Reid: 21 Months

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

August 22, 2016
21 Months

This past month we made huge strides!  The month started like all the past...he was obsessed, couldn't survive without being on my lap, hip, in my arms etc.  Christian got him out of his crib but then the moment he saw me he would run and be attached to me for the rest of the day, until Christian peeled him from me for bedtime.

He would only watch Mickey while sitting in my lap.  He would only eat on my lap, not in his chair.  I did EVERYTHING while holding him on my hip- laundry, clean, cook, do my makeup.  If I put him down to change my clothes he'd immediately claw at me to pick him up.  Oh this was tiring.  So very exhausting.  And I finally hit my breaking point.  One day we were watching Mickey (on my lap) and I said, "When this is over I'm going to get up and do work and you can keep watching."  So I got up and he cried and followed me out to the kitchen.  He followed me around for 30 minutes screaming.  And finally after about 30 minutes he stopped, looked at me, and said, "All done crying."  And then he was fine!

Since that day I have had much more freedom.  He will be apart from me!  He still sits on my lap and loves to be held, but he's been eating in his chairs and will play in the living room while I'm in the kitchen.  It has made such a big difference.

He communicates so well.  He's super verbal and pretty much tells us what he needs, what hurts, what he wants to do.  His #1 phrase is probably still, "Up me!"  But another favorite is "Shoes on" whenever he wants to go somewhere.  We're working on colors and he usually calls everything blue or purple.

Food used to be so easy, but now he's pickier.  Many days I wonder how he's still a little chunky, because he eats very little at meals.  Snacks, however- he loves.  He could munch all day on Alphabits, goldfish, graham crackers.  He drinks whole milk and still nurses once a day (before nap.)  He loves grapes, bananas, & cantaloupe.

I'm trying to get him into playing with toys, but he really prefers climbing and riding on things, carrying around, throwing and kicking things.  He's started stacking blocks and does the ring stacker.

He started sitting on the mickey potty seat last week and actually peed!  Total fluke.

He starts school next month in the 2 year old classroom and I think it will be so good for him, but challenging.  I'm sure it will hold many challenges (with separation, of course.)

Other random things: Choo Choo Soul and "Mickey House" are his fave shows.  He'll read book after book, especially at bedtime.  He calls nursing, "boppy."  He finally starting reaching for the babysitters when they came over and not screaming when I left.  This summer he's gone on rides at Dutch Wonderland and loves riding his push trike.  When we were in the pool this week he insisted that I let go (with his puddle jumper on) and he floated for a few seconds alone.

Almost every day Christian and I comment on how similar our two boys are.  They look alike and Reid does all the same things Carter always did.  It's crazy how they are so alike.

Peach Picking

Monday, August 22, 2016

I'm taking in all of these last few minutes of our last morning with our babysitter before she leaves for college.  I'm enjoying every sip of my vanilla latte and it's the nicest morning after weeks of non-stop crazy humidity!

Today Reid is 21 months old and we're in such a better place right now after months of crazy attachment.  More on that another day.

Today is also the first day of teacher in-service at my old school.  And part of me is so thrilled to be sitting in Starbucks right now instead of the high school auditorium, but school and work have been on my mind a lot lately.  This was when I was hoping to go back to school before my leave was cut short in January.  Regardless I'm going with the whole "It just wasn't meant to be..."

And now onto our peach picking day last week.

On Friday we went peach picking with our friends, like we've done for years.  It was hot, but it is one of my favorite traditions (and apple picking with them in September too!)

We went in with a goal of 21 peaches, but within minutes Carter far surpassed that and we left with 15.4 pounds of peaches!  Carter is a picking machine despite the fact that he doesn't eat peaches.  And Reid, well we tried to train him to find the good peaches off of the trees, but he insisted on picking up all of the fallen, bruised ones!  

  And after the peaches we headed to the blackberry bushes where Carter continued with his picking and actually tried a blackberry that was in his mouth for seconds before completely spit out!

And after sweating in the orchard we went to cool down with a smoothie and taught Grace all about Snapchat!

We gave our neighbors some of our peaches and last night we OD'd on peach cobbler and still have tons of peaches!

Now we can't wait for our next picking day in a few weeks!

Summer Mini Session 2016

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A few weeks ago we had a mini session with Val from Grace Photos at a park nearby.  She was so good and got the boys giggling and smiling like crazy!  Here are the pics!


 I'm always so happy to have pictures of our family!

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hooray for Wednesday!  Mama's ready for a little babysitter/ Starbucks break!  

On Friday my parents, sister, and I went to Atlantic City for dinner and to see Josh Groban for my mom's birthday.  Our seats were so great and he was amazing!  

But AC- it's a weird crowd!  This lady in the bathroom was cra-zy! 

Weekends at the beach are so much fun and we've reached a point where the boys play so well when we're on the beach.  But the nights---they're tiring and the morning's are early.  After a long week-end at the beach we all have a beach hangover and it takes some time to recover!  

For the last 2 mornings Reid has refused to sit in his chair to eat and instead just screams and yells, "up me!"  Pretty much for the last 2 days he's been in my lap or screaming.  But then again, that's nothing too new!  

I finally ordered the brackets for our floating kitchen shelves and can't wait for them!  And hope to run to the West Elm outlet to check out this week's rugs and mirrors!  
And I'm on the backpack hunt for the boys.  I'm thinking Reid will be getting this one.  And I got a cute PB Kids one for Carter for $14.99 the other week and he's happy with that one, even though this Hershel bag is so tempting!  And really about 7 others are cute too!


It's back-to-school time and it's making me think about "what-if" I was returning to the classroom.  Since I resigned in the winter I don't have the option right now, but I am ready for a routine and think a lot about one day when I'll return to work, in some capacity,  Also being in AC on Friday made me think of a week-long sales meeting when I stayed there when I worked for AVEDA.  And it made me long for the care-free days with work friends and dinners on the company.  I know the grass is always greener but for now I will happily embrace our lazy, PJ mornings when we don't have to rush at all!

Thoughts on Tuesday

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A few random thoughts for today and catching up after a few weeks without blogging---

*I was a bit disappointed with this season of the Bachelorette- I just felt like it was boring and found myself online during most episodes.  But for the finale, man I felt for JoJo and Jordan and have become big fans of them!  I like their pics on IG and now follow her on Snapchat!  Stop the hate!  Also I want her hair!

*Speaking of hair this summer my hair has been a mess!  I'm blaming hormones mostly, but maybe moving and changing water changed my hair too?!  I was in a good routine of washing every other day.  For my hair I canNOT wear it down on day 2- it gets all kinky and stringy.  But at the beginning of the summer I had to wash it every day or it was slicked to my head and then my ends got so dry and brittle- what a mess!  I think  my hormones have evened out and its back to more normal.  I had a Keratin treatment last time at the hairdresser and am back to using Moroccan Oil every day.  But I'm so jealous of you girls, who go days without having to wash it.  Also I have fine hair but tons of it so it's so thick and drives me crazy too!

*I can't believe it's August already and my college girl babysitters are going to school soon!  Reid finally reaches for them and doesn't scream when I leave and there are only a few weeks left.  :(

*I am however excited for a Fall school routine.  I'm looking forward to picking out backpacks and lunch boxes and having a routine again!

*AND Reid can go to the 2 year old classroom!  YAY!  2 mornings a week I'll have 1.5 hours of freedom!  I have hopes of blogging and enjoying some time alone at my house!  I love Starbucks and all but sometimes I just wish I could sit on our patio and have some time to myself!

*And now that we've been in our home for 2 months I'm dying to decorate and change things.  I'm working on an open shelving project in the kitchen and looking for new rugs.  I've been hanging things up and moving them (of course!)  But I'm learning that Command Strips are great for some things but last night in the middle of the night a canvas I had hanging came crashing down and chipped our baseboard.  UGH!  Another project for Christian to repair.  Looks like nail holes would be better in the walls than chipped baseboards.