five on friday 7.29.16

Friday, July 29, 2016

Well it took me all day to finally finish my five!  It's been that kind of week.  Reid has had a cold all week and naps are off schedule or non-existent so there's been very little time for blogging.  But it's the weekend!  And we're off to the beach tomorrow!  So now my 5:


I am so excited for the Olympics!  And red, white, and blue gets me every time!  My boys could probably wear red, white, and blue for an entire week without repeating outfits!  Yesterday in Walmart I couldn't resist the USA Hershey miniatures!  I am a sucker for any special packaging, especially in an Olympic year!


My sister-in-law introduced me to simply Cheetos.  The bag barely lasted a few days.  So good!


Product Image, click to zoom
I have been loving the Nordstrom packages that have been arriving!  It feels like Christmas everyday!  So far I'm keeping everything I ordered except a Zella top that just didn't fit well.  I finally got a blardigan (after regretting not getting one for years!) but I'm wondering if I should put that aside for Christian to give me for Christmas.  But then I think- what about those cool October and November mornings?!  Can I wait that long!!?


Product Image, click to zoom
I've been looking for a cute leather jacket for years and decided this was the time to buy one!  So I ordered this trouve one (in black) and was so excited UNTIL I got the e-mail saying they couldn't fulfill my order!  WHAT?!?!?  That is not fair!!!  I'm stalking the website hoping for a return!  It's crazy how they come and go, but not in a small yet.


And a few pics from our week:

Happy Weekend!


Thursday, July 21, 2016

A few confessions for the week:
  • I check the front step for deliveries at least twice a day and sometimes more!  
  • My sister witnessed a Reid screaming separation anxiety episode and asked if I could take him to therapy.  It was really that bad!
  • I have 11 things on my Nordstrom wish list and I wouldn't be surprised if that number increases today!  
  • I was so close to opening a Nordstrom card multiple times this week.
  • I forgot my Target password again and cursed their damn rule about not re-using the last 6 passwords.  I actually thought for a minute about closing my red card but then came back to my senses.  
  • Because of Reid's screaming and tantruming I almost cancelled the babysitter yesterday but when I got home she said he was totally fine after 2 minutes so I scheduled her to come again today!  I figure maybe having her come more often would help create a routine and I'm happy for a little break!
  • I think I need to stop with Starbucks Cold Brew.  I notice that the days that I drink it I am wide awake at night.  It tastes so good but the caffeine is killing me!
  • I'm a Facebook news headline reader but I never read the articles!  I pretty much know the big topics in the news but know very few details.  
  • I'm excited for Married at First Sight next week!
  • I won a LuLuRoe legging giveaway (thanks to Christina!) and I can't wait to try them but I don't know much about how it works...any suggestions or advice?!  They only come in one size and you have to be super quick to get a pattern you want?!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It's quiet for naptime so I'm just catching up with a currently post (thanks to Amy and Jess for the idea!) and I'm linking up with Jenn!

Drinking & Eating...

Monster cookies.  I made them for a picnic the other week and didn't end up taking them since someone else was bringing a bunch of desserts so they went in the freezer.  And let me tell you I've been having at least 2 a day!

I had a iced latte at Starbucks this morning and I decided that if I get a latte (which is rare!) I should get hot.  There's something about a hot latte that feels like a treat and the iced just seems like milky coffee!


Home decor.  I found a West Elm mirror that I liked and lucky for us we have a West Elm Outlet 5 minutes away and they had the mirror for $250 less than online.  I was excited to have it hanging in our dining room but when we went to get it last night Christian had a problem with it looking "dirty!"  Ugh.  Burnished glass is not his thing I guess.  So I'm now onto a PB mirror but it wasn't in the outlet today so I'll have to keep checking back!

Also I'm hoping to order some shelves to hang in our kitchen.

I'm also trying to plan for the fall, but am waiting to see if Reid can go to pre-school because he misses the cutoff, but I'm hoping they'll let him in!

And I've been thinking about a trip for next year...


US Weekly.  Our former tenant subscribed and never changed her subscription so I'm the lucky recipient of US weekly every friday!

Dreaming of...

A day when I can relax and enjoy hanging with friends or a pool playdate or water park playdate and not have Reid hanging on me and/or screaming and yelling "all done!"


That separation anxiety would cure itself. (Can you tell we're going through a rough patch with Reid?!)


J.Crew 4" Chino Shorts have lived up to the hype.  I wear them almost everyday!  


Summer.  I am loving the constant activity and being outside all of the time and going to parks and pools and playdates and Dutch Wonderland.  I'm appreciating the beautiful weather and sunsets and always going to farm stands for fresh fruit!  I love cutting up cantaloupes and watermelons every week!  

I'm also enjoying taking pictures.  My photographer friend has been sending me little assignments to help me learn and it's been fun having something to work on (with my iPhone, of course- this girl is not ready for a real camera!)


Our sweet babysitters!  This was a new thing for me and I'm so glad I tried it.  Both girls come once a week for 2-3 hours and play with the boys and give me a break to have coffee with friends and run errands and sit at Starbucks.  We have had a fair share of crying but the girls assure me that after a few minutes Reid is happy.  

Looking Forward to...

A spa day!  My friend and I are planning a day soon to get to the spa and lay poolside sans kids.  We can't wait!


I'm not on Pinterest too much but when I do go on it's for a recipe.  I just made the yummiest Blueberry mint vodka lemonade.  


We just started That One Night on HBO.  It's the best show we've watched in a while.  Married at First Sight starts next week too so I'll be watching that too.

five on friday 7.15.16

Friday, July 15, 2016

Linking up for a quick five on friday.  


You won't believe it but we had another trip to the doctor after a 103.6 fever to find out it was a virus.  But that fever kept us home bound for the beginning of the week and that was no fun!    


I got my swim tops from Athleta and LOVE them!  It only took about 8 others before I found a top that is supportive and cute!  (And now on sale!)  And since the bikini tops fit so well I just ordered it in the tankini version.  


I got this dress months ago and have worn it a bunch of times (but have no pics to show!)  It's so comfy and easy to throw on. I've dressed it down with flip flops at the beach and just wore it the other night with a kendra scott necklace and sandals.  It was a great price to start and now it's $20.  Seriously.  There were just a few sizes left but go put it in your cart before it's gone!


I finally figured out snapchat (thanks to my hs and college cousins!) and Carter is obsessed!!


And now a bunch of random pics from the week.

I finally got a pic of this j.crew factory top that I love

mail duty

showing me his trick
he jumped right into the pool

Happy weekend!

Favorite Things Blogger Exchange

Thursday, July 14, 2016

As soon as I saw Sarah and Jess announced the Favorite Things exchange I knew I wanted to participate.  It was the first time I participated in an exchange and it was so much fun!

But I'll be honest I had a tough time deciding what to send- I had lots of ideas and had a hard time committing.  I actually had another thing and had them wrapped up to go when I changed my mind last minute!  

So these are the two products that I love that I sent to Liz (Chasin' Mason) and Dara (Not in Jersey)! 

I ran out of body lotion and couldn't find any that I really liked then my hairdresser told me about this brand and when I smelled the products I knew it was for me!  I love the smell of lemon and coconut.  It smells like summer!  And it's nautural, made with essential oils, non- GMO etc etc!  And you get a huge pump bottle for $9.   

Image result for babyganics travel size hand sanitizer
Since Carter was a baby I have used and loved this hand sanitizer.  It's fragrance free and doesn't leave any smell or stickiness.  I have these in the diaper bag and in my car door and use it every time I get in the car.  Carter uses it too.  It's definitely a longtime fave of mine!

And I was lucky to receive these fun packages!

Thank you, Shandy (Happy meets Home)
I love HGTV mag and calligraphy too!

and Thank you, Stephanie (Wife Mommy Me)
The notebook, markers, and washi tape- perfect!

Thanks for organizing this exchange, Jess & Sarah!

friday favorites

Friday, July 8, 2016

This was a great week!  Starting on a Wednesday is perfect!  So now to link up with April and Erika with a few random things and a little bit about our week.


It's the middle of the summer and I still don't have a swim suit that I this week I clicked around on Athleta and found some bra sized tops.  3 are on their way (and on sale!)  Hoping they work or I'll be hiding under a cover up for the rest of the summer!

It was a great mail week!  I loved getting the packages from the Favorites thing blogger swap (more about that next week!)  And my sweet friend who works for Benefit Cosmetics surprised me with a package full of goodies!  I love this mascara and can't wait to try this for my brows and this highlighter and I'm totally out of the beauty loop because Benefit now has skincare like this and this (PS. Sephora is 8%  cash back on ebates today!) Now I just need a reason to do my makeup (more than my 30 second daily routine!)


We're going to a few picnics this weekend so I'm bringing desserts.  Today we made Carmelitas and tomorrow we'll be making Monster cookies and Magic Bars.  If you need a quick and super easy dessert both of these are perfect.  And Monster cookies- well they aren't as quick, but they are soooo good!
On the 3rd Day of Christmas: Carmelitas - Lulu the Baker: Magic Bars — butterscotch , chocolate , dessert , easy , fast — For Two, Please:


The temps have been in the 90s all week so we've been at the waterpark a lot lately.  

Rita's for a little treat!

Reid recently started going on some rides and we tried some new ones.  He loved them.  The only problem is when it's over- he holds on tight and screams when I'm trying to get him off!  


Dollar spot water squirters have been a favorite of ours for the last 2 years.  I'm not sure if they are still in the stores, but it's a great $3 investment that leads to hours of fun!  We gave them out as favors at Carter's birthday and all of his friends love them too!

Happy Weekend!