5 on friday 5.6.16

Friday, May 6, 2016

Between Carter's birthday tomorrow and coordinating everything for our move I've been super busy.  Our mini session was cancelled for rain and it was actually good timing because Reid woke up with a huge scratch on his face and his mini boden shirt didn't arrive by Tuesday and I have a hair appointment next week and fresh highlights would be so much better.  Hopefully the next day we scheduled is sunny!

So now a few things going on...



Tomorrow Carter turns 4 and we're celebrating all day!  Since we're packing to move I decided I couldn't do a full out party like the past three years (one, two, three.)  So we're having family over for pizza and then a friend party at an indoor gym.  We just show up with a cake (and I made a banner.) He's really growing up when we have a party somewhere other than our house, right?!  This is so much less stressful too!


 Last week I went to Nordstrom and since I'm just about finished nursing I finally got measured for a bra and bought one in a size that actually fits!!  What a difference!  It amazes me how every time I go there (since first getting pregnant) my size is totally off from what I think it is!  Now that I know my size I just ordered this strapless bra!


While I was at  Nordstrom and as I was waiting for shoes to try on I spotted these Havianas.  It may just be time to replace some of my Old Navy flip flops.


1 Second everyday

A few months ago my friend showed me 1 Second Everyday.  You take a 1 second snippet from your day.  It's like a Collect App for videos.  Then the app puts them all together into a little highlight reel. Since starting it I have taken so many more videos.  Here's a little video of some of our days.  

If the video won't load you can check it out on my IG.


I love all the articles and posts going around about how all we really want is time alone for Mother's Day.  And I couldn't agree more!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these crazy boys of mine, but time alone is so precious.  I could take a weekend away too.  But if that's not possible- I'd love an initial necklace for my boys and have always loved this one


Happy weekend and Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Happy 4th birthday, Carter! Love that necklace!

  2. Aww..Happy Birthday to your little man! That's so exciting. Isn't getting a new bra that fits amazing? I remember getting measured after I finished nursing my first and it felt so good. After my second I am in heaven to have a confortable bra again. have a great Mother's Day. I found you through Amy from Keepin' up with the Smiths. :)


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