It's slow, but something to watch.  I keep saying that the first 10 episodes must just be setting us up for the last 2 good ones!
Image result for the affair
We also recently watched Bloodline.  It was slow, but entertaining too.
Image result for bloodline

Counting down to the Bachelorette- FINALLY good tv is back!!

What I'm wearing:

Gap factory leggings (love them because they don't slide down), target tops (all C9 is 25% off this week on the cartwheel app!)

And when I actually get dressed I've been wearing:
J.Crew factory gingham shirts, Jeans, Toms (similar, but actually like this pair better!)
Factory classic button-down shirt in gingham

What I'm doing this weekend:

Soccer, volunteering at a school festival, 4th birthday party

What I would like to receive for mother's day:

Well I could come up with a whole wish list, but I booked a mother's day mini session with my boys.  I really want some nice pictures with my boys.  I'm just struggling with outfits!


  1. I've never been to NYC, although I'd love to go one day! Did you & your husband meet there?

    I'm hoping to get pics with just my little guys soon, too!

  2. I had to laugh because I have a Starbucks picture under my "What I'm loving" too :) But I'm going to have to take your cold brew concoction & give it a try!! :)

  3. How fun you lived in NYC! I've always wanted to go there! Good luck picking out outfits, it's never easy!

  4. I have never lived in a big city, but what an awesome experience to have and look back on! I had no idea C9 was on cartwheel this week, I think I may know where my disposable income is going this week! ;-)

  5. How cool that you lived in NYC for 5 years! When we lived in DE we would visit about once a month since we had friends in the city, and I totally miss it!

  6. We watched Bloodline about a year ago and felt the same way--it was slow but we kept wanting to watch. Also The Affair...it gets better for sure, but definitely a slow build up and one you have to pay close attention to otherwise it's easy to get lost especially as they switch between peoples' perspectives

  7. Yes and YES to J. Crew gingham shirts! I have a new one waiting to be worn this summer and can't wait! XO

  8. I loved Soho! My BFF and I went to see Wicked about seven years ago and I just loved that area. We watched Bloodline last summer at the recommendation of a friend and oh. my. GAWWWWD. was it sloooowww! But it got better!

  9. Loved Bloodline! Took awhile to get into it but I was hooked.

  10. We started the first episode or two of Bloodline, but didn't stick with it. Maybe we should go back. We liked the Affair though! Hope you get those Mother's Day photos. Spring is such a pretty time to take family photos! Enjoy your outdoor time and your weekend!

  11. Do you have a favorite baked chicken Parmesan recipe? Would also love to know what you eat for breakfast and lunch typically. You are in such good shape!

  12. I just got myself a gingham top from Gap and want to wear it ALL the time! And my TOMS too lol. Good luck packing and moving, I get so stressed having to think about that stuff but redecorating is always fun.


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