five on friday 5.27.16

Friday, May 27, 2016

After 2 weeks of working nonstop on cleaning, painting, and moving into our new house, moving out and cleaning our old house we are finally starting to see the light at the end of moving.  We closed on our old house on Monday and we are so happy to be home!

We could definitely be in the honeymoon period, but we are all loving the change!  Carter and Reid are amped just running around and exploring everything.  They haven't mentioned once about not having a backyard.  We have been taking walks on all the walking trails and throwing rocks in the pond and playing at the playgrounds in our neighborhood!

So here's a little recap of what's going on for the last few weeks:


When we got back into our house (we had rented it for 18 months) it was in good shape, but it smelled different.  And if you know me, I am super sensitive to smells and if I don't like the smell of something I'll let you know!  So the next day I ordered a new diffuser (mine stopped working a few weeks ago) and set out a few of my favorite Vanilla lemon reed diffusers (no longer available- which makes me so sad!)  I've been diffusing lemon, breathe, orange, peppermint, and tangerine (separately.)  Then in the laundry room I bought a pack of dryer sheets and just opened it and that solved that problem!  I don't use them but just have them out to fragrance the air!

Within a day or so it's back to smelling good!


I haven't stopped putting things away and trying to organize and move boxes and hang things on the walls since we moved.  But it's a huge mess everywhere.  I'm trying not to let it make me crazy.  Because of course, when I take the time to organize one thing, I turn around and 3 other areas have been ransacked!  

So I'm trying to enjoy small victories.  A few weeks ago Amy from Keepin' Up with the Smiths (she's private, now) shared her garage organization and I copied her exactly!  So at 9:30 on Wednesday night I was out in our garage tying on the signs.  How great does it look now?  Thanks so much, Amy!

Too bad this is the rest of the garage.  AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This week was the end of Carter's preschool year at Montessori.  He loved school and learned so much but next year he'll be going to Pre-K at a school closer to our house.  
 This was moving day- I'm pretty impressed that I got a picture before school in between the movers coming in and out!


Somehow in the last week it went from 50 degree rainy- legging and long sleeve weather to 80's and shorts and tank tops!  I've been sunless tanning every morning, but I wasn't quite ready for shorts and flip flop weather yet.  A pedicure is on my list of to-dos this weekend, for sure!  

I've been ordering the boys a bunch of shorts and t-shirts but aside from the J.Crew shorts I ordered a few weeks ago, I'm totally lacking in summer wear!  I need to spruce up my wardrobe.  Yesterday I was so happy to get a box from Nordstrom with this tank (in white), these shorts (on sale), and finally I took the plunge and ordered these Chucks.  And for once I may just keep it all, and that never happens!


A few weeks ago I found old videos on my laptop and watched the video that we made on the day (September 9, 2011) that I found out I was pregnant with Carter.  All I could see was how young I look!  Oh how children have aged me!
And now that I'm just about finished nursing I decided it was time to try Rodan & Fields Reverse regimen.  So tomorrow I'll be taking my before pictures!  Hoping this evens my skin tone and helps with some anti-aging too!  That may take a miracle!

We're leaving the mess and disorganization for the weekend and heading to the beach for Memorial Day with my family!  I even packed 3 magazines, wishful thinking that I'll actually get to read them!  But 70's and sunny sounds perfect!  

Happy Weekend!  

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5 on friday 5.13.16

Friday, May 13, 2016

This week has been all about packing. We can get into our old house on Monday.  We have big plans for painting and cleaning next week, moving on Thursday & Friday and then closing on this house on 5/23.  It sounds like a week is plenty but moving is such a pain I'm sure it will be a crazy week!

So this week I only have a one on Friday and it's a good one!!

60 Days In.

Watch it.  It is the opposite of everything we've watched lately.  It goes so quickly and is so good.  I've looked forward  to watching it each day!  I've always been intrigued with jail (I used to read a lot of Jodi Picoult books and watched Locked up) but this is a real look into life inside.

We only have 4 episodes left!  Then May 23rd can't get here soon enough---The Bachelorette!

Happy Weekend!

Carter is Four & Mother's Day

Monday, May 9, 2016

Carter turned four on Saturday and woke up with a cough.  I was nervous that he wouldn't make it through the day and even considered cancelling his party, but adrenaline was pumping and that boy had the best time ever!  He didn't stop from the moment the first guest arrived!  We had family over for pizza and cookies first (Rescue Bots was the theme he chose.)

The boys ran around like crazy and then we sang and he opened his presents.  He hopped right into his new PB Kids Sleeping bag!

 Then the kids headed over to this awesome indoor playground where we met his friends for his kid party.  Carter was happy as could be and not shy or anything!  He was loving life!  We sang to him again and ate a long john cake.  Which if you aren't from around here, they are the best donuts covered in tons of icing!  And the perfect substitute for a boy who doesn't like cake.

After the kid picture they were off to play!  They ran around for an hour straight.  Carter didn't stop once.  By the end they were covered in sweat!  It was great, because the moms sat around and talked, the dads played a little and the kids entertained themselves!

He handed out his favors (water squirters and ring pops) and then we came home and he was amped.  He opened his presents and played and Christian and I counted the minutes until bedtime!

On Sunday morning Christian hopped out of bed before me and made a quick trip to Starbucks for a Cold Brew with hazelnut just how I like it!  The boys sent me flowers from the Bouqs and Carter made me a card.

According to Carter my favorite food is "wine" and something I always say is, "Christian, you're lazy,"  I died when I read that!  Gotta love homemade cards!

Then we attempted a picture.

Reid gave me a solid 10 seconds of cooperating then he was off!  So then I gave up and the boys played and Carter hopped up on the windowsill, as usual and I snapped some pics of our 4 year old!

Reid was super fussy and Christian all but kicked me out.  So I hopped in the car to the mall, SOLO!  I ran into IKEA and got some things for our house and then went to Nordstrom and on the way home I stopped at the Pottery Barn Outlet where I got the best deal on our new light.  Online it's $169 and at the outlet I paid $31.  Yes!  $31!  Love that!  Especially because I was so close to buying one from Ballard for $299 earlier in the day.

I walked in to chaos and cleaned up before my parents came over for burgers and our last dinner on our deck.  We're selling our deck furniture today.

Overall it was a lovely day!  I got some time with my boys and time on my own!  And we all know what a treat that is!

Today we're back to packing and can't believe that we are moving in a week and a half!

5 on friday 5.6.16

Friday, May 6, 2016

Between Carter's birthday tomorrow and coordinating everything for our move I've been super busy.  Our mini session was cancelled for rain and it was actually good timing because Reid woke up with a huge scratch on his face and his mini boden shirt didn't arrive by Tuesday and I have a hair appointment next week and fresh highlights would be so much better.  Hopefully the next day we scheduled is sunny!

So now a few things going on...



Tomorrow Carter turns 4 and we're celebrating all day!  Since we're packing to move I decided I couldn't do a full out party like the past three years (one, two, three.)  So we're having family over for pizza and then a friend party at an indoor gym.  We just show up with a cake (and I made a banner.) He's really growing up when we have a party somewhere other than our house, right?!  This is so much less stressful too!


 Last week I went to Nordstrom and since I'm just about finished nursing I finally got measured for a bra and bought one in a size that actually fits!!  What a difference!  It amazes me how every time I go there (since first getting pregnant) my size is totally off from what I think it is!  Now that I know my size I just ordered this strapless bra!


While I was at  Nordstrom and as I was waiting for shoes to try on I spotted these Havianas.  It may just be time to replace some of my Old Navy flip flops.


1 Second everyday

A few months ago my friend showed me 1 Second Everyday.  You take a 1 second snippet from your day.  It's like a Collect App for videos.  Then the app puts them all together into a little highlight reel. Since starting it I have taken so many more videos.  Here's a little video of some of our days.  

If the video won't load you can check it out on my IG.


I love all the articles and posts going around about how all we really want is time alone for Mother's Day.  And I couldn't agree more!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these crazy boys of mine, but time alone is so precious.  I could take a weekend away too.  But if that's not possible- I'd love an initial necklace for my boys and have always loved this one


Happy weekend and Happy Mother's Day!