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Thursday, July 14, 2016

As soon as I saw Sarah and Jess announced the Favorite Things exchange I knew I wanted to participate.  It was the first time I participated in an exchange and it was so much fun!

But I'll be honest I had a tough time deciding what to send- I had lots of ideas and had a hard time committing.  I actually had another thing and had them wrapped up to go when I changed my mind last minute!  

So these are the two products that I love that I sent to Liz (Chasin' Mason) and Dara (Not in Jersey)! 

I ran out of body lotion and couldn't find any that I really liked then my hairdresser told me about this brand and when I smelled the products I knew it was for me!  I love the smell of lemon and coconut.  It smells like summer!  And it's nautural, made with essential oils, non- GMO etc etc!  And you get a huge pump bottle for $9.   

Image result for babyganics travel size hand sanitizer
Since Carter was a baby I have used and loved this hand sanitizer.  It's fragrance free and doesn't leave any smell or stickiness.  I have these in the diaper bag and in my car door and use it every time I get in the car.  Carter uses it too.  It's definitely a longtime fave of mine!

And I was lucky to receive these fun packages!

Thank you, Shandy (Happy meets Home)
I love HGTV mag and calligraphy too!

and Thank you, Stephanie (Wife Mommy Me)
The notebook, markers, and washi tape- perfect!

Thanks for organizing this exchange, Jess & Sarah!


  1. I'm going to have to look for that hand sanitizer next time we are at the store! I love the goodies you received, too!

  2. Your favorite things are amazing!! I've never heard of that lotion but now really want to check it out. Thanks so much for participating. :)

  3. We will have to try the Everyone lotion. We love the Everyone hand soap in mandarin/meyer lemon and the body wash/shampoo for kids in orange and for adults in orange/mint. We get them at Whole Foods-- where did you get the lotion? They all smell so good!

  4. You are so right about the lotion smelling like summer. I'm sensitive to some smells but I really love this one!

  5. I love that Babyganics hand sanitizer - and their hand sanitizing wipes!

  6. That lotion is going on my next Target list (as are so many of these favorite things...my husband is really going to hate me)!! I love that coconut-y summer smell and it's made with essential oils? Yes please! Thanks for participating!

  7. Oh my goodness, I need to find that lotion! I am a huge fan of lemon/coconut scents! This was a fun exchange. XOXO

  8. I'm adding the babyganics to my target list right now! We go through hand sanitizer like it's a job...mostly because I'm lazy and don't take the time to wash the kids' hands with soap and water. Sometimes I feel like this works better anyway!!


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