Fri-yay 6.3.16

Friday, June 3, 2016

It's been quite a week.  In a not-so-good way.  Last weekend we went to the beach for Memorial Day and had such a great time.  We were nervous about having Carter, Reid, and their cousin, Ian sleep in the same room, but it actually went really well.

The boys are so excited when we are at the beach house- they just chat non-stop and run around like crazy.  Of course they are up by 6 chatting about what we're doing that day and get in trouble each night because they won't stop talking at bedtime.  Luckily they only woke Reid up once.

Well on Monday night Carter woke up screaming at 11:45 and I rushed in just as he was about to throw up in our hands.  I ran and got the trash can but then Reid woke up and screamed at the commotion.  So I ran to ask my mom to help as I was trying to get Carter to the bathroom.  So my mom rushed to pick up Reid who was screaming while I was with Carter who was throwing up on the bathroom floor.  Then my mom took Reid down (4 stairs) and somehow on the bottom stair her ankle gave out or slipped and she fell.  I heard the boom and ran to see what happened.  The first thing she said was that Reid was ok and I grabbed him but she said it was her ankle.  So we quick got ice and advil and propped her ankle up thinking it was sprained.  I put the boys back to bed (and luckily Carter didn't throw up any more) and then we debated going to the hospital.  We ended up driving home on Tuesday morning and going straight to Urgent Care where they quickly found out that her ankle had 2 fractures.  Now she needs surgery.  And 8 weeks of recovery time.  I feel so terrible that this happened and have replayed the scenario so many times, wishing it could have turned out differently.  Sitting around is not her thing so this is going to be a tough few
weeks.  But we are trying to also keep it in perspective, it could have had a much worse outcome.

Since we were gone for 6 days I forgot what a disaster our house was in when we left.  So this week I've been trying to get our house a little organized and try to help my mom as much as possible while also entertaining these boys.  It's been pretty exhausting!  I think it's time to find a babysitter.  Have you tried  Or how else have you found baby sitters?

And now onto a few randoms for the week:


These smell so good!  Last week they were on sale at Target and they were on the Cartwheel app so they were under $3 each.  I have lemon, grapefruit, and coconut.  Love them all.  


This smells so good too!  I just tried squirting some and then using a wet paper towel and it worked great and the smell was wonderful!  I'm over Murphy's oil so this may be the new hardwood cleaner for us!


We don't have granite in this kitchen but I loved this cleaner at our old house.  Carter says it smells like fruit loops.  

Summer shoes for boys

I just ordered Natives for both boys and are awaiting their arrival.  Last year I ordered 2 sizes for Carter and neither fit so I'm hoping they work this year.  We have the Old Navy version but am afraid they will give them blisters.  Do your kids get blisters from Natives?  Last year Crocs didn't work for Carter either and I'm over socks and sneakers when it's so hot and we want to rush outside.  Any other suggestions of what your kids love?

comfy flip flops for me

What flip flops do you love that you wear all the time and don't get blisters?  I still wear a few pairs from Old Navy from years ago but they aren't comfy enough to go for a long walk in.  What do you suggest?  I considered these rainbows or these Toms.  I'd love suggestions.

We're hoping to tackle some home projects this weekend like hanging curtains and digging through the disaster of the garage.  And throw in a little fun too, of course.  What else can you do when you have little guys around?!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Oh your poor boys. Your poor mama. All of you! Thankfully, the Carter didn't get sick anymore!

    I love J.R. Watkins. I have the lemon. Thank you for recommending the wood cleaner. I'm going to have to pick up a bottle next time at Target.

    We have the Old Navy version of Natives. Cash loves them. He has them in two sizes. One is too big & the other is a bit small, if only they made half sizes. haha! Cash also wears closed toed sandals. I can't think of the name.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh my goodness girl. I'm so sorry about your mom. That stinks. And poor Carter. We have the Old Navy version of the Natives and absolutely love them. Cam wears them constantly and can get them on and off by himself, which is a huge deal for me. I already bought one size bigger to have them when we need them. Ha ha! I want to get the girl version for Emmy. Have a great weekend.

  3. So sorry about your mom, that's tough!
    You have to share how natives work out..we loved the ON ones last year but he wasn't really walking yet so blisters weren't an issue!

  4. I have a pair of Cobian flip flops (actually 2 pairs now) that I LOVE. They have the perfect amount of cushiony support and I can walk around in them ALL DAY! Definitely recommend them!
    I'm so sorry about the disaster that happened with your son and your mom. How awful! I hope everything goes ok with the surgery!

  5. Oh no! Hope your mom is on the mend soon... and everybody is feeling better. I'm with you on the Natives; we ordered so many last year only to determine that my little guy's feet are too narrow. I haven't tried the Old navy ones, but that's a good thought. We finally ended up with crocs and they haven't given him any blisters. I like to tell myself that they are cute since they are like the ones that Prince George wore ;)

  6. That night sounds horrible! Your poor Mom! Hopefully she heals quickly.

    Stopping over from the link up. Hope you can hop by my blog as well!

  7. sorry to hear about your mom! similar thing happened to mine and her broken arm. I have those exact TOMS in the pic and love them. I wear them every day (casual work environment). Very comfortable.

  8. Oh my, your poor mom! Wishing her a quick recovery! And I love the JR Watkins products as well as that wood cleaner. And we love natives although they are a tad snug on top of Finn's chubby feet!


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