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Friday, July 8, 2016

This was a great week!  Starting on a Wednesday is perfect!  So now to link up with April and Erika with a few random things and a little bit about our week.


It's the middle of the summer and I still don't have a swim suit that I this week I clicked around on Athleta and found some bra sized tops.  3 are on their way (and on sale!)  Hoping they work or I'll be hiding under a cover up for the rest of the summer!

It was a great mail week!  I loved getting the packages from the Favorites thing blogger swap (more about that next week!)  And my sweet friend who works for Benefit Cosmetics surprised me with a package full of goodies!  I love this mascara and can't wait to try this for my brows and this highlighter and I'm totally out of the beauty loop because Benefit now has skincare like this and this (PS. Sephora is 8%  cash back on ebates today!) Now I just need a reason to do my makeup (more than my 30 second daily routine!)


We're going to a few picnics this weekend so I'm bringing desserts.  Today we made Carmelitas and tomorrow we'll be making Monster cookies and Magic Bars.  If you need a quick and super easy dessert both of these are perfect.  And Monster cookies- well they aren't as quick, but they are soooo good!
On the 3rd Day of Christmas: Carmelitas - Lulu the Baker: Magic Bars — butterscotch , chocolate , dessert , easy , fast — For Two, Please:


The temps have been in the 90s all week so we've been at the waterpark a lot lately.  

Rita's for a little treat!

Reid recently started going on some rides and we tried some new ones.  He loved them.  The only problem is when it's over- he holds on tight and screams when I'm trying to get him off!  


Dollar spot water squirters have been a favorite of ours for the last 2 years.  I'm not sure if they are still in the stores, but it's a great $3 investment that leads to hours of fun!  We gave them out as favors at Carter's birthday and all of his friends love them too!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Happy weekend! Reid looks so big sharing that treat with Carter! I wish we had a splash pad or something like that close to us. Can't wait to hear what you received for the favorite things party!

  2. Nothing beats a summer day at the water park-lucky you to have one close by! And isn't it amazing how little squirt guns will entertain little boys ALL DAY!?

  3. Happy weekend! Ritas is one of my favs and a perfect summer treat!

  4. I loved the Favorite Things packages too! :) Ritas - I miss it!

  5. You had me at Carmelitas!!! Yum! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  6. Those carmelitas look amazing !!!


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