Father's Day Weekend

Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day morning Carter woke up with an ear infection (and we found out his tubes from March 2014 are still in!) So off to Urgent Care we went.  3 trips to UC in 3 weeks is too many!!  No more please!!!
Then when we got back we picked up Christian and Reid and headed to Hershey to go to ZooAmerica.  Reid was not into being photographed all day.  So a great Father's Day pic never happened.  Here are some attempts.

Then we headed back to Chocolate World!

And the boys were more interested in the chocolate than a pic, typcial.

On Saturday we celebrated with both of our dads. 

 Reid celebrated with an ice cream cone!
And we ended our weekend in our back yard playing in the sprinkler and water table.  
It was fun, sweet summer weekend!


  1. Poor kiddo. So sorry to hear he was sick. Looks like you guys had a fun weekend though. We are actually headed to Hershey this summer in August for a trip with my in-laws and husband's family. Do you have any recommendations on where to go? Our son will be not quite two by then, and we have a four year old and two and a half year old niece and nephew. Any tips would be great!

  2. Oh you guys can't catch a break! It looks like you guys had the most perfect weather all weekend long!

  3. So sorry you were back at UC. Ugh, thats no fun and I hope you catch a break soon. Otherwise looks like a fun weekend.

  4. I hope Carter is feeling much better! What a beautiful and fun weekend spent outside with the important Dad's in your life! Xo, Stephanie


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