Carter is Four & Mother's Day

Monday, May 9, 2016

Carter turned four on Saturday and woke up with a cough.  I was nervous that he wouldn't make it through the day and even considered cancelling his party, but adrenaline was pumping and that boy had the best time ever!  He didn't stop from the moment the first guest arrived!  We had family over for pizza and cookies first (Rescue Bots was the theme he chose.)

The boys ran around like crazy and then we sang and he opened his presents.  He hopped right into his new PB Kids Sleeping bag!

 Then the kids headed over to this awesome indoor playground where we met his friends for his kid party.  Carter was happy as could be and not shy or anything!  He was loving life!  We sang to him again and ate a long john cake.  Which if you aren't from around here, they are the best donuts covered in tons of icing!  And the perfect substitute for a boy who doesn't like cake.

After the kid picture they were off to play!  They ran around for an hour straight.  Carter didn't stop once.  By the end they were covered in sweat!  It was great, because the moms sat around and talked, the dads played a little and the kids entertained themselves!

He handed out his favors (water squirters and ring pops) and then we came home and he was amped.  He opened his presents and played and Christian and I counted the minutes until bedtime!

On Sunday morning Christian hopped out of bed before me and made a quick trip to Starbucks for a Cold Brew with hazelnut just how I like it!  The boys sent me flowers from the Bouqs and Carter made me a card.

According to Carter my favorite food is "wine" and something I always say is, "Christian, you're lazy,"  I died when I read that!  Gotta love homemade cards!

Then we attempted a picture.

Reid gave me a solid 10 seconds of cooperating then he was off!  So then I gave up and the boys played and Carter hopped up on the windowsill, as usual and I snapped some pics of our 4 year old!

Reid was super fussy and Christian all but kicked me out.  So I hopped in the car to the mall, SOLO!  I ran into IKEA and got some things for our house and then went to Nordstrom and on the way home I stopped at the Pottery Barn Outlet where I got the best deal on our new light.  Online it's $169 and at the outlet I paid $31.  Yes!  $31!  Love that!  Especially because I was so close to buying one from Ballard for $299 earlier in the day.

I walked in to chaos and cleaned up before my parents came over for burgers and our last dinner on our deck.  We're selling our deck furniture today.

Overall it was a lovely day!  I got some time with my boys and time on my own!  And we all know what a treat that is!

Today we're back to packing and can't believe that we are moving in a week and a half!


  1. Paige, those pictures of you & the boys turned out so sweet! Pictures of the light please. What a steal!! I'm so glad that Parker was able to make it through his party! Cash would love that long john cake. Such a neat idea! I'll be thinking of you packing this week. :)

  2. What a sweet party, love the sleeping bag... So cute!!!

  3. What an awesome weekend! Between the non-stop fun Birthday and the super sweet Mother's Day, it looks like an incredible few days. I love the photos you got on Mother's Day with your handsome boys. So glad the Birthday went well.

  4. Busy, yet lovely weekend for you! And wine!!!! Carter knows you well! ;-)

  5. Such a fun weekend full of special celebrations! Xo, Stephanie


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