Life lately: the start of summer

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's feeling like summer!  Today it's a cool 75 degrees and sunny and absolutely perfect!

While the boys are napping I just scrolled through my pictures and decided it's time to do a little life lately update!

My mom's surgery was last Tuesday.  I spent some time with her and my dad at the hospital and she stayed overnight.  She'll have a cast for about 6 more weeks and is learning to manage on her knee walker/ scooter.  We've been visiting daily and Carter continues to ask questions about this broken ankle over and over...he's trying to process this whole thing.

We had the best morning at Dutch Wonderland on Thursday with some friends.  It was a morning that we didn't really plan and was kind of last minute and one of those days that we said we'd look back on later in the summer and remember it as one of the best!

Then on Thursday night Christian came home from work and was playing with the boys while I was making dinner.  He was swinging them around and when he put Reid down he came running to me holding his forearm and crying.  We went back and forth about going to Urgent Care (mainly it was me saying we should go and Christian saying we shouldn't...but who's really keeping track?!) but when we realized he wasn't moving his arm and was doing everything with his other arm we all piled in the car to see the Dr.  It was scary and I was envisioning being back at the hospital where I was with my mom the day before- I was envisioning splints and surgeries and not sleeping.  So we were relieved when the Dr. said it sounds like Nursemaid's elbow or a dislocated elbow.  He popped it back in while I held a screaming boy.  But he started moving it right away.  We gave him advil and popsicle and he was back to his happy-go-lucky self!

We celebrated my God-daughter's 5th birthday on Friday with donuts at a new donut shop that opened and then a little cookout on Friday night.  Carter ran around barefoot and had the best time with the big kids and Reid hung mostly with the adults.  It was the most beautiful night and we stayed out until almost 9!  I'm looking forward to a day when we can stay for s'mores around the firepit- maybe next year!

On Saturday it was hot so the boys cooled off by running through the hose and playing at my parent's house.

And I ended the weekend by having a drink outside with a friend on Sunday night.  A little girl time was just what I needed after a difficult day with my little sidekick!

I started our search for a babysitter and have come to really appreciate moving back to our neighborhood.  I'm finding that in this area it's a small little world and I've found connections to these girls from other people I know and I love that.  I "interviewed" 2 girls and feel good about each of them.   Now I just need to make it happen and I won't lie I'm totally nervous about it!

This week Carter started swimming lessons and yesterday he definitely wasn't too sure about it.  I thought it could be a long 2 weeks but today things went better (but containing Reid for those 30 minutes is a challenge!)  And today I realized that his swim coach is one of my former students.  I officially felt old!

And on the homefront: we are slowly making progress on unpacking and getting more settled in.  We aren't parking in the garage yet but it will almost be ready to.  Now the basement- that's a whole other story.  I'm thinking that will be ready by approximately mid October!  This week we have a painter coming to paint the foyer and kitchen.  I'm so happy to be back here- it's definitely home!

And I'm sure I've missed other things- but I hope to be back to blogging a little more frequently soon!

prom pose at chocolate world!

excited for our first trip to DW


  1. Oh my goodness what a bunch of busy bees you've been. I'm so glad Reid is okay. I would have been scared too. Thankfully it wasn't your worst fears. I hope your momma is doing well.

  2. So glad to hear that Reid is okay! Luke plays like that with Cash all the time, too! Thinking of your Mom, too. You guys sure have been busy!

    Is the babysitter for date nights or are you going back to work?? So glad that you are settling back into your old house & that it feels like home!

  3. A dislocated elbow... Scary! And Finn is so hard to handle during Liam's swim lessons too. At least the place has a splash pad, but he really just wants in the pool.

  4. Sounds like you have had an eventful summer so far. I’m glad that your mom’s surgery went well and your little boy is doing good. It seems like little kids are always getting hurt! I love all the pictures you uploaded, it was nice to see you and your family! Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!

    Leonardo @ U.S. Healthworks Medical Group


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