Thursday, July 21, 2016

A few confessions for the week:
  • I check the front step for deliveries at least twice a day and sometimes more!  
  • My sister witnessed a Reid screaming separation anxiety episode and asked if I could take him to therapy.  It was really that bad!
  • I have 11 things on my Nordstrom wish list and I wouldn't be surprised if that number increases today!  
  • I was so close to opening a Nordstrom card multiple times this week.
  • I forgot my Target password again and cursed their damn rule about not re-using the last 6 passwords.  I actually thought for a minute about closing my red card but then came back to my senses.  
  • Because of Reid's screaming and tantruming I almost cancelled the babysitter yesterday but when I got home she said he was totally fine after 2 minutes so I scheduled her to come again today!  I figure maybe having her come more often would help create a routine and I'm happy for a little break!
  • I think I need to stop with Starbucks Cold Brew.  I notice that the days that I drink it I am wide awake at night.  It tastes so good but the caffeine is killing me!
  • I'm a Facebook news headline reader but I never read the articles!  I pretty much know the big topics in the news but know very few details.  
  • I'm excited for Married at First Sight next week!
  • I won a LuLuRoe legging giveaway (thanks to Christina!) and I can't wait to try them but I don't know much about how it works...any suggestions or advice?!  They only come in one size and you have to be super quick to get a pattern you want?!


  1. I also want to try LuluRoe but haven't yet. I don't know how they work much either. I love coffee, but that cold brew is strong. I thought about opening a Nordstrom card about 10 times in the last two weeks. I should have as a few things are gone that I wanted. Boo. I have forgotten my password many times too.

  2. Congratulations! That is so exciting! Let me know your thoughts on the leggings. I have been so intrigued lately.

  3. That is rough about the separation anxiety, I hope it gets better! I wish Starbucks would do their cold brews in decaf too!

  4. I don't check the stoop often but I check tracking obsessively to see when something will be delivered or if it will be delivered! I hate when websites have rules about not using your last several passwords - SO annoying!

  5. I haven't tried the Starbucks cold brew, but my sister did and she said the same thing as you! Too much caffeine! Bummer since it sounds delicious!


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